Lambda Fu Powerup: Spectra Graphics with Swift

This is a story about my quest to decipher the inner mysteries of functional programming. There's just not enough work out there for the beginner to intermediate functional programmer. This quest would be much easier if I found myself surrounded by other developers with the same pursuit. Or better yet, in the midst of a council of wise greybeards, who could recount days of yore, coding on Lisp Machines and Space Cadet Keyboards.

The Nature of Space, Time and Information Implies Universal Language

Knowledge and information are woven onto a universal loom, transcending time and space. Knowledge travels faster than light, without traveling at all. What is the foundation of the structure of this metaphysical space, this universal loom that enables us to weave higher order concepts into language and ideas. Does this foundation form the basis for a kind of universal language? Is there some most universal language which every sufficiently advanced culture is fated to develop? Can such a language be used to transcend the temporal limitations imposed by space?

Questions On Gravity

As far as I can see, understanding gravity necessitates a shift in how we model space. I've used a few thought experiments to help simplify the important pieces. Here's a few of the more profound questions.

A Speculative History of Humanity: War and Peace

Birth. Death. Sickness. Love. Fear. Friendship. Water. Light. Food. These ideas experienced by all with near certainty: they are combinated with higher level ideas and form a universal loom on which the web of individual psyche is weaved.

Composition in Film: Mise en VR

If the point of mise en scene in 2D is to control the probability distribution of your audience, how do you achieve the same objective in VR, especially if you can't control the perspective and orientation of the audience. This overwhelming complexity of the VR medium, does this lack of limitation actually limit the capacity of film in the VR medium to convey a consistent message to viewers? And how does the convoluted nature of a medium of the future affect it's consumer adoption and rate of adoption?

Bootloader and rEFInd Security

To properly implement rEFInd, this means you need to know what you’re doing, especially if your security requires more than usual concern. Otherwise, you’re completely exposing super-root access to your laptop.

Neural Networks and Spider Brains

While certain physical neural circuit arrangements are required and while chemistry and genetics are certainly involved to some degree, I believe this merely sets up circuitry that will evolve to reflect metaphysics -- *heady crystals!!* -- In other words, given the proper initial circuitry and given a variety of similar input experiences, the remarkably small spider's brain will inevitably evolve certain key functionalities -- or it will not survive.

Epistemology, Cognition and Category Theory: Directive Cognitive Expansion

Your rate of learning is a function of (1) everything you know (2) your ability to interrelate your knowledge to model new things (3) the proficiency of each base cognitive function and (4) your ability to coordinate those cognitive functions. Therefore, by improving on any of these four points, you will accelerate your rate of learning.

Epistemology, Cognition and Category Theory: A Model for the Mind

Data and metadata about functions and language in particular is likely found all over the brain. And information related to other faculties of the mind is likely similarly sharded all over the brain. This would help achieve dynamic behavior, as it would allow multiple regions of the brain to sort of map functionality together. But doing so would also contribute to efficiency and redundancy.

Epistemology, Cognition and Category Theory: An Overview

I love learning new things. I get to experience beginner's mind again and it gives me a chance to reflect on the process I use to learn. By actively observing beginner's mind, you can refamiliarize yourself with its nature, so that you might be able to partially apply this state of mind when you need it. By introspecting on this process, I hope to continually improve it. I try to approach new activities and skills from a multitude of perspectives and I like to examine the similarities between everything.