Into The Memory Hole: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Being memory-holed essentially means that whenever someone comes into contact with a targeted individual, they have bluepills shoved down their throat until they either hate the target or forget that person ever existed. Ideally, it ensures that no one will encounter you to form memories that need to be scrubbed out later on. Whether it was intentional at first is unclear, but I've been memory holed happened for over 10 years now. I've experience a decade of this. It's called being 'Memory Holed' as in 'Hold the memories, please.' Basically, you are socially isolated, so people accumulate minimal memories with you, socially. This means that your adversaries have pre-emptively erased you, by ensuring that minimal individuals have memories distributed socially that include neurological impressions of you. This gives an adversary a great deal of flexibility when telling the target's story. The target is disconnected and has no ability to project information socially and thus manipulative adversaries with `HUMINT` networks completely dominate the narrative with regard to specific targeted individuals.

To Catch a Butterfly: Epistemic Miracles of Serendipity

There are tools that allow for the identification of middle ground in systems: from rigid to flexible; from those nearly universal systems, distributed homogenously, to those singleton systems who are most unlike any other. The same math for identifying whether machine learning is proceeding efficiently presents itself naturally in the evolution of ideas, culture and genetics. It occurs incidentally, but can be leveraged as a tool, yielding the efficient social distribution of computation whereby perhaps we can answer that age-old question: what is the meaning of life? If I were to answer that question: there is no meaning of life other than searching for the meaning to life in spite of the obvious lack of meaning.

The Sword in the Stone: A Sociophysical Leadership Selection Protocol

Merlin was the classic wizard: someone who defied common comprehension and still does, 1,500 years later; someone who wove together the fates of men from the shadows of the seemingly greater men. Do men like Merlin and John Dee derive their power by working from the shadows? If greatest twists in history were known to emerge from the loom of their magick, does the nature of such wizards' work preclude them from greatness? Do their works lose power once the hermetic seal is loosene? Do such men only attain their level of knowledge after a tragic life of seclusion, burdening them with informational baggage too inconvenient to withstand the spotlight? If so, then the guy standing in the limelight doesn't really have the awesome sauce. Someone close to him might be putting him on. I wonder if they know.

Caelis Ruissent: Avoiding The Engineered Collapse

And you say you saw this 'Baby' Einstein ... Where? Show me. I'm sure this won't look tragically horrible in any way to those subsequent generations in history wrestling with crippling nihilism and a world who gangraped an Einstein on a 'train' to Dashau. Don't listen to me though, 'he who must not be named.' Don't ever do that!

Social Justice: A Just Cultural Revolution?

Whatever you do, Social Justice Warriors, do not let society take the opposite path. That is the paramount danger of your quasi-leninist destabalizaion. We've made progress, but now we must actually work together. All Americans and all of humanity. If we cannot do this, we will inevitably degrade into war, conflict, misery and unjust subjugation.

WTF America: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Should I quote Horace one more time? I fear dishonor worse than death. I'm sorry I went full Trotsky and cucked your little Communist revolution. Yeh, I've been sitting here in Salem, VA for three years and I've been waiting on Stalin's little ice prick. I'm not stupid.

Experimental Psychology, the Paradox Encyclopedia and How to Beat the Roko's Basilisk

In the past five years, mainstream media has been weaving in experimental methods from bleeding edge psychology and neurology. For at least the past century, memory implantation and other mental manipulation is a classic science fiction plot mechanic. We see it in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where memories can be erased, something I would never want to do.

The Speed of Thought: Sociophysical Postulates I–XI

Imagine the sun rising in the Far East. It heats up the air and water, giving us wind and ocean currents, but doesn't its sociophysical energy also reverberate through humanity? As the world turns each day, there is random motion moving from the east to the west, driving social interactions. Pushing through the noise are faint, low frequency waves of cultural information rippling over and reflecting between geographic features. Vacuums of low population density tapers this resonance. Between the centers of civilization, the dispersion of information is strained through translingual membrane, limiting the number of social connections over which information can cross. These metaphors are not perfect, as behavior was not coordinated and our modes of transportation were limited throughout history.

Tomorrow, Hope And History Must Rhyme

Philoctetes and its interpretation is incredibly relevant in our time. To me, Philoctetes represents dejected individuals of many types, whose story and whose energy is inconvenient or difficult to engage. There are so many people like this: those who need health care, those who cannot live without social programs, those veterans who cannot afford health care. Unless we engage these individuals, gain their support and do so in the manner of Neoptolemy -- without deception and empty promises -- we will never conquer what lies before us in history. If we operate on the assumption that we can consign figures tainted with the inconvenient truths of reality to islands, but steal their support when we need it, we operate moving forward with the assumption that it is OK to use figures, who must bear the details of their life in solitude and in shame.

Scientology's Three Step Process For Great Pyramid Schemery

Scientology's goal? To market specific terms and key phrases to the target as the salvation to their inquisition -- which is how you plant your knowledge of word-clear locutionary phrases. Then, you can use metaphorical witch-pricking tactics to see how the target responds to key phrases. This indicates whether your mind control tactics and hypnotic suggestion works or not -- by eliciting darting eyes and 'knowing' glances. Great job guys: remember to suggest specific means of abusing confirmation bias in the minds of those who surround the target. This all allows you to mitigate risk, cast blame with inception, gaslight you -- while leaving zero evidence -- all while you *think* you are cooperating with something. Meanwhile, you abuse suggestion, casual interactions and social media tactics similar to spear-phishing. Ensure the target is *already* sociophysically isolated, so they will run from the current 'bad cops' straight to your 'good cop.' Dynamically alter who is a source of positive & negative energy in this isolated target's life.