Divergents and Directional Antennae: Measurement and Inference

This categorical coherence looks for higher level patterns. It could identify the presence of diseases previously unknown, not because it's matching against a list of diseases and their progressions, but because it's identified unknown patterns of neurodegeneration in a patient. In addition to unknown disease progression, this could also identify the combination of drug-induced neurological damage or damage induced by the combination of diseases.

Viral Introduction of Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer

There are myriads of autoimmune diseases out there and I’m postulating that, not only are many of these incidencts unnatural, many of these diseases may in fact be unnatural.

Nutrition Hacks to Optimize Your Workouts

One of my friends recently posted on Facebook asking for nutritional advice. I responded with the following heavily-edited overview – but lately, I’ve been storing snippets of my Facebook responses, especially the ones that are well thought out. Think about it, people usually only see that content once, when Facebook’s algorithms happen to grace you with the content in your newsfeed. Then, for the most part, it disappears into the Facebook nether realms of unseen threads.

Bill Gates Calls for Crazy Ideas

So I saw a post by Bill Gates on LinkedIn, calling for crazy ideas. It linked to an organization calling for solutions to three new problems and a dozen others. They offered grants, which I have no interest in, nor did I have suggestions to the health problems they suggested.