Bill Gates Calls for Crazy Ideas

So I saw a post by Bill Gates on LinkedIn, calling for crazy ideas. It linked to an organization calling for solutions to three new problems and a dozen others. They offered grants, which I have no interest in, nor did I have suggestions to the health problems they suggested.

Installing Powerline on OSX

First we’ll need to install python, pip, and easy_install.

Key Remap - The Digit-Symbol Hack

Devs, you going to love this keyboard hack!

Wherefore Art Thou, SSB!

... there was a script that circulated the interwebs: create-ssb.sh. And it was a good script, for it vanquished the evils of Tabitis, that deadly disease which wasteth your time with petty tab-management. Remnants of said script still circulate the interwebs today. But lo! -- I truly pity the fool who readth these blog posts. For surely, they shall waste hours of their time.

Finally! A Blog!

It's a *completely static* site, built using the Lineman front-end framework. I used the Lineman Blog Template as a starting point and added Bootstrap to make it shiny and responsive. Try playing around with different screen sizes and see how the page reacts.