Fatal Flaws of Antifragile System Design Patterns

Sociophysical Miasma and Iatragenic Interventions

ϕ Reality Distorion Fields May Artificially Amplify Misinformation and Disinformation

ϕ Vulnerabilities Inherent in Antifragile Design Patterns

ϕ Lower Sociohierarchical Branches Only Know How, Not What and Never Why

ϕ No Facts, Only Recorded Disinformation? Then There Is No Accountability

Antifragile System Design is Necessary to Save Our World, But…

ϕ Antifragile Thieves, Wolves or Shepherds?

ϕ Do You Enjoy A Rigged Game?

ϕ The Presence of Virtue, Especially Magnanimity, Must Correlate To Social Mobility

ϕ Sorry Communists, Evolutionary Mechanisms and Dynamics In Society Are Not Inherently Wrong

ϕ The Kernel of Transvaluations

ϕ Despite the Danger of Dangers, Authority MUST Be Grounded In Truth

ϕ Just Like With Cosa Nostra, Your Sin Becomes Your Vice, Violating Intent of Moral Systems

Occupational Therapy: Iatrogenic Medical Treatment Should Never Be A Weapon of Antifragile System Control

ϕ “An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Go Blind” - Ghandi

ϕ Stand Down, Bolsheviks, You Will Not Threaten Prosperity

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Sociophysical Miasma and Iatragenic Interventions

There is a tendency to mute any nodes that stand out as distinct or different, dampening any signals they produce. If those signals were not dampened, they could have indicated systemic problems that your system could react to earlier. When, for national security, people are surrounded with negative reality distortion fields – which are essentially toxic fields of sociophysical miasma where targets are escorted by handlers nearly twenty-four seven – the long-term strategy is to isolate the target from the rest of the flock by scaring them away. This is done by artificially amplifying false information, whatever it is, regardless of its truth, without ever giving the target a chance to react to the iatrogenic interventions – see here, here and here. In order to avoid being seen as the blatantly unethical tragedies they are, research can be wrapped in particular language.

Reality Distorion Fields May Artificially Amplify Misinformation and Disinformation

However, encouraging the usage of these miasmic reality distortion fields causes the artificial amplification of false information. The people coordinating the targeting of these individuals begin to underestimate them, are encouraged to hate them and encouraged to rapidly spread this toxicity through our cities. Usually, the intervention is successful in encouraging isolating behavior or the development of personality disorders which push people away – like a superiority complex, an inferiority complex, a persecution complex, etc. At this point, the target does the dirty work themselves and, almost always, no one is the wiser because it is incredibly difficult to see it for what it is.

Vulnerabilities Inherent in Antifragile Design Patterns

These kinds of problems are exacerbated when branches of the system act in total secrecy – especially when the lower branches of hierarchy is shielded from most information. This is because there is zero opportunity for dissent and the lower “hands” or “fingers” leverage their own networks, which increasingly less operational information. If the boots on the ground knew what they were doing and why, that it could not be justified and that they were covering up the mistakes of higher ups, simply to protect the ego’s and empires of a handful of powerful people, they would never engage the target. This is why a target must act innocently and naively because only by engaging the target, intending the infliction of harm, can the HUMINT resources begin to question their actions.

Lower Sociohierarchical Branches Only Know How, Not What and Never Why

Further, the lower branches are privy to the how of operational details, but not the why. This makes it difficult to react to novel types of situations and harder for lower branches to react to black swan events. Since they aren’t allowed to understand all the details for classying events and people, they tend to destroy everything they can’t comprehend that might be a threat. Further still, they can’t properly react to these situations and targets. They can also be lead to act against themselves. It might be said that a society that targets itself in this way is always attacking itself like sepsis or some other kind of autoimmune disorder out of control.

Because everything is shrouded in secrecy, the system is autonomous & self-perpetuating. It must be decentralized, so then, when these people approach you with a “deal” they are lying – they couldn’t stop this stuff if they wanted to because it’s a chaotic sociophysical program out of control. It’s extortion and they plan on using you as enforcement without pay. They react in a decentralized manner to produce and amplify misinformation, but in the best case, that is exactly what it is – MISINFORMATION! In the worst case, they are justifying their persecutory witchhunt based on disinformation.

No Facts, Only Recorded Disinformation? Then There Is No Accountability

Do you think the people recording a file on these targets write down the facts? Do you think they would keep records that would cause their own actions to appear unjust? No. And further, there are people towards the higher levels of hierarchy who get paid or remunerated in some non-financial way to perpetuate this. So: more targets? More money, more benefits, more reward. The more sociohierarchical territory they capture, the more influence they have. At this point, one to three percent of our population with secret clearance or higher is operating out of control for their own benefit, never giving AMERICAN targets a chance to know what is going on. Because if they stopped doing what leads them to being targeted, then how could the vindictive players on team sociopathy keep using gain for their own sustained gain?

Antifragile System Design is Necessary to Save Our World, But…

There are two things we should fear above all else: nihilism and ourselves. Antifragile design principles are excellent for solving the latter problem, but make no advances in protecting us the first. The ultimate systemic flaw of antifragile systems is that they rely on instilling a sense of purpose among the nodes carrying out action to protect order in system from the chaos of itself. Only some branches of hierarchy need to be motivated by stressing or feeding their incentivization methods to be convinced to act against any other part of the system. Therefore: demoralization can totally undermine antifragile systems, if it is systemic. In upcoming decades, demoralization resulting from loss of connection to loss of prosperity or from the loss of both our humanity and our individuality will lead to massive breakdown of our sociopolitical systems of control.

Antifragile Thieves, Wolves or Shepherds?

It’s easy to distinguish a wolf from a shepherd – a sheperd does not flee his flock in a time of need. A hireling shephered does not treat the flock as though he is a sheep and his fate is one and the same as the sheep in that flock. Just read John 10 and look for the ones who walk right in, whose actions serve as their language. Those are the shepherds. In this chapter, it clearly says that Jesus is the door or the way.

Antifragile system design in sociocultural systems protects the herd from emergent threats and humanity’s collective capacity for turbulent chaos, but it does nothing to protect us against nihilism, which is our greatest threat. The need for antifragile systems’ accelerant reinforcement of stablity despite chaos helps mitigate unpredictable scenarios, but it doesn’t answer the question WHY? Why would people be motivated towards acting against each other to blindly support a system, if they believe the system does not serve them? Or if there is loss of prosperity? Or if we totally undermine religion and other belief systems that instill a sense of purpose in spite of the cold depressing reality that life is what it is – a hellish, purposeless, nihilistic pit of despair where the worst of us climb on top at the expense of those pious, virtuous souls.

Do You Enjoy A Rigged Game?

People don’t mind playing games that they will lose, even if they know they are probably going to lose, as long as they know the game is fair. When you have a small segment of the population creating technocracy architected with antifragile design principles for blind mitigation threats and the unfamiliar – then they rig the system with surveillance, extortion, and psychological tactics to play the lower rungs of society against each other – how do you think people will react to the sudden realization that the game is NOT fair? How do you think people will react when they understand that the game does not end well for the common person? When, regardless of whether we move to the right or the left, a small segment of population assumes command of everything and essentially the same technocratic, totalitarian situation results.

The Presence of Virtue, Especially Magnanimity, Must Correlate To Social Mobility

When people come to this realization that these “games” are not fair, do you think that will result in more effective incentivization structures or less? Do you think that will result in more effective sociocultural evolutionary mechanisms that tend to increase regional productivity and prosperity? If your system’s design produces monoculture and unintentionally roots out anything that seems different simply out of blind paranoia of dangerous black swan, it will eventually lose out to another competing system whose evolutionary mechanisms enable innovation and enable people to empower themselves.

Sorry Communists, Evolutionary Mechanisms and Dynamics In Society Are Not Inherently Wrong

The ubermenschen are what transform society. They are the bridge to stronger societies. This is why the cultivation of will to power is crucial: our technocratic nightmare will socioculturally evolve into a situation that deprives people of what usually causes them to develop the will to power, which is the will to transform themselves, their community, their world to be greater than it already is. Ironically, the loss of all conditions that force us to struggle and the automatic assumption of income provided to everyone, shuts down the evolutionary mechanisms that transform us into higher and higher beings. While these mechanisms certainly have the capacity for abuse and containment, America is at a far greater risk of subversion via Bolshevik tactics, where the revolutionaries will throw all their weight into making the bottom fall out to incense the proletariat.

The Kernel of Transvaluations

What matters now more than anything is instilling a system of values that never changes, but is always flexible. any rigidly fixed system of values in today’s world is going to lead to disaster. Another paradox to balance! We must develop a kernel of values that promotes diversity in value-systems, but also allows for stability and truth. This self-recursive kernel of values must provide a basis for the development of will in spite of the lack of willpower necessary to survive. It must empower our eudaimonic actualization of being humanity, tying us to our collective identity. It must not destroy the notion of individuality. It must be based in truth and it must not destroy our collective accumulation of culture thus far. Further, it must coexist peacefully with antifragile sociopolitical design that provides a basis of stability, so that we do not destroy ourselves.

Despite the Danger of Dangers, Authority MUST Be Grounded In Truth

If the root values system is not grounded in eternal truth, it will be inevitably suffer a greater challenge than it can surmount. In order for the system to serve the people, it must demonstrate the value of its authority and the right to that authority. It must be able to do so in a clear, transparent way otherwise the rule of law will certainly be undermined. Respect for authority will fade away and those who plan on replacing the authority with that which is functionally identitical will egg this on: to gain power.

Just Like With Cosa Nostra, Your Sin Becomes Your Vice, Violating Intent of Moral Systems

Now more than ever, people need sociocultural systems that give us an individual and shared sense of purpose. Without a system such as this, which can withstand any challenges, we will surely fall to demoralization and informational spectral decoherence. Abuse of these secret systems developed with antifragile principles breeds disrespect for what is supposed to stand watch over those aspects of humanity with the greatest capacity to breed turbulence: greed, envy, sloth, wrath, envy, pride and gluttony. Because these systems exist in secret, they cannot be so easily questioned. If they become infected by the same aspects of humanity they are supposed to guard us against, they cannot justify their authority. And thus, such systems would not serve us, but serve the vices and lust for power of those who command them, who lure you into temptation that they might control you with your sin. Does this produce positive transformation in society?

Occupational Therapy: Iatrogenic Medical Treatment Should Never Be A Weapon of Antifragile System Control

Occupy Small Business?! Abuse of antifragile design applied to sociophysical systems is psychological warfare with catastrophic mental health casualties. Who are these casualties? Your mother, your brother, your old friend who grew up down the street, your coffee barista, your coworker who stood up for you, and your boss who tried to stop threats to business assets like refrigerators or air compressors. When did any of these people flash a badge?

Obviously, the debate over free health care shouldn’t be front and center here. However…

Jimmy Got Free (Iatrogenic) Health Care

Jimmy got Free Health Care

What was originally meant for national security has turned in to self-serving racketeering. Tactics for psychological warfare include sociophysical containment of perceived threats with by locking them in your car(e). Read Psalm 46:9 – “He maketh wars to cease unto the end of the earth; he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; he burneth the chariot in the fire.” When social hierarchy is viewed as territory to be conquered, defended and given to some as a reward for subservience, then this exacerbates the tendency for racketeering, especially for movements like the remnants of Occupy Wall Street. If they oversell a “national security” threat to their management, they get larger budgets to further drive this Sepsis, where the immune system invades the bloodstream and attacks all the organs.

“An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Go Blind” - Ghandi

It pays to learn about history. I have had little time to do anything else. There is rampant Zersetzung in this country and it is coming from the far left, who subsumed many of the programs initiated by Bush to leverage them against the American people. They knew that the conservatives could be threatened with the comorbid culpability of programs that Republicans initially started.

Stand Down, Bolsheviks, You Will Not Threaten Prosperity

However, radical leftists have used this assumption as carte blanche to take things way to far! Worse, they are destroying the country with their Bolshevik tactics. Worst of all, these Saul-Alinsky-type radical communists fuel their utilitarian tactics with cognizance of the FACT that communism implicitly undermines the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The worst of the far-far-left does understand that they cannot deliver on what they promise. They know that they are selling their strategies and their promises of government services to the moderate left, who the Alinsky’s plan on using to undermine the international financial order. That means RUIN for America, NOT an end to poverty.

Over the past twenty years, there has been major sociopolitical churn. One side slowly gains control at the expense of the other side, only to blow its advantage by enacting hard-headed reforms. These aren’t the reforms we need. Instead, this is how the twin party system works. They advance a shared set of interests, harnessing sociopolitcal churn from one side to another, to acheive ever-forward progress towards their agenda of deconstructed policy objectives. For example: the War on Drugs prepared us for totalitarianism and draconian policies like narcs. These same policy components have become the basis and precendent for widespread surveillance and the tactics of Homeland Security. Each side advances these with sociopolitical churn, little by little, and they never recede. The attainment of these deconstructed objectives is very important because otherwise we may have never been prepared for the 21st century.

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However, the government is now out of control. Instead, we should come together and unite Washington DC for the steady and unending advancement of all Americans. The unending churn is wasted opportunity. We must unite now and we cannot continue attacking ourselves.