Fatal Flaws of Antifragile System Design Patterns

There are two things we should fear above all else: nihilism and ourselves. Antifragile design principles are excellent for solving the latter problem, but make no advances in protecting us the first. The ultimate systemic flaw of antifragile systems is that they rely on instilling a sense of purpose among the nodes carrying out action to protect order in system from the chaos of itself. Only some branches of hierarchy need to be motivated by stressing or feeding their incentivization methods to be convinced to act against any other part of the system. Therefore: demoralization can totally undermine antifragile systems, if it is systemic. In upcoming decades, demoralization resulting from loss of connection to loss of prosperity or from the loss of both our humanity and our individuality will lead to massive breakdown of our sociopolitical systems of control.

Asylum for an American Refugee

I also contacted the FBI. In case the FBI does not act to protect a citizen from harassment, I contacted their international counterpart, Interpol, who stands against law enforcement corruption. In case they do not act and remain complicit, I have began contacting as many people, projecting as much signal as possible around the entire world. Why? Because if I do this, the people surveilling me will attempt to silence me. There will be a flurry of activity across the country, where the same organizations in different areas will act to contain information and abuse innocent people. Plenty of fodder for Interpol to conduct their operation ... or not.

Ode to Transcendence

Find that tear of growing dew that wells on your hearts' pedals. It is one of love and one of sadness, but if it grows so open your heart. Once you find an anonymous martyr, then there are no more! Om'ing this brightness onto brightness onto brightness. Focusing my awareness into my mind's now vibration center. Escaping into enlightenment.

The Speed of Thought: Illusion of Separation

Sociophysical systems exhibit a wide array of behavior that can be modeled with physics metaphors. From atop a ziggurat in Sumeria or Mesoamerica, some of the basic sociophysical mechanics emerge visibly as patterns of interaction in crowds. The movement of people in a mall have a temperature, as they do at wider geographic scales. Density and temperature correlate with interest and intent. Moreover, the temperature and density of the group yields more connections and a faster rate of information diffusion.

Awareness Precipitates from Order Out Of Chaos

Under what circumstances does order emerge from chaos? Does it always present with stratification and interwoven hierarchical self-similarity? When do the fractal features begin to react to themselves, reflecting their own images back into themselves? This is what leads to higher levels of order in chaos. If chaotic systems yield order that compels some form of ergodicity to emerge, is it truly chaotic?

International Trends 2020: The Automation Crisis

Artificial intelligence, fabriction and other technology drive unemployment. High rates of unemployment drastically lower median income in developed nations. These economies have higher debt saturation on consumers, which ostensibly enables faster growth, but this dependency on already established revenue streams leads to greater surface area for systemic risk. These higher levels of debt saturation lead to more severely constricted liquidity in situations of lowered employment. The lost liquidity leads to fewer new investments and less capability to develop economic opportunities to rise oneself out of crisis.

International Trends 2020: Universal Basic Income

Economic growth ultimately stems from the net contributions of individuals. It's built from the ground up. We know that we are going to have dozens of millions of unemployed between ages 20 and 60 by the 2030's. The point is to invest that human potential and manpower to get the greatest return possible in anticipation of greater future threats to human existance. More challenging than the operational aspects is convincing Americans that this is not only necessary, but should be enthusiastically embraced when technology seems to remove most constraints. To do this we need a cultural transformation to produce a society built on values and character with a strong sense of identity and duty.

Harnessing the Congruence of the Human Condition for Natural Justice

So, if through knowledge people align their energy, which is their individual capacity to change their local circumstances, our collective capacity to change the world is magnified in proportion greater than the number of people who come together. As we continue fighting each other in diametric opposition, we only cause ourselves to become vulnerable to subversion. Yet, if we decide to move forward together, then the restraints of injustice become like gossamer chains and are only as strong as the remnants of collective delusion...

International Trends 2020: The Smart Grid

Researchers across the world are revitalizing their interests in power grid technology and solving many electrical engineering problems that otherwise lay dormant for decades. To Cisco certified networking enthusiasts such as myself, one particularly interesting area of smart grid research is power packet routing. To the layman, this essentially combines the internet and electric power distribution, so your devices can be connected to the internet by simply being plugged in. This helps IoT devices quite a bit.

International Trends 2020: Climate Change

Our world does not need to deal with billions of hungry people. Instead humanity needs to ensure every last person on the planet is fully enabled to contribute their maximum potential because we need every one. With optimal contribution of net human potential, overpopulation doesn't burden us. It instead empowers us to reach our full potential.