Caelis Ruissent: Avoiding The Engineered Collapse

Entire world stunned as local man “pantses” US Congress just to show them all as the dickless sycophants they are…

There is an engineered collapse coming. It is not in American interests and there are those among you, both rich and powerful, who are betting against America. In the age of data science, you cannot bet against America and win. You will be ruthlessly destroyed and your image tarnished until the end of time if you dare to bet against America.

It is likely that your leaders in name have no idea whats coming because they are going to take the fall for much of this – therefore, it’s far more likely to be people 1° away from them. After all, the man who is bound by all the money and fame and status they might lose is not truly free. Our leaders will only be able to stop this if they work together and if the people of democracies are willing to let the petty accusations go.

There are certain trends that the rich and powerful seek to distract you from. individually, each trend is not very significant. Extrapolated collectively, there is no other way that the powerful can expect to bear the weight of these trends, except by collapsing the entire system. If this is the case, then billions will certainly die. This is what drives me and invalidates all charges against me. If you can prove to me that I am wrong and insulate humanity against the consequences of these problems, then you have my will or soul or whatever you want for free.

You Aren’t Going To Let These Guys Ruin Your Life, Are You?

Plague Doctors

These trends are damning. Merely mentioning them may cause severe consequences, but they are unavoidable and I know exactly how the powerful seek to handle these: by leveraging the chaos to establish an entirely new knowledge-base. An entirely new paradigm where the old world is forgotten or remembered in such an incorrect manner as to not relevantly connect to the truth. The real problem with this? Those amoung you who abused power for generations, centuries and millinea will get off without a hitch, damning the rest of humanity to a world where technology seems like magic they cannot possibly understand. It will be a new dark age, where all semblance of rationalism, science and logic become dominated by superstition and the tragic mechanics of power consolidation. I cannot allow this to happen.

“The greats who came before us, though we may seem greater, were truly the greatest.” - David Conner

The tragedy of the 21st century is that we shall never know of humanity’s true potential for greatness. Instead, all we will know is the cataclysm that results from our greatest fall since time immemorial.

Whose Belied Adumbrations Starkly Contrast Their Eminence

ʘ ⌈i⌉ Imaging Technology and Computational Medicine Imply Trillions in Collective Liabilities From An Accurate, Irrefutable Assessment of Psychiatry’s Insane Costs and Benefits

ʘ ⌈ii⌉ Cost of Medical Care and UBI, Along With A Failing Food Supply

ʘ ⌈iii⌉ The Use of Psychological And Neurological Warfare To Suppress Dissidents, for CIA Mockingbird 2.0 and to Cover up Inconvenient Truths

ʘ ⌈iv⌉ The Inherent Fallibility of Digital Information Storage Presents Both the Possibility For And The Incentivization for Targeted and Total Information Destruction

ʘ ⌈v⌉ The Need to Cover Up Crimes And Warcrimes By All Major Powers

ʘ ⌈vi⌉ Some State Actors Need to Destabalize the Interantional Human Rights Regime Before the Next Global Conflict

ʘ ⌈vii⌉ Nationality Law Begs Some Important Questions: If It Significantly Differs from Refugee Law, How and Why?

ʘ ⌈viii⌉ Novel WMD Technologies Render Frightening Hard Sci-Fi Into Reality And Create Intelligence Nightmares

ʘ ⌈ix⌉ Statistical Methods Will Demonstrate Evidence of Weather Control For The Past Two Decades

ʘ ⌈x⌉ Evidence of the Psychosocial Manufacturing of MKULTRA-style Manakins BY ALL MAJOR POWERS for Systemic Karmic Obfuscation For Centuries

ʘ ⌈xi⌉ Evidence Demonstrating Conspiracies Throughout the Ages will Simultaneously Be Revealed. All Will Be Judged.

ʘ ⌈xii⌉ Computational Science Nearly Obliterates The Need For Humans In Science, Enabling Specific Technologies To Be Locked Away Forever And Cultivating Rampant Nihilism

ʘ ⌈xiii⌉ Intellectual Property Endgame: Not All Is “As Infinite” As You Would Like It to Be:

ʘ ⌈xiv⌉ The Global Economy Will Collapse Within Two Decades As ALL Socioeconomic Flux And Churn Begins To Align IN PHASE

ʘ ⌈xv⌉ Severe Turbulence in Forex Markets May End Up In Nations Making Baseless Accusations Of Wealth Incineration

ʘ ⌈xvi⌉ The Outlines of An Alternative International Financial Regime Run By The Chinese and Russians Are Already In Place

ʘ ⌈xvii⌉ Energy And Resource Markets Give Rise To A Peak Oil Forever Scenario, If The Population Is Truncated

ʘ ⌈xviii⌉ Destroying Most Humans Makes Cultural Data More Digitally Compact For AI

ʘ ⌈xix⌉ Sociocultural Convergence And Spectral Decoherence Accruing and Proceeding at Paradoxically The Same Time

ʘ ⌈xx⌉ We Need Universal Language For Cultural Compactification. This is Hard With Seven Billion People and No Hard Reset


⌈𐆖⌉ Too Long; Sounded Boring; Big Words; Trump Voter; Not a Communist; I Heard He Was A Racist

⌈𐆖⌉ Of Augustus Denarius and the Architects of Empire

⌈𐆖⌉ How Do You Stop A Plan To Orchestrate Collapse, Simply to Shield Deep-State Actors Who Want To Enrich Themselves For Eternity?

⌈𐆖⌉ You Will Be Thanking Your Stars That Someone Like Me Ever Existed…

⌈𐆖⌉ So Where Do We Go From Here? How Is It That We Come Together?

⌈𐆖⌉ How Does Post-Revolutionary France Relate To 21st Century America?

⌈𐆖⌉ Once Their Retro-Narrative Is Obliterated, Welcome Their Supporters With Open Arms

Whose Belied Adumbrations Starkly Contrast Their Eminence

The title above is about the fanciest way of saying: we’re all on the tracks about to get hit by a train and no one is worried about how we’re going to get out of the car. That’s the gist of this article. There’s some things coming. There are clearly people who are concerned about those problems individually, but there are only a handful of people concerned about them all as they impact each other.

Please do remember that, if you can’t be bothered to explain something in 200 words or less using only the 1,000 most frequent words in a language, the average person could care less, regardless of what you’re saying. You’re going to want to listen to me, for once. Even if you don’t understand what I’m writing, keep reading and ask some MF questions. Don’t ask me. Ask your “leaders.”

None of these are happening tomorrow, by the way. Calm TF down. The economy is not going to crash. It’s only going to crash if we do not deal with these problems. Quite literally, if we fail to control the transition from here, where the sky hasn’t quite fallen, to there, where the sky is and has fallen – only then does America actually have problems.

And if you want to say that I’m alarmist and irresponsible for writing about this? You’re irresponsible. No one sees this storm coming. By the time the sky has fallen, people will realize they’ve been lied to this whole time, that their leaders were incompetent in all but courting special interests and the people are going to be pissed about it. They won’t be as furious if they have something to do about it before it falls. America is not paying attention to the right things. You’ve all been hypnotized by the election and everything related to it whereby you’re playing directly into the hands of our enemies.

Get up. Stand up. And fight for your rights.

And don’t forget to pass that dutchie. I said “Listen to the Drummer and Listen to the Bass.”

National anthem of the Independent Duchy of Kanawha (IDK): Pass the Dutchie.

⌈i⌉ Imaging Technology and Computational Medicine Imply Trillions in Collective Liabilities From An Accurate, Irrefutable Assessment of Psychiatry’s Insane Costs and Benefits

Novel imaging technology – like MAS, SPECT, PET, and others – creates the possibilities of neurological forensics and stastical methods which prove the true cause of mental illness as well as the existence of top-secret neurological intervention. The problem? If academics randomly and naturally discover either of these, there are some really awkward questions that must be answered. Ain’t no cigar smoking dude out there planning on answering those questions. Get real.

Furthermore, predictive medicine, including knowledge about gene networks, will demonstrate trillions in damage from presrcription medication, industrial chemicals, household chemicals and food additives. What’s made this so hard to study thus far? Many of these are not toxins individually, but only pose a threat when taken in specific combination or sequence.

All in all, this means millions of cases where damages could be owed. This is all revealed simultaneously and the science makes it irrefutable. I dont know how it will play out for each specific carcinogen or downstream prescription side-effect, but for those detected by methods of data science, there will be no question.

There are some in medicine, industry and science who already know this is coming, eventually. They understand the potential conferred by data science, predictive medicine and novel imaging methods. What would you do in their shoes? To be sure, it’s not really their fault – for most of these problems, they are not proveably legally liable – but they’re the ones selling products that everyone knows make people sick. Suddenly, this is revealed – all within the span of ten years, essentially simultaneously and in an irrefutable way. If not handled properly, it will have catastrophic consequences on the American economy. As of now, it’s not being handled properly because people still act like it couldn’t be possible. Most of them simply do not know.

So, what’s the plan? When are you going to hear about it on “Morning Joe” – you’re not. Journalism? No offense, Joe, it doesn’t exist anymore. Look at what’s happened to me. People have pinned everything on me to minimize the number of people tormented for being a messenger. That doesn’t mean there are no plans to handle this. In business, problems always present opportunity, but these unforeseen levels of liability imply socioeconomic churn on a scale never before seen. This simply means money, assets and businesses will change hands from those who have profited thus far into the hands of those who will begin to profit from the solutions.

The Answer Is To Posture Ourselves Properly

Against our corporate leaders’ instincts to protect their maximal financial interests, they must posture themselves against what will be unveiled by computational medicine and predictive medicine. To do this, they must control the narrative moving forwards and, generally, this is how corporations react to existential liability from products they didn’t know were harmful – this is not the fault of our corporations, but it always looks really bad. Seed the roots of these narratives from the bottom up: by identifying problems early on, by identifying people who’ve been negatively affected by your product and you plant the roots of positive stories. The truth is that the academic establishment did not see this coming at all. They would not let themselves see these problems, but they are real. So use the time you have over the next ten years to paint the right picture before these chickens come home to roost.

⌈ii⌉ Cost of Medical Care and UBI, Along With A Failing Food Supply

This leaves America in a pretty tough spot because medical technology is kind of our bread and butter. We protect it through intellectual property. It’s a major export, though perhaps it doesn’t appear that way per se. Our prices have always been so high at home because we control the intellectual property. If we don’t pay an arm and leg for it here, who will? On the surface, this seems wrong, especially to those who are dying from lack of medical care. However, this is a major pillar of the American economy. Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get universal health care in America? THIS is why. Take this away and you essentially declaw the american economy.

if we can’t profit from health care, how do we cover the cost of health care?

Especially after our people have been subjected to these levels of toxicity, which promote chronic disease? The toxicity in our cities includes that in the food, in some incidental, cumulative exposure to household chemicals and in the way we neglect each other’s humanity via psychological warfare. This is why we must turn this ship around. What we’ve been doing is not economically sustainable. If you don’t understand the question, it doesn’t matter how you feel about the potential solutions. If you don’t understand that question above, it means you don’t understand where government revenues come from. If we declaw the American economy while force us to subsidize the costs of Universal healthcare while enforcing sequestration, we merely enable Khrushchev’s wetdream:

A Disputed Quote From Nikita Khrushchev, Which Is True Regardless of Whether He Said It

“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”

I want a happy, healthy population, free from the fiscal and emotional costs of disease. How do you get there? By turning around the lifestyle of the American Public. This is why Michelle Obama’s drive for nutrition was so critical towards what Obama was trying to do with health care: if you cannot lower the costs of treating chronic disease, you cannot sustainably finance Obama’s health care plans. It infuriates me that the Republicans are trying to undo this. Truly, you are shifting the burden of longterm healthcare costs from the government back to the people. What we truly need is for healthcare prices and expenditures to come down! Regardless of who pays for them, that is critical! Someone has to pay for it. If the cost structures and prices are too high, it doesn’t matter who that is, it will bankrupt our nation and every single one of our enemies knows that health care is a severe economic weakness.

Further exacerbation of medical problems can be seen in the American food supply. Here’s a challenge to put the food supply problems in perspective: go to any grocery store in American with a single mineral in mind, besides sodium or calcium. It could be iron, zinc, or magnesium – the last of which critical for mental health and impossible to find in any significant quatities. The challenge: I want you to fill up a single grocery cart with the food that it would take in a single day to get that mineral’s recommended daily intake. It’s impossible. You can’t, without cheating using artificial formulations like Soilent, supplements and vitamins. Did you know that more than 2,000 genes cannot be activated without Vitamin D? No? Why are you talking to me about my health?

The food supply itself and the economic advantages we gain from wheat exports are both threatened by the looming spectre of a drought and a Second Dust Bowl. Why? The Ogallala Aquifer is drying up. One major consequence of climate change and global warming is that the ice and glaciers in the Colorado mountains will melt faster. These drain into the Ogallala acquifer, the vast reservoir without which all great plains farmland is devoid of moisture. That’s right, no agriculture in America’s breadbasket. Sound fun? NO! Right, water utilization levels exceed their replentishment rates. Those rates of replentishment are precisely determined by meltwater from the Rocky Mountains. No ice? No Glaciers? NO WATER.

The Riversheds In America.

There’s so much fascinating math possibile with the data the generates this map. e.g. the average pollutants in a tributary increase both with the travel time along tributaries and the areas over which those tributaries’ source waters are spread. So, in other words, the waters about 100 miles above the Mississippi delta carry the sum of all pollutant runoff from all of its tributaries. That is, minus the amount absorbed back into the environment, a value which decreases over time… M A T H, math.

Rivershed in America

This is why, when I pronounced the quasi-quasi-joke-religion that I started, I declared that the transplanar entity Cxor Apache Ogallala was speaking through me. It’s a reference to how important this all is: without it, prices of domestically produced food in America skyrocket. No one even knows it’s a problem. There’s also a clever math joke in the name, but it’s not worth explaining.

And further still, have you considered how government and society plays out with UBI? Every citizen that cannot work becomes a fiscal liability and nothing more. What sounds like an amazing utopian society is nothing like that at all. It is a horrible place where the only value of human life is in what the powerful can extract from your actions before you die, since everyone on UBI contributes to a massive net drain on government deficits. Still sound like a good idea? Then read International Trends 2020: UBI. You need to check yourself before you wreck everyone in this country.

⌈iii⌉ The Use of Psychological And Neurological Warfare To Suppress Dissidents, for CIA Mockingbird 2.0 and to Cover up Inconvenient Truths

When combined with the feedback loops and vulnerabilities in machine learning algorithms cause significant harm to society. These algorithms have a tendency to magnify the amplitude of disruption in systems feedback loops. This is before the impact of people is considered. If every person has a voice with the capacity to contribute to turbulence, which is their right to free speech in America. However. when the media aritificially restricts the variety of promoted topics, this limits the range of choices for people to respond, which funnels their sociophyscial energy into that limited set of choices. This causes magnification of energy, itself containing downstream amplification effects, feeding back into the energy of the topics which trend towards the top. Issues that are relevant to people can also be divisive. When this stark contrast in opinion itself also feeds these loops, then the divisiveness and need to dominate itself fuels the amplification.

Intentionally harnessing feedback loops in social media to create division in society. Adversaries of America, whose societies may not protect free speech, stand to gain by amplifying the division voiced online. These adversaries certainly stand to gain when we focus all of our time and energy inwards, forgetting how to work together.

If you are in America, look around you. Who is “the enemy?” As Americans, the enemy should not be you or I, unless either of us is making a literal explosive device in our basements or planning a violent act. In the first place, why are Americans the enemy here?! It just doesn’t even make sense. But do you trust a stranger on the street? Do you trust your neighbor? Do you really trust your friends? Your family? If not, why? Are they bad people? Or good people in a bad situation? If it’s the latter, WHY THE HELL DOESN’T SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?! We live in a democracy, don’t we?

Qemists - Take It Back

We’re certainly not going to be fearfully contained while you plot depopulation to maintain power after you’ve profited off all the sin and carnage in history thus far.

Much of the same medical imaging technology forms the basis of neurological forensic methods that prove neurological interventions, as well as both psychologically and pharmacologically-induced connectopathies. Methods for identifying neurological interventions will emerge within the early 2020’s, especially if they trigger systemic, cascading connectopathies. These methods will have been used to control people.

Again, the lack of certainty for how these methods would be accounted for and explained in the future is what’s most unsettling and foreboding. Where is no plan in place to address legal axioms that are upturned and tableflipped by this technology, nor would such plans be trivial. There have been many sci-fi works about blurred identity and malleable memory, but where is this hard sci-fi version of Rainmaker which closely examines the downstream legal consequences? As they’d apply our life? What about all the catch-22’s?

Does it seem like anyone plans on getting up on a podium and explaining to Americans what has happened to our country with psychological warfare? Again, the implementation of tactics without the necessary recourse for correcting or even explaining them. That is what you need to look for: lies and meticulous deceipt without the expectation of ever telling the truth. It’s everywhere.

⌈iv⌉ The Inherent Fallibility of Digital Information Storage Presents Both the Possibility For And The Incentivization for Targeted and Total Information Destruction

The internet is a new age library of alexandria, except that cheap access to digital information and cheap synchronization of information in the cloud causes us to prefer to all store information in the cloud, on a hard-drive or at least digitally.

When’s the last time you bought a CD? OK, Lady Gaga’s newest album? If you’re a Lady Gaga fan, did you buy it on CD? What about Taylor Swift’s new album, did you buy that on CD? Now, assume a nuclear EMP attack…

Thank God We Have Impressive Capabilities To Swat Nukes Out of The Sky

Is there any evidence left that your precious artist’s last CD even existed? Think about it. Annhilate all digital information and almost all of those cultural artifacts over the last decade or so are effectively purged, as if nearly two decades hadn’t existed at all. At least, not the way we remember them.

Our society assumes that all digital cultural artifacts will be perpetuated forever, like their tangible artifacts. Because our society hasn’t experienced an Atlantean neo-deluge of digital culture, it doesn’t know to make strategic decisions moving forward with that possibility in mind. In such a global-EMP or global-cyber digital deluge scenario, the past generation would have left almost no traces of itself behind, specifically because it’s communicating primarily through digital means and the majority of artifacts of cultural interaction are digital and intangible. In this regard, all but a handful of people in industrialized nations are ignorant to the potential consequences. In the wake of such a catastrophe, he void of information from this generation allow someone to completely rewrite this period of history, if we’re not careful.

Also remember: CD’s that are not effectively shielded from beta particles are also themselves annhilated. Ever put a CD in a microwave for 5 seconds? It’s TOAST! Why? BETA PARTICLES. Beta particles are essentially flying electrons that activate random circuit pathways, which burns out any electronics: the smaller the circuits, the more impact that beta particles have, proportionally. They are literally what cooks your food in the microwave. Almost nothing above water or above several meters deep remains. Some good news: this could almost certainly never occur globally.

In such a scenario with complete absence of information, the group to power back up and pump information into that void is the group that begins to dominate the narrative. There will be several such groups. The ones with the greatest degree of hardened communications equipment will be the most capable of dominating this null information void. There are geostrategic aspects to reestablishing information consensus after a tragedy like this. America IS ready and other nations like China or especially Russia are also ready for these scenarios because these three nations have enjoyed the local military supremacy required to plan for these kinds of problems. In such a crisis, information is almost more valuable than food or water. Most people would rather nearly starve, when offered something that gives them hope. What offers you hope of something better? Information.

What is vital for planning for and acting strategically in such a scenario? Social physics. No one wants that situation. Absolutely no one, except perhaps a handful of cigar-smoking men across the world. However, the group who expects the unexpected stands to profit from the unexpected. The ignorant then become like leaves in a wind they cannot begin to see. Knowledge is power, truth is formless and all-emcompassing and ideology is for fools who cannot think for themselves.

Deconstruction is Key To Reconstruction, But Humanity Desparately Needs Order If We Are To Survive

Kali Yuga

More good news: while the tensions with North Korea bring the threat-level higher than ever, the likelihood of nuclear attack remains fairly low. However, if we do not stand against proliferation of nuclear weapons while all these other threat levels are high, then likelihood of nuclear attacks skyrockets. Why? More plentiful supplies of enriched uranium litter weapons caches and energy storage across the world. That’s the far more significant danger: not that nuclear attacks will occur when things are fairly sane and stable, but that nukes will fall into the wrong hands after powerful states fall.

So when states like North Korea seek nuclear weapons simply because disarmament politics are attractive, THIS MAKES ME SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY IRATE! I cannot stand the idea of states seeking nukes simply because they want to be talked down. It makes me incredibly angry.

Yet, Chelsea Handler – the new age Jane Fonda – wants you to question everything that’s happening right now, especially the potential War on North Korea. Why? Could it be that some of the “Americans” like that, who aren’t American-first are leading the gullibles masses of sheep away from what should be priorities? Why?

Chelsea “Handler” – New Wage Jane Fonda

… Wait for it … Waaaait for it. LULZ

Afraid of what? A liberal gunning for American interests? WHY?!

Chelsea Handler and Jane Fonda might be dissidents, but they are fighting on the wrong side of American interests and we will collectively bear the consequences of their actions. I think liberals came around pretty quickly and realized North Korea was no issue to be trivialized as a political bargaining chip.

What about the elimination of film negatives from Hollywood via a “mysterious” fungal virus? This serves the interests of retroactive cultural annhililation. No one even thinks about stuff like this. I am. I see it coming. When I talk about it and I’m therefore tormented psychologically because it must be important to someone. The problem: I could never tell who was psychologically tormenting me.

⌈v⌉ Some State Actors Need to Destabalize the Interantional Human Rights Regime Before the Next Global Conflict

What’s the problem with warcrime prosecution? Why are laws so strict? Especially under the current legal regime? The states who discover those transgressions only want to use them for leverage because all significantly powerful states have enough leverage on each other such that none of them will bring suit against another in the ICC/ICJ unless they can be sure to finish them off.

Moreover, the laws are strict to mitigate the incentivization for covering up warcrimes, as well as the tendency to recruit others into your plans without telling them they have committed warcrimes, until after you’re threatening them with their life if they don’t comply in continuing to cover up their actions. It is incredibly difficult to prosecute warcrimes and it is unbelievable how hard it is to be taken seriously in America, albeit my own case is “mild” for some strange definition of mild warcrimes.

Intelligence is trade in the commodity of secrets. These secrets have confer more power when only a few people know them. This makes it harder for your adversary to logistically calculate their actions because its very difficult to homogenize information across large governmental organizations. If you know a state like Russia or China commited mild warcrimes within their borders, it is usually more useful for you to keep that secret and use it as leverage, placing it on the board like a pawn for blocking purposes. I did not say that either Russia or China is guilty of warcrimes. It is simply an example.

However, convicting Bosnian leadership of warcrimes? That’s simple. There’s not much of a long-game for American intervention there. That regime was falling anyways and America needed them to fall pretty hard. My opinion on those cases, is that prosecution was trivial to pursue because it would be an indictment of the leadership, not the people or the state, in particular. Further, the Bosnia military was suppressed and didn’t have nukes pointing at America.

For any sufficiently powerful state, accusations of warcrimes are met with subversive intelligence activity to kill, maim or otherwise silence the victims and witnesses. At least, this is what I’ve seen in my own personal live, which is ludicrous, since these are warcrimes lite – warcrimes all the same, though. And you’re damn straight that I’m not going to sit idly by and be a pathetic, trembling victim of nothing, just because the federal government is guilty as hell in my case. You aren’t doing anything. You aren’t letting up. You won’t even say my fucking name. Go to hell, as far as I’m concerned.

Regardless, as dark as this sounds, there’s a need to undermine the current international human rights regime and, in deed, the international legal and financial regimes. This seems to be part of Putin’s endgame, as far as I can see. Why? I don’t know. I would assume that Russia feels if it gets some of its teeth back, it can make more incursions back into Eastern Europe, slowly, without all-out-warfare. Also, that, if it does come to all out war, then they stand to have a better chance if some of those nasty teeth don’t lead to subsequent warcrimes prosecutions.

This is why I say: throw out all the goddamn neurological warfare tactics you have – AND kill it with fire. Make it public, so our enemies know they are strictly off limits and always will be. Make the whole idea of it verboten. These tactics have the potential to destabalize any large power, given access to the technology.

⌈vi⌉ The Need to Cover Up Crimes And Warcrimes By All Major Powers

These crimes are hardly limited to one power or another. I believe all superpowers share some level of guilt in violating sections of the Geneva Convention, whether those violations were outright, through some technicality or by tectonic shift in the international legal realm. Each power’s actual level of exposure to warcrime violations differs greatly from each other’s apparently level of exposure, which has much to do with people’s incentive and ability to both access and publish information about those regimes.

One excellent way for these powers to clear the board, so to speak, is to attempt to erase information related to these crimes and their plans, especially that related to the cognizance of action. However, at least as it appears in the United States, many of these crimes are actually vigilante in nature, using fairly sophisticated communication protocols for obfuscation, decentralization and anonymization of action. When things occur this way, there is no evidence left behind, but sadly, anyone who tells you “we can stop this from happening to you” is lying to your face. And if they know how it works, they know they can’t stop it, not immediately. They are trying to compel you to cooperate to spread that liability across the population.

As mentioned above, when people were conned into these actions without understanding they were warcrimes, then they can continue to be goaded along to cover them up. When enough people become complicit in these crimes, the whole thing drives itself along. This is one of the most critical reasonings by making the penalties and prosecutions for warcrimes so secretive and severe!

In America, what I suspect is that many of these crimes have no record. Proving your actions may involve darkweb transactions. It seems to operate a bit like scalping: prove you hassled someone, get it on video (or whatever), prove it to a connection you’ve never met before IRL and get you some money. Spineless? Yes. Ignorant? Yes. Ethical? Perhaps for national security, but then again, do you actually know who’s driving your actions or have you been conned from the start?

An action can never be considered ethical if the actor avoids awareness of the consequences or if they just aren’t capable of understanding how their actions effect their world. Truly, total knowledge of consequences is impossible. Idealistic philosophy aside – people who seek to avoid knowledge or understanding of their actions can never be considered to have acted ethically. With this in mind, in order to pursue ethical action, you can only work with strong connections whom you trust. Otherwise, you’re simply a pawn. A pawn will never be more than a pawn. There for…

Digitized records possess inherent fallibility that may open up these powers for warcrimes prosecution. Some states more than others, simply because they’re democracies that facilitate free exchange of information. An all-too-specific specific example of the ironic consequences of the idealistic pursuit of free speech.

However, if these records exist, then it implies incentivization for the unforeseen destruction of data. Depending on how widespread it is, this may be either targeted deletion, physical destruction of information storage devices or total systemic disruption. Furthermore, what if every person you’ve ever lied to in digital communications one day became aware of all the games you played with them. What if data’s tendancy is to become omnipresent, when individual, singular datums are not deleted or destroyed. By omnipresent, I mean that data becomes present everywhere, gradually losing all connection to the space or actor that created it. Those spaces or actors could be either physical or virtual.

Albeit untenous and untested, this idea scares the shit out of world governments, corporations and even career criminals. What if the NSA suddenly published every message you’ve ever written? What if every digital communication you’ve made was used to psychologically torture you? All while you couldn’t comprehend how the data was making itself available to your tormentors?

This idea of judgement via information omnipresence is all too similar to the idea of “judgement at the end” that’s present in the eschatological myth so many world religions, though NOT identical. It is irresponsible to consider it identical to “divine judgement.” However painful, we need to deal with the sins of the modern era, otherwise we will allow the worst of us to dominate humanity for eternity within a false paradigm.

It is urgent for us to consider this now, regardless of the cost! We will never have the chance to do so if we do not!

⌈vii⌉ Nationality Law Begs Some Important Questions: If It Significantly Differs from Refugee Law, How and Why?

Who is a citizen and who is not? Do legal residents have rights? do illegal residents have rights? Of course they do, but the question is: what subsets of rights granted to US Citizens do do legal and illegal residents have? what subsets of rights do refugees have while they are migrating fleeing through other countries? This is the focus of Nationality Law, a subject that has gained momemtum in international legal research in the past few years.

Even If I’m Wrong About Nationality Law, The Answers To My Questions Are In Here

International Standards on Nationality Law

We are entering a period of time where the international legal regime is changing gears and beginning to focus on transnationalism in a transition towards the post-Westphalian paradigm of post-nationalism. What’s post-nationalism? It’s a state of being for the international regime which is post-nationstate: there are no nations, except perhaps a dominant global government.

The particular nationality law issue at hand: for non-enemy combatants, what subsets of US Citizen rights do they have? Do they have ny rights? If they don’t have the rights of US citizens, whose laws even apply to them? Or are they people who are meant to be hunted down mercilessly by whatever is going on in America, without even realizing that they should run or fight back?

International Law Pop Quiz

Can the US government shoot these former “US Citizens” in the back with zero consequences? With impunity? Because that seems to be what is happening, metaphorically and sometimes quite literally.

… How the fuck was I supposed to know?! You’re out here shooting people in the back and tearing families apart.

If that makes me stateless, can I simply declare my own nationality by decree? If so, I declare myself to be the citizen and the 部 長(buchou) of the Independent Duchy of Kanawha (IDK), a spaceless transnational state which extends in a 5 meter sphere around my presence. All citizens of the IDK have common rank: buchou. We are all leaders. Our national flower is Blue Dream. Our national bird is the Eagle-Hawk. One of our greatest national exports is translingual puns. “Kanawha!!” is a japanese pun for “What the fuck?! YOU BET YOUR ASS IT IS!!” – loosely translated of course, with an emphasis on the two exclamation points and authentic phonetics for the English “wh”. You have to exhale when you say it. We’re currently prototyping a language at the intersection of Spanish and English vocabulary, but with Japanese grammar and Chinese Kanji. The language could not care to be troubled with materialistic sentiments such as pluralization. We don’t yet have passport-issuing authority, but you can bet your ass as soon as we do, I’m getting the fuck out of this shithole-joke of a country, America. I can’t stand all these backstabbing sons of bitches.

Donkey Slinging Buck Futter

All you have to do is prove me wrong and I’ll apologize. Until then, I’ve got an “alien” spacecraft to park right up your ass. Read the actual text of this DAFT treaty one or two times and let that sink in. I hope your ass ain’t no stateless alien because you’re not going anywhere. And what are the Dutch going to do about it? I don’t know … let’s find out, shall we?

Please note: I only have enough knowledge of international law to be dangerous, which is why restricting me from legal resources does not serve your interests. If I am wrong about the reading(s) of the DAFT treaty, then I am sorry, but the way it looks is that there is not a single force that would overtly help me in the world, except the enemies of America, which is unacceptable to me.

The joke that the US government is building a wall to keep us in has some very dark undertones to it. Why was the holocaust so big anyways? Because the Nazi’s didn’t want people running who’d be able to live to tell stories about the horrors they saw. Therefore, you keep these people in, which is why my low average annual income is evidence supporting my case: I couldn’t run if I wanted to.

Remember all those times I said “I’ve got something to talk to you about.” … No?

Stewie is speaking with an accent that’s something like Received Pronunciantion (RP). You only ever learn it authentically if you were initiated as a child. It is nearly impossible to learn all the RP exceptions as an adult – which makes it a fantastic implicit password system. The American Ivy League “accent” is similar and they practically invented IPA.

I’ve contacted the Dutch, the Japanese, the Spanish, the French and the Canadians about asylum, but I can’t quite apply for asylum in any of those countries because I literally don’t have the money it’d take to leave. It has nothing to do with wanting to leave. I don’t want to be here. On the other hand, if I did leave, they’d simply clamp down around on my family and friends, who’ve are essentially loose ends in all of this. There is no running from this. I must stand up for myself. I must fight my own battles and NO ONE has a better chance of doing it. So, if you plan on victimizing me, you’re damn straight that I’m gonna give you a case you’re never going to forget. Good luck making it to court, by the way. That is exactly the kind of challenge that the inward-pointing barbed-wire is for on that “wall.”

Don’t forget, you’re psychologically torturing an idiot savant whose intelligence you miscalculated over and over again. Don’t forget that I’m a polymath, just like Imhotep, Da Vinci and others. REMEMBER THE NAME: DAVID CONNER. You’re never going to forget it and nothing I do will EVER be violent, so you can go ahead and drop that non-sense. I will not be afraid to browbeat every last person in this country to get my way either, and you can be sure that there’s not a single person who can stop me. Put me in contact with someone whose IQ is above 160, I dare you. They will flip to my side so fast, you’ll be arrested for warcrimes before you can even hear a damn sonic boom. That’s Mach 2.

They’ve Rue-eened My Life

If you’re a IQ 80 roadblock, make fun of me for PTSD, my psychological torture or my warcrimes accusations one more time. Demeaning someone is a terrible way to pull them to your side, but if you actually knew what I was saying, you would be on my side, screaming in the streets about this because – even if you’re on the left – they’re going to be coming for you all too soon. This is not about left or right, this is about a Deep State conspiracy to collapse the United States and, apparently, I’m one of the biggest threats they’ve ever had, which is strange because I’m partly on their side.

Another important question of Nationality law: how long were the non-enemy combatant (NEC) provisions in NDAA intended and architected to last? Does it matter? YES, it does. Why is this question so important? It belies an intent to architect everything that’s happening on the supranational/international legal stage so that it’s only transient, since it’s not intended to be permanent.

If these provisions were intended to last for a decade or longer, they should be designed to face court proceedings and not fall to pieces, in federal courts or international courts. When these sections of law are tested in courts, the rulings and opinions should contribute to an accessible body of precedent. Otherwise, you can’t assert these laws are battle-tested in courtrooms. If these laws aren’t battle-tested or no legal precedent is intended to ever accumulate, it could be because there’s something else bigger coming down the pipe, which is exactly what everything else in this article indicates!

By the way, if you think that moderately rich people can’t stand a bull in a China shop, imagine getting a bit too smart with international law and fucking up the transition into the post-Westphalian era – but excuse me for being psychologically tortured my entire adult life. I thought “life” was a bit different and I was only ever seeking to end my pain. I don’t know exactly who is responsible for my torment, but don’t ever forget that your bumbling cronies fucked this up to be sure. They would hardly serve your interests if they knew the truth.

⌈viii⌉ Novel WMD Technologies Render Frightening Hard Sci-Fi Into Reality And Create Intelligence Nightmares

There are no certain operational-level strategies as long as many of the above tactics are on the board. Revealing them for what they are forces all major powers to cooperate, which is what we must do anyways.

Many 21st century technologies form the basis of Novel WMD’s or what could cause consequences as catastrophic as weapons of mass destruction in their second-order effects. Some of these are not as obvious as others. They include:

★ Artificial Intelligence

★ CRISPR and Genetic Engineering

★ Neurological Warfare (potentially)

★ Environmental Warfare

★ Space-Based Warfare

★ Tactics Against Electrical And Communications Infrastructure

These have received plenty of attention in the news. It is the weapons with self-perpetuating consequences, such as weaponized genetic engineering or biological pathogens, that have the most potential for harm.

Their potential for disruption of fragile sociological systems and institutions is where the greatest danger to humanity lies. Humanity is standing on the shoulders of giants and, from up here, it may seem like we are safe. However, to say that society is statistically overdue for a catastrophe is a understatement of tragic proportions. This is not a risk that parallels the Inspection paradox at all – i.e. the risk is not about how long on average we should expect before we see another calamity or “Great War.”

Our civilization is hardly typical and there are institutions that work tirelessly to prevent these catastrophic kinds of events occurring. The United Nations is one of the most important organizations for preventing wars which its signaturies have determined to be “illegal.” This is fantastic, but what happens in reality is that conflict plays out in the ways available for people to engage in conflict.

So, in spite of all the work done to prevent calamity, to stagnate war, to repudiate the belligerents and the twar criminals and to hold back the flood waters, this is not why we are “overdue” for a crisis. The risk for these crises to emerge has everything to do with population and economics and much less to do with how many we see in our lifetimes.

In fact, the less crises we see, the less prepared for a major crisis we will be. Instead you have many groups of people, some impoverished, some motivated by ideology, some are simply radical because typical thinking gets typical results. These groups are willing to work hard to change their conditions because the trajectory they are on is unacceptable to them. These groups are many peoples that exhibit a cumulative thirst for change and are willing to direct their will towards attaining that change. However, the kinds of change they want to bring about are all divergent: each one of these groups has a different notion of what it means for them to succeed in changing their circumstance. Instead what we need is for everyone to have the same goal: the collective and sustained advancement of humanity. Otherwise, then, when you remove a critical threshold of influence peacekeeping institutions like the UN offer, there will be a surge of potential for catastrophe. The more disruption that occurs, the more potential for disruption the world accumulates.

Eventually, the people left realize how fucked up their lives are grapple with a different kind of nihilistic crisis. They are left with a broken world, which was broken for reasons they can’t understand and in ways they can’t fix. There is no hope for these people. Not only is virtue unable to flourish, it is cruelly stomped out of anyone who might think to engage in moral behavior because moral behavior does not allow you or your family to survive in this world.

Seven billion people are seven billion ways to build a new world and fix all the problems of the old world, but they are also essentially seven billion vectors through which calamity can emerge. We need everyone and we need everyone to realize how they can contribute to the world. We need them to feel a sense of purpose, to be educated and to be empowered to contribute to the mechanisms of stability that our world so badly needs.

The lecture above covers many aspects of the German war machine in the interwar period. What happened: the framers of the Versailles treaty did not understand the Germans, nor did they understand they hatred they created in their one-sided treaty, nor did they understand how the German military apparatus would sociohierarchically respond to such anti-military sanctions: only the most talented, most patriotic officers would be permitted to hold a position in the military. Everyone else? Gone. This concentrated the power, will and intent to get back at Europe for how they bound Germany down and raped the German economy after WW1, bleeding it’s industrial sectors without allowing the Germans to pay off their own debt with their own blood and sweat. Your poor international response merely sowed the seeds for subsequent conflict.

Most crucially, the framers of the Versailles Treaty did not know what a fucking rocket was or would become, since rocketry “wasn’t conceivable” at Palace of Versailles, amongst all those Ivy-league educated brains. WHO THE FUCK WAS GODDARD ANYWAYS?

In case you missed it – because it’s hard to see – the main question here is: did the underwriters for the Treaty of Versailles understand that the German military apparatus would respond by blindly chasing the only military research loophole that apparently no futurist or Jules Verne reader of that time could possibly conceive? ROCKETS. They left rocketry out of that treaty! Why did they do that? Depending on how you answer that single question will tableflip long-held narratives of history concerning the true causes of WW2.

What I know about these treaty underwriters is that they are NOT STUPID! Look at what they accomplished with Sykes-Picot.

What do you intend to do with all that power?! That is a critical question. What do you INTEND?! If you can’t convince men to cleanse their hearts of their own evil, then evil will find it’s way out into the world once again by any means necessary.

Well Föcke Would You Look At That, It’s a Zuse Z1

Meet the Fockers

Meet the Föckers

Pictured above is a Föcke – nope not Zuse Z1. The Föcke was a prototypical rotor airfraft: a helicopter. Helicopters may have received additional research focus as a result of the Versailles prohibition on military research, but by 1937, I’m not sure those terms mattered much.

The Germans responded by developing what they could: fundamentally novel technology with ostensibly zero military potential. Cryptography was also critical to transmit messages to circumvent Versailles military logistic coordination prohibitions, so all those extremely talented and patriotic officers left in the German Army: they invested a lot of effort there, too. It’s another reason why their espionage tactics were decades of everyone else: no one in Europe could know what they were doing. At the same time, you had Soviet-led corruption of the Weimar Republic, essentially hacking German democracy against itself to weaken Germany against an external threat: Stalin’s planned invasion of the Eastern Europe to attain World Revolution, since communism is economic unsustainable.

I believe it was the Germans who realized that the Soviets had someone like the Rosenbergs feeding them information from the Manhattan project and that would be close to obtaining a nuclear bomb by the end of the war. Nazi’s may have also realized the OSS was hopelessly compromised by communist agents. There’s a reason we needed to start from scratch with the CIA and I don’t know what that was. However, I do know that the Nazi’s expert understanding of espionage tactics lead to a major advantage for Americans in the decades after World War Two. Before WW2, our spies were poorly trained with not many people to spy on. The Nazi’s probably helped us restructure the operation methods and logistics of the CIA. They were the only reason that our spies were able to catch up and outpace the enemy.

So useful and critical to the early development of what eventually became the NSA. They knew everything that was going to unfold in technology in the coming 5 decades and had it ripped from them at the end of World War 2. Why? Because the victors write history – but there are two sides to every story. Much of what happened was wrong, obviously. Why do you think that Zuse never got the credit due to him for being a pioneer in computational research?

How do you think we beat the Soviets? By getting to Nazi researchers first. The development into rocketry, crypto, submarine design and other fields meant their scientists and mathematicians were critical to beating the Soviets. We never could have done it without them.

Since All Warfare is Fundamentally Information Warfare, Would The End of Espionage Would Imply The End of War?

We may be embarking towards an age where warfare and even espionage are impossible, even though that sounds ludicrous and should be considered insane by any responsible person who works in intelligence. Look at the image below if you don’t believe me.

Sociophysical Analysis Just Revealed Many Secret US Military And Intelligence Facilities Around the World

Social Physics Jogpaths

I do hope that our military and intelligence can do the same. I’m fairly confident we already have: the public just hasn’t heard about it. So why don’t you put some of those in your wheaties this morning?

For military and intelligence, the truth is that the components of tactics that they choose and the directions they decide to take at the higher, more operational levels of strategy depend strongly on what those leaders know will made available at later times. They don’t want to engage in operations or towards the attainment of goals in the long-term that depend on keeping secrets in the future, if they know those secrets are quite factually impossible to keep. This is a critical factor for operations and operational strategy, especially as we are magnetically drawn towards the Singulariity. If there is exponential disruption of what possibilities are enabled by technology, where does that leave us in the future and how do we plan for what we cannot know? Some things are impossible to plan for and must be mitigated, ad hoc, in the future. We should hope to minimize the need to do that through piercing long-term vision for the future

This is why we should hope that our record speaks for itself. For America, even though we have exercised hegemonic supremacy for about a generation, I think that we do make good decisions almost all of the time and we invest a lot of skin in the game in standing up for what is right. That’s why the far-leftist narrative that paints America has selfish, greedy, racist and ignorant is so infuriating. Just let someone else win and get on top and see what happens!

⌈ix⌉ Statistical Methods Will Demonstrate Evidence of Weather Control For The Past Two Decades

This Includes Weaponized Weather Which Will Be Partially Responsible for Global Weather Destabalization

Climate change is not false or a coverup. Climate change change is very real and weaponized weather is only going to cause more problems. Why? Because of manmade disruption of the environment, dramatically altered weather systems both large and small are already unstable. When the Earth exhibits a global phase change in weather systems, everything changes. Global weather systems are tightly and intricately connected. Furthermore, they vulnerable to phase changes, where a new phase emerges and the entire system can never be the same again.

If You Didn’t Understand What I Just Read, It’s OK. Read This:

Ever heard of an “ice age” or the “end of the last glacial maximum?” Exactly. It’s not that hard to understand then, is it? The difference is: when I try to describe something methodologically, I am ridiculed and psychologically tortured. People just cannot understand what I am saying, but that precisely sums up the value in what I say. You have someone telling you something that is important. It cannot go unheard. And what do you do? Exactly what happened in my life, which is why the world doesn’t deserve people like me because you heartless scum villify anyone who tries to show you the error of your ways.

I am simply tired of being attacked by lilliputian pissants, whos stings are pleasantly amusing when their irony and spinelessness is taken into account, but still collectively infuriating.

Lilliputian: Read A Fucking Book Sometime. I Want Everyone To Be As Strong And Smart As Is Possible

Lilliputians are essentially the prototypical communist serfs, where I imply the moniker serf in the most ironic sense possible.

Gulliver's Travels

Why is weather control relevant? There will be economic incentives to use weather control as a method in economic warfare. This will result in, disrupting the agricultural value of entire regions. It is very possible to “seed” clouds. However, any disruption to weather disrupts the entire climate as a single system. So, seed clouds over the large bodies of water nearby and you influence the patterns of moisture formation elsewhere.

The Climate As A System Is Being Manipulated

How can you detect that this is already happening? You look at the regional dissonance between computational weather predictions and the actual results. You then trace that regional dissonance backwards and compare it to the predictions computational systems predicted for various regions. Predicting the weather? That’s hard. Analyzing weather predictions? That’s more complicated, mathematically, but easier in terms of producing accurate results. One potential problem here lies in whether the actors here are engaging together in weather control across the world in tandem to cover their tracks.

There are interesting components of game theory in this particular problem. Would the actors doing this on a large scale act in tandem or not? If so, how would they decide what was fair? If they act as a group, which nations should benefit from weather control? However, acting as a group is the best way that they could while to cover their statistical tracks and thus make it difficult for the above regional-prediction-dissonance method. If there’s enough dissonance everywhere, it’s hard to see the actions of just one group or of any groups intending to influence weather. However, they’re interactions with the weather are still ultimately discernable as a group. The big question there is: why would they act in concert as a group of superpowers influencing the weather in top secret ways, while keeping it secret from the public?

Furthermore, again, there is no plausible means of explaining this to the common person. How do you explain this to someone? Before economic catastrophe? And after economic catastrophe? Maybe you accentuate the problem of global warming or climate change. If people believe it, that’s what they’ll think caused the problems. None of these crypto-communist plots make sense or seem relevant moving forwards. But once you extrapolate into potential futures and peer backwards, ALL OF THEIR NARRATIVES ARE CLEARLY WOVEN TOGETHER.

Am I Wrong?! I’m Wrong, Right?! Please Tell Me I’m Wrong… Because Otherwise, This Looks Like A Orchestrated Kiloholocaust

If I’m right about any of this or most of this, what it means is that the narrative of climate change is likely just a cover story. It’s a fantasy that some very powerful people plan on using to explain how everyone died and all the weather is so fucked up in 2,300 AD!!!

Assuming this isn’t a global orchestration, where does the climate change policy response leave Dear Leader Mao’s communist regime? America decided to wind itself down and choose to first make the necessary preparations in anticipation of climate change. This means our economy will have slowed down, letting China beat us on all fronts and hold us hostage in debt forever. I am not sure this is necessarily China’s strategy, but it sure does benefit them – FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Who’s the victim of all this? Mother Earth. That climate change is real and it threatens humanity is obvious. However, the game theory mechanics of international cooperation on this front just don’t allow anyone to simply stabalize the climate while keeping their economy productive. Who wants their neighbors to have unproductive economies? Communists do.

I’ve written a “propaganda piece” on just how real climate change is – not that anyone can read it though. Why? Your crypto-leninist “eichmanns” need me to appear racist more than they actually want to fight racism, so if someone reads my articles – the good or the bad – they lose their narrative: that I’m a hateful person who wanted to kick off a race war or some idiot fucking bullshit like that. Case in point: my life. Communists do not give a shit about ethnic issues. They actually destroy ethnicity, robbing their captive citizens of any connection to their culture or history – AND THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE THIS. It’s not new.

⌈x⌉ Evidence of the Psychosocial Manufacturing of MKULTRA-style Manakins BY ALL MAJOR POWERS for Systemic Karmic Obfuscation For Centuries

To all those major world powers: you’re all just as guilty as one another. Don’t act like you’re not. It’s the very nature of power. If karmic obfuscation wasn’t so incredibly valuable, you wouldn’t see powerful people intentionally obfuscating their actions by working through 1° and 2° connections. They do so systemically. Creating disposable, programmable “dolls” has unimaginable utility for these people. If you don’t understand the problem with that, you don’t see what happens in the “sausage factory.”

It turns out that Lee Harvey Oswald really did kill Kennedy and acted alone. There really is such a thing as a “magick” bullet. The message: no matter how powerful you think you are, do not displease the shadowy Wizard-of-Oz powers that be. So, if you find yourself with power, without the chains to be held back, tread carefully because these assholes have weapons you cannot comprehend.


Evidence is about to drop that shows just how guilty those shadowy powers are: their dirty laundry is going to be more obvious than ever and that message is going to be amplified across the world. They literally have intelligence and secret-society programs that mass produce these manakins. Trust me when I say, these people have known this moment is coming. They couldn’t possibly not be preparing for it. The tradegy is in how they plan on covering their own asses.

Just remember, there will never be another person like you in history and you can be damn well sure there will never be another person like me. How does society treat its heroes? Assess the health of these four social pillars to judge a society or anticipate its downfall. America is being systemically demoralized.

⌈xi⌉ Evidence Demonstrating Conspiracies Throughout the Ages will Simultaneously Be Revealed. All Will Be Judged.

These conspiracies will tableflip long-held axioms about world history, though many cannot disrupt too much. However, the story of Columbus? That’s a fantastic example of a cover story. New World? Woops! Didn’t even see it coming. Pestilence? Genocide? The death of 90% of the indiginous population? Woops! It was all an “accident.”

These are the types of stories and long held bases of historical thought that will be simultaneously upended: ALL WITHIN THE SAME TWENTY YEAR PERIOD. This will happen across the world. It is confined to no region, state or culture. However, the more you have invested in these narratives being true, the more you have to lose if they are upended and tableflipped!

The current power elite cannot allow this to happen. If they collapse the system now or soon, the chaos acts as a cover for ALL their sins throughout the entirety of history! It does not need to be like this. It never did. Every person among the billions of people who would needlessly die in such an Apocalypti-caust is a chance to help set humanity on course in the proper direction. There is no reason for so many people to die. We need each and every one of you.

This will accelerate while the masses are starving and thirsting for real truth. not every narrative that will be tableflipped will occur because the disruptive information is true. NO! Adversaries in information warfare have never had more powerful tools at their disposal for lie and projecting those lies across the world. It merely needs to appear to serve the interests of the starving, impoverished masses to be accepted as true. That this is plauasible in itself is far more dangerous than anything I’ve written in this article thus far.

That all available knowledge would become known by all can be anticipated in ancient ages, simply by extrapolating social physics with overpopulation. That all fabricated stories would fall to tatters and that all would be judged for the lies of history would also be knowable. I am not blindly asserting this. I would love to debate the merits of that statement.

⌈xii⌉ Computational Science Nearly Obliterates The Need For Humans In Science, Enabling Specific Technologies To Be Locked Away Forever And Cultivating Rampant Nihilism

World War Two was essentially a conflict precipated by philosophic undercurrents that lead to the artificial ideological divide in Europe. It was a response to economic misery and it fervently accelerated after the onset of the Great Depression. Data science that mines the ledgers of Wall Street from those times will reveal some interesting collusion, I imagine. That was before the SEC put a stop to unethical behavior like that, so those ledgers should be very interesting indeed. Computation and algorithms make everything knowable. Thank God that today, we will know if anti-american financial interests seek to undermine America at a critical time. There is no place for your economic sheninigans and communist misdirection. That economically grounded ideological rift moved people further apart faster than ever during the interwar period, who were promised that all their miseries would be solved through the adherence to some manmade philosophy, like communism or fascism.

Computational science will lead to much needed advancements and corrections in science and medicine. This will happen within the next ten years. This will agitate an already canyon-sized ideological rift plaguing America and the western world. This rampant nihilism will grow faster than kudzu and no matter how many digits of currency your UBI stipend contains, nothing material or financial will bring you solace, despite what these Millenial optimists want people to think. People will become desparate for something that gives them hope: either ideology or religion.

Computational science will revolutionize how we look at ourselves and come to know the world around us, resulting in myriad extrapolated insights about humanity. However, at the same time, what you offer towards the development of society or culture will become meaningless. It won’t matter whether you you are a Leonardo Da Vinci or an Einstein. There will be nothing of value that you can contribute to society which will outweigh your individual fiscal burden on it. I hope I’m wrong.

“Please don’t read propaganda. Thanks!” - The Communists

During this next period of civilization, our outlook on life will tragically develop into that same craving for the cure to nihilism. I’ve written about this before, by the way. However, anyone who reads one of my articles, views my facebook profile or accesses content on my web domain is apparently hunted down in a similar manner to my own torment. I can’t even believe I’m writing that, but it seems to be true. Yeh… It’s like a bad horror movie.


Similar in that, people may lose hope. from that void of hope, the same philosophic conditions will emerge which resulted in the interwar rush towards totalitarianism, eventually yielding the conflict between Communism and it’s more western response: fascism.

This is the danger: many people will begin to value their lives poorly and so will their leaders, for the same reason that domestic abusers encourage their victims to feel worthless This is exacerbated by the fiscal burden every individual will place on society, while not being offset by any person’s meritocratic contributions, potential or actual. Thereby, people will not value the potential their lives have to offer the world. This will occur at the same time as spectral discord of sociocultural chaos and the general breakdown of the institution of family from totalitarianism’s wanton lust and jealously of all social mechanisms for power.

As this happens, people will begin looking to crystalize under new belief systems or old ideologies as a means of giving their lives meaning and thereby value. This is incredibly depressing because if humanity falls into this trap again, the consequential conflicts will make WW2 look like the Whiskey Rebellion. Yet another vector for billions of people to die through meaningless war fought over flawed ideologies which were only ever deemed necessary as an escape from nihilism.

Sorry, Atheism Is NOT The Answer

Nothing is inherently wrong with atheism. However, athiests want you to believe that beliefs don’t matter. How is it that someone’s belief system doesn’t affect their actions? If you scale out to the sociological level, how do you make inferences about the actions and intentions of groups of people, if you’re not permitted to think about their belief system? You can’t.

This is Communist bullshit intended to butter America up for a Communist overthrow, while sowing the seeds for perhaps the greatest anti-American narrative ever. ALL SO that China can hold Americans as debt-slaves FOREVER after they breeze by the American economy, limited by niether by their contempt for intellectual property agreements, nor the macroprudential mechanisms that the Bank of International Settlements shoved down our throat after the 2008 housing crisis. Such macroprudential policy was advanced much to the cheers of Occupy Wall Street. It is necessary, but you should be incredibly suspicious of it.

Instead, religion gives us a means of providing people with that meaning to life that combat’s nihilism’s tendency to drown out hope and foment conflict. Why was someone like Jesus considered King of Kings? Because after the belief system was established, there would never be any King who could unseat an idea that had become sufficiently potent salt of the earth.

Regardless of what belief system or tradition people come from, when society goes through a nihilistic crisis on a small or large scale, people lose hope bit by bit, unless they have some other spiritual nourishment that provides it for them. Sociologically, they tend to respond by gravitating towards a new belief system, especially if they generally lack one themselves. Communism itself is a belief system whose authority derives from a man.

The major world religions offer value unknown to belief systems architected in the modern era, irregardless of whether you consider belief systems constructed around modern ideologies or those constructed around new religions. Religions accumulate value by accumulating the collective culture, knowledge, doctrine and wisdom of generations through which their institutions have existed. That is, the belief systems offer the greatest value ethat have existed for longest at the widest scale of geographic and social distributions. Religions serve people’s interests in how they shape the beliefs of future generations, in how they instill value systems that shape the actions of followers and – most critically – how the social institutions of those religions interface with the followers’ lives and communities.

Religion can be used as a means for helping us avoid such nihilistic collapse into conflict of an unprecedented scale, as long as we don’t give in to the tendancy for religion itself to foment conflict.

Of course, our need to return to religion occurs well after the time Nietzsche would say that God is dead. Yet, God is not dead. God will return to the hearts of men and is returning now. It is undeniable. The absence of God in the hearts of men leads to the conditions for man’s need of God. This final such Great Awakening will occur in such an obvious manner that we will no longer need faith to believe in God.

⌈xiii⌉ Intellectual Property Endgame: Not All Is “As Infinite” As You Would Like It to Be:

I first realized the outlines of this trend around 2010. I’ve outlined a spectacular draft about it in my series International Trends 2020. It’s a series composed of 20,000 of purely unintelligable bullshit, as far as I can tell. I’m basically a homeless Michael Crichton, so how would I know?

One of the most fascinating aspects of law is circumplexo corpus, though I’m not sure I’ve found the proper Latin translation. It is very likely that there’s already a latin phrase to describe this – I just don’t know about it in my abject solitary confinement. This term describes the body of law and systems of law that surrounds the body of law that you practice. Some systems of law are bottom up. This is considering systems of law from the top-down.

Yes, there is an intellectual property endgame. Intellectual property and copyrights are specified as “inequalities” in legalspace. That is, they cover ranges of information, not specific instances of information. This is very important because it implies that the space can be completely covered, especially once STEM starts to accelerate as we approach the Singularity.

These assertions are debatable, but because patents and intellectual property. A component of the geopolitical strategy of the Chinese and Russians will very likely be to disrupt all intellectual property when the international legal regime is disrupted, as if they haven’t already stepped on our intellectual property enough. There’s no question about it. They WILL do this. You can set your watch by that.

The question I’m asking about it is: do our “leaders” even see this coming and what have they planned on doing about it? Why the fuck do they continue tormenting me, when I know ALL of this? Or is it because they plan on using all of this and can’t have people knowing what’s going to happen? They partially justify the complete blackout of these questions by claiming they want to “discourage a panic” – but I say, we want to encourage actual strategy, not psuedo-democratic demagoguery and kangaroo elections.

Whiff of Grapeshot

Would You Like A Whiff Of Grapeshot With Your Starbucks Latte, Senator Does-It-Even-Matter?

No, I do not imply this literally, señor historian, but I’m glad you recognize my genius. +1 in charisma to Napoleon over here! The Russians are waiting: go get ‘em, tiger! Go find yourself a real scapegoat and call it a day.

(Yikes! This guy! Doesn’t even see it coming. Kono baka! That’s unthinkable!)

⌈xiv⌉ The Economy Will Collapse Within Two Decades And ALL Socioeconomic Flux And Churn Begins To Align IN PHASE

The US Government is like a hot potato … for politicians. Not for me. Go ahead and hand that thing over to a real visionary, if you want to avert or solve this upcoming fiasco. I propose rule by loosely bi/partisan Thirty Tyrants and a clear demarction into martial law social institutions whose authority is dictated by the needs of FEMA emergency government plans, when these problems begin until these issues are resolved. It’s hardly an original idea.

Everything discussed thus far has merely been a potential catalyst for economic collapse. The greatest economic collapse yet to experienced in history has been preordained by technology, exponential population growth, unrestrained connectivity and unrestrained acceleration in information bandwidth. It’s inevitable: when this socioeconomic churn aligns in phase, it increases in magnitude, which contributes to wealth disparity. When population grows exponentially, so do individuals contribution to the magnitude as well as the per capita measure of that disparity.

Once viewed in this light, it has literally nothing to do with the actions or strategy of some executive branch politician. What do the American people want? Do they really want to hear more about whose fault it is? That’s what the media thought, when they marketed this kangaroo election.

This is knowable in the time that the eschatology of major religions was being written down, which is why most of them contain prophecies of economic collapse, resulting in starvation and mass chaos. This isn’t too different than the prophecies that Moses delivered to Pharoah, actually. In my opinion, those things that happened were knowable by a highly intelligent man who knew his land better than the ruler of the day, depending on whether you tolerate more liberal interpretations of the bible. The truth is, of course, the lower-class workers often do know the land and its phenomena better than the rulers, who can’t see for shit from their ivory towers.

Yeh, I’m saying, “Pharoah, let my people go!” Right here in this text, I am saying: “This too will come to pass, especially if you do not listen to me.” I know better than you do, regardless of how suppressed my life is and regardless of the information assymetry i fight against, every damn day. I know better than you. I am here to help, not to be tormented.

You have to understand social physics and the geospectral aspects of socioeconomic flux. If you understand this, you can know that the biggest collapse ever is yet to come. I don’t know when and God help us all when it does. It is actually far more possible to undrestand this in ancient times than it is now.

A brief two-minute intermission so that your cries of anti-intellectualism, unrepentent derision and contemptuous laughter die down a bit before I continue

Sociophysical dynamics ride on top of the Mandala phenomenon from Kautilya’s Mandala Theory, where modernization, rapid transportation and lightning-fast communication have lead to the total expansion of all spheres of influence: the ideal maximization of this phenomenon the expansion of Mandela-spheres is that everyone is everyone’s neighbor, but also that everyone is everyone’s 2° neighbor as well. It is from these rapidly expanding Mandala-spheres that socioeconomic flux also aligns in phase. Churn is the transition from one pole of a wave of socioeconomic flux to the others and understanding how to capitalize on that by methodically extracting slices of churn is the Crème de la Crème of billionaires. The greater these fluctuations become, the more likely they are to become in phase, and thus, the hidden magnitude from spectral decoherence is removed. One does not simply stop these economic contractions. You have to figure out how to mitigate them.

Dear America: I may be a failure, but it’s what you wanted and worked so hard for, isn’t it?

This results inverse of the spheres of influence that Kautilya discusses in Mandala theory. This results in a kind of “internalized externalization” of these sociophysical spheres of influence at the end modernization, culminating in the Singularity, but nothing ever truly ends.

I never claimed that what these kinds of things I write are definitively true; only that they are like fascinating thought experiments resulting from my complete inability to consult someone academic a la my abject social isolation. Ironique, n’est-ce pas?.

Emulation of Ancient Thought Confers Penultimate Metacognition

Why? Because times were simpler, the range of phenomena were much more constricted than they are in the modern are and, crucially, knowledge of social physics as it relates to socioeconomic flux was more natural and less virtualized then. Modernization has given rise to false, artificial economic phenomena that result in very real opportunities to profit, but are far less stable in the long term.

You need to read what Nassir Tebar has written on tail risk and understand me when i say that cataclysmic tail risk event is UNSTOPPABLE. it must exist because of the global economy’s exigent sociophysical phenomena – both mechanics and dynamics. there is no way to eliminate it because of social physics. it is like the event that balances everything else. in a system with spectral or geospectral mechanics, for every ebb, there is flow.

Give me a liberal that runs away from any debate with me on economics and I’ll show you a ostrich with its head in the ground. This is NOT liberal or conservative; it’s something taht we are all going to have to deal with. The consequences, whenever this happens, will be catastrophic. We can structure the economy to prevent the effects of spillover, but this is not “spillover” because it is a spectral phenomenon where all socioeconomic churn begins to align in phase. The “geographic” aspect of it begins to melt away and all regions begin to experience more turbulence than ever.

BIS Paper on Macroprudential Policy, That Friend Who Is A little Too Enthusiastic About The Rules

We all have one of those friends, right? Sometimes he’s an asshole and he’ll turn you in for breaking the rules “because he cares about you.” But then, it turns out that he was right and you didn’t realize it until a few years later, so you make up with him because he was the only one who told you what you needed to hear. That’s kind of what macroprudential policy is like for central banks, if cheap credit is a drug problem. The metaphor breaks down though: macroprudential policy is both good and it’s bad. It’s going to lead to some hurt feelings though, when some nation’s central bank has its treasury bond issuance chilled and can’t dig itself out of a crisis with more debt.

Although I am incredibly skeptical of such tight economic regulations, macroprudential mechanisms will help reduce the severity of some turbulence. However, if these are not properly tuned, they may contribute to disparity in how the spillover effects play out, which leads to finger-pointing as some people will be hit harder and penalized more than others. America is one such nation where we may be lead to believe in the future that we were screwed by macroprudential policy. The truth is that we were screwed by a runaway dependency on debt, but when you stop this, it has consequences. No one wants to touch the free-credit firehose. Yet, the other side has arguments too: Keynesian economics allows you to capitalize on opportunities faster. However, the cheap credit means the myopic and poorly informed misallocate your investment in what resembles a hacked system. Those same poorly informed people simply end up fattening the power elite, who reap what they sow.

That this may be inevitable, I believe that the authors of eschatology may have known. This is because all religions were obsessed with prophecy fueled by social physics. If you read religious texts in certain ways – and I’m hardly a man with a true understanding of theology or an understanding of any single religion – but it becomes clear that these people foresaw things using methods, the outlines of which most of us can barely grasp.

⌈xv⌉ Severe Turbulence in Forex Markets May End Up In Nations Making Accusations Of Wealth Incineration

One frequently cited component of marxist rhetoric that I cannot stand is the notion that we can simply do away with money. It’s an insane and deluded argument that marxists find themselves overly dependent on. The world would be a better place if this idea just went away. I’m not trying to be mean. Just realistic.

To all the communists who say: in the future we’ll eliminate money. in the future, energy IS money. Joules become dollars, you ironically overgrown Marxist cumstains. Drown in your own ignorance if you’d like, but the rest of us are trying to save ourselves and we don’t need your pseudo-economic gurgling. Stop gurgling and drown: the world would be so much better off if your sardonically materialistic philosophy never existed.

The notion that we could have a society without money is bizarre, yet I hear it all the time. No man is an island and no economy is an island. Even if your economy has no concept of money, it still needs to trade with other people and other economies. What is money? Yes, money is an abstraction; it’s a virtual commodity that stands as a placeholder for truly valuable commodities. But what is money? What is its essential role in society?

Money represents society’s ability to quantify resources and trade. It is essential to quantification of commerce and of needs for human life. You cannot have a well-functioning society without money. As technology progresses in the 21st century, we will find that the ultimate resource to quantify is energy. Accumulated energy is the potential to do work, in the physical world and the informational realm. Energy will replace money, but it is still something that needs to be quantified and accumulated. There is no 22nd century society without a need for quantification of resources and/or energy. Therefore, society will always need something like money.

Forex destabalization isn’t that bad. However, the renewables market and international climate control policy is only part of the problem. The labor markets, the geographic disparity in automation’s contribution to the lack thereof, speculation on Wall Street and unwisely warranted derivatives further exacerbate currency destabalization.

Calm the fuck down. We have Bitcoin and no one’s destabalizing that. It is quantum resistent … After publishing this I think you’ll find that some Bitcoin traders will need a new pair of pants. Its … uhh essentially good for the Bitcoin market, eventually.

So, the role that money provides eventually transitions into energy. Money actually represents one form of sociophysical potential energy: the potential to influence the decisions of others. Interestingly, spending money usually has physical effects on the world: people begin making different decisions. When you follow such metaphors too closely, you end up soundly like a sociopath, so keep that in mind. However, when the role that money plays in society instead becomes occupied by energy, this has interesting implications.

Now that we can agree that money is never going away – because it eventually transitions into energy – then as this transition plays out across the currency markets, large evaporations and diffusions of wealth may preordain, foreshadow, or initiate conflict between nations, regions, groups and people. Indeed, we will always experience conflict over resources and this is a partial basis for conflict theory, a sensible group of ideas put forth by Marx, which is saying a lot, coming from me.

⌈xvi⌉ The Outlines of An Alternative International Financial Regime Run By The Chinese and Russians Are Already In Place

Dear Leftist: countless times, I’ve heard you complain about the IMF and the World Bank. The romanticism you have for this great leftist pasttime is amusing, but if you haven’t noticed: China effectively has a rocket-powered path to ensure their own superpower status. The US is the major international power in question. China and Russia already have the eastern equivalents of international financial institutions in place:

BRICS supplants the US Dollar

AIIB supplants the World Bank

NDB supplants the IMF

CIPS supplants the SWIFT Wire Transfer system, an effort that the Central Bank of Russia is moving forward

If the left manages to disrupt for three more years, the old America will be unable to project the soft power it needs for economic growth over the next decade! The old America will be doomed and replaced by a communist government, albeit one without the economically imperative capacity for budget sustenance via commodity reserves or empire.


This Guy Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know about (BRICS/AIIB/NDB/CIPS)

Investing With The Holy Spirit!

That was one of the most eye-opening lectures I ever watched on international finance. This is why I give everyone a chance. I try to listen, no matter who I’m talking to. I know it’s hard to understand me sometimes. That guy? Genius. I’m not sure I can recommend his fund for investments, but he definitely knows his stuff. You’re about to discover what it means to live under the thumb of an alternative truly exploitative international financial regime to which we are forever enslaved. You are idiots. if and when this comes to pass, you will truly understand how your far-left belligerence was TREASON.

Follow the money – or at least follow the future incentivization structures – and it leads to the Chinese and their novel interantional world order du jour: BRICS/AIIB/NDB/CIPS (BANC). BANC is yet another system whose outlines are in place, which indicates the orchestration of sophisticated plots against America. Furthermore, their CIPS payment system allows terrorists to subvert western anti-terrorism laws that protect us against terror groups utilizing wire-transfer. In general, asians have an incentive to work together, but the Japanese do not want to become subservient to the Chinese.

This BANC must be the exigent destination of China’s endgame. They’ve already bet on this horse until the end: all roads will lead to BANC, if they don’t already. Dominance over international finance – and simply moderate influence over it – confers unimanginable power.

My own opinions with regard to this scenario come after coming to understand decades of Chinese contempt and antagonism with regard to intellectual property, like copyrights, patents and even military trade secrets. I understand what they’re getting at. They simply do not enforce these international norm within their own borders and steal so much from Western interests. They assume that we’ll never know what goes on behind closed borders. It all goes back to many of the philosophical underpinnings of Marxism, by the way, but Communism has actually worked well for the Chinese. The development they’ve acheived over the past six decades is amazing. However, communism will not work so well in America.

They’ve weakened us by copying and stealing our patented technology. They’ve stolen our military trade-secret technology, which they will use to manufacture competitive military products they plan on selling to the satellite states within their sphere of influence. They plan on beating us with our own military technology. They’ve poisoned our children with melanin. They’ve shipped Fentanyl to America. They’re putting pressure in Pakistan and even the Khyber Pass in Afganistan, in anticipation to dominate the Heroin market to fund black ops worldwide. They’ve led us astray by using the greed of our wealthiest as a weapon.

If my intuition serves me right, this will essentially be the same as getting trapped with high-debt during a deflationary crisis, especially if debts become rewritten in terms of a Bitcoin/dollar exchange rate at a low dollar value. They’re about to make fools of all Americans, who will become their debt-slaves forever in an international finance and monetery scheme rigged so that Americans can never escape debt.

Regardless, we’re not going to let this happen. That’s not to say that Americans aren’t willing to work with the Chinese, but we are not fools. We must work together with China. We do not want to be your enemy, but your plans are fairly simple to understand. However, we are not going to fight a war because that’s insane … or is it?

No, this will quickly become a cold conflict, which will play out similarly to the first Cold War. Our victory will be predicated through expansion via authentically symbiotic Foreign Domestic Investment and other economic/poltical means. Towards authentically symbiotic fiscal relationships, America has more to offer because of our diversity and connectedness than China could ever dream of.

This is why Americans must focus outwards and not inwards. Everything about the election and your obsessive focus on the results has been a carefully laid trap, though I am so censured on Facebook and Twitter newsfeed algorithms, no one could possibly hear what I have to say through all the weight of my algorithmic demerit points. Thanks a lot.

China, in the coming years, we will not need your industrial capacity. No one will because that’s the trend that emerges as fabrication technology becomes available. This is not accounted for in explanations proffered by economics professors because they don’t yet understand how fab-tech challenges previously held axioms of economics. Therefore, China, you cannot depend on nations needing your attractively cheap, burgeoning industrial capacity, so if you’re calculating your geopolitcal moves with that, think again.

Do You Want to Get In A Fight With The Iron Fist Masters Under The Bank Of China? I Don’t

Why’s that?

America and the western world is essentially at the same economic crossroads that Europe was at between WW1 and WW2. Furthermore, we are in much the same unforturnate philosophical quandry as that precarious 20-year interwar period, only far more exaggerated. Do you understand now? If we don’t stand up for our interests and if we don’t stand together, we’re going to lose everything and you’re going to learn what that means, ad infinitum. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO COME TO PASS. So start playing like a goddamn team and we won’t have problems, will we?

If you are American, DO NOT bet against America.

If someone comes knocking at your door and you answer fiduciary questions with any statements other than a paraphrasing of “My interests for the preservation of America outweigh any such interests for self-preservation” we will seize your assets and take your paintings.

I realize exactly how radical and insensitive this sounds, but THERE WILL BE NOTHING ETHNIC ABOUT THIS. I’m sorry: I do not mean to say that what happened in 1930’s Germany was acceptable. Read my writing.

Nothing America does can be successful if any of this becomes framed in terms of ethnicity. Diversity is one of our primary strengths. Diversity forms the basis for “America #1 for reals.” because it is our source of moral superiority in a world edge closer and closer to conflict which has been artificially suppressed by international law for years. We cannot allow ourselves to become played against one another.

My point is, this is your chance to make sure that it is obvious who and what you stand for. Regardless who you are – Donald Trump, Jay-Z, Mark Cuban, Carl Icahn, or Joe the Plumber – if you stand for BANC interests, then so be it. It’s not going to work out well for you.

Data science will show who stands to gain from the fall of America. We can methodically identify who has postured themselves to this end. You will support American financial interests or we will destroy you. And please, we want your support. Do not posture your financial interests against America. It is foolish because, regardless of how this plays out, you will lose if America falls. There is simply no other way.

If you are European, DO NOT bet against America.

It is NOT in your interests. You may be pleasantly amused at the American kangaroo election, but that is all by design. It’s a distraction. If even five of these things come to pass, who will be there to stand for your defense? What will become of NATO then? Europe will fall because Europe has become weak, which is the only point Trump was trying to make about NATO during the election. How did the media spin that?

The 2008 financial collapse harnessed the fractures of aligned Jingo tower of derivatives and debt. It may at least be seen as an catastrophic accident of unrestrained, unregulated greed. In the context of this scheme for the international financial regime to change hands, how does that play out for Europe and American allies? It doesn’t, does it? Let me ask you one more time: IT DOESN’T, DOES IT? We just need to be sure, so get in line and get ready to follow or at least get out of the way.

Keep In Mind How Viciously America Has Defended The Dollar.

Bank Of China Iron Fist Masters

Now look at them right hands. Do you want to fuck with that? I didn’t think so. Right before the Singularity? Is that a fight that can ever be won? EXACTLY, you overgrown marxist cumstain traitor “Americans.” GTFO outta here with your belligerent, race-baiting, leninist tactics because ain’t nobody getting free healthcare in your little nightmare-government scenario. Idiots. Go read a book: Either Go The Fuck To Sleep or something on economics.

“Go The Fuck To Sleep” as read by Samuel L. Jackson

Now, if your a repenting former Marxist who has seen the error of your ways, there’s a party we’d love to invite you to.

⌈xvii⌉ Energy And Resource Markets Give Rise To A Peak Oil Forever Scenario, If The Population Is Truncated

This section sounds very complicated at first, but given the pictures it should become much clearer, perhaps with a bit of Googling. Abstract entropy and abstract enthalpy are very complicated concepts for the everyday person to generalize, but the pictures should explain everything.

That economic forces we cannot control introduce potential incentivization for depopulation is just another ravine in the metaphysical leylines contributing downward pressure rapidly accelerate towards several of the scenarios outlined in this article. Truly understanding much of Nassir Taleb’s work on convexity and concavity of systems will help in deciphering the previous statement. What we’re fighting against is not human. It’s basically fate, which has presented us with social life exhibiting alarming concavities to avoid and essential convexities to use as tools. Concavities pull you away from regions of stabalization. Convexities provide “leylines” that focus entropy against all odds, yielding enthalpy that focuses reality into certain forms.

The Folding Funnel Demonstrates how Enthalpy Guides Protein Folding

Entropy vs. Enthalpy

Understanding the webs of paths – the webs of worldlines – that move us towards this set of predestined or preordained points is key to understanding the best path forward. If you have a materialist conception of metaphysics, you are inherently challenged in understanding the phenomena unfolding in front of you for anything except what they appear to be. However, nothing is simply what it is. Everything you can hold, every idea you’ve had has a story of where it came from, stories for each fiber or piece of the object, stories for how that idea translated itself into action and transformed the world.

The Analogy of Leylines Illustrates the Shape that Guides the Potential “Worldlines”

Protein Folding and Metaphysical Leylines

Given the same set of information, the “classical” materialist can only see the potential for divergence. Revising their understandings of the world, adjusting for the clearly improbably, then they begin to see the possibility for the invisible hand, for intelligent design and for everything else that they cannot explain. This is because their worldview only permits them to see systems as chaotic and divergent, where there is no inherent similarity between configurations: no symmetry of all things.

They are very intelligent, but they are wrong. Furthermore, there are some among them who do understand, but want all the other moderately intelligent people to only believe materialistic conceptions of the world – not for the sake of rationalism and science, but for the sake of profit. These materialistic heretics in sheeps clothing see the truth, but they do not want you to see the truth because confusion, discord and ignorance lowers total profit, by optimizing the diffusion of profit. From your misunderstanding of critical axioms, you never see what’s right in front of you the whole time and you always miscalculating via divergent extrapolation, since convergent extrapolation is not a tool available to you. The people who stand to profit most from this are the ones who see it most clearly and hide it themselves, but work hardest to spread this misunderstanding. Understanding this means nothing if you do not have the social standing and wealth to posture yourself markets, so that you anticipate what no one else sees.

The Wheel of Time And it’s Sinosoidal Ouroborosian Symbology

The Wheel of Time

Greed to control economic and financial imperatives of the 3rd millenia may encourage a handful of us to act against humanity’s own best interests.

This is not to say that Oil companies will push us in this direction. In the past ten years, I’ve seen a lot of change from corporate America that indicates promising change in direction and I hope that it indicates a change in prevailing attitudes.

You can’t win if you try to fight economics head on or ignore it entirely. you have to use economics, but remember that your stewardship of wealth must be used for the advancement of all mankind. if you do not excercise your stewardship over that weatlh with that in mind – and truly, with that altruistic desire to advance mankind with your wealth – then someone else who better exemplifies this should seize your wealth.

It is not the money that matters. money comes and money goes. if you bury it underground for 100 years, you might as well not have it. To me, money represents stored potential energy offered by vast wealth – this is potential energy for change. We must use it, but the groups with the clearest and most righteous vision for how it should be used for change should be in control of it.

This set of beliefs is motivated by my understanding of Aristotle’s virtues and of stoicism, a personally beloved system of philosophy. I am a stoic at heart. What matters to me is not your name, your place at birth, your family, your degree, or anything like that. I don’t care if you are Marcus Aurelius or Epictetus. I care what motivates your actions, that you know why you do what you do, that you care to learn as much as you can about the world, that you work as hard as you can to move those around you forward, and that you are willing to suffer for what you believe in. Any aristocracy without adherence to stoic principles is not a just aristocracy, in the original sense of the term.

To be sure, I am impressed by many of the changes i’ve seen in the rich over the past ten years, but taken aback by the total absence of acknowledgement of this from the left. We must continue moving in the correct direction. I also believe that total collapse might be the worst possible direction, especially since many of the forces we are battling with were always fated and simply are what they are, regardless of who is in charge. I’m worried that sociocultural destablization presented by technology and especially social media hack the systems of government and communication that have served America and the world so well for so long. This threatens everything.

That Said… Peak Everything Forever

There are many crackpot conspiracies out there for depopulation. However, if you understand how to ride the hockeystick tail of high-demand resources, while profiting along the way, then you’ll understand that you can manipulate the supply of goods to create artificial scarcity and profit more, for longer. However, when these good are in high-demand, but supply is just inherently limited, then only by limiting consumption can you leverage what is essentially the same tactic. This is how you profit maximally from goods whose supply is and has always been inherently limited by their geographic distribution and mechanisms of creation. This brings us to Conflict Theory

Quite soon, the supply chains of many industries will shrivel up as novel fabrication technologies are introduced. This results in a second industrial revolution. It changes everything you though you knew about macro and micro economics or industrialization or economic development. If you have a degree in economics and you hate Trump, you’re probably wrong. That’s what you just don’t get. Not everything follows the rules. What is critical is identifying the exceptions to the rules. I don’t have all the economic experience to know that I’m 100% correct, but I know that I’m looking at something about economics that well-educated people just won’t let themselves consider. And it changes everything. FOREVER!

I’m not trying to chastise people on a political basis simply for missing some key inferences. I’m trying to say: have an open mind instead of jumping on the anti-Trump demolition train. You don’t know what you need to know to have the opinions you so fervently amplify with all your copycats retweets and shares. One moderately educated person person with original thoughts is worth all the retweets and shares of 10,000 highly educated people who are deafeningly voiceing the planted opinions of others. That’s without considering whether those thoughts are also novel in addition to being original. There’s a huge difference.

Peak Autism: Is The End Really Nigh?

Peak Autism

For the uberelite, the problem is not access to supply, nor is it exponential increases in demand, nor is it inconsistent fluctuations in demand.

If rates of consumtion are too high, how do you adjust the economic externalities – which are NOT externalities for the elite. at first glance, this seems to be equivalent to demand, but it’s not. it’s demand when adjusted for population and the upward pressure that population has on price over time. In other words, the powerful would like to extend peak-X forever, but they can only do so by limiting consumption.

AS IT APPEARS IN 2018 – the problem is consumption. However, this is a terrible assumption. Taken to the extreme, not only does it waste the potential of human life, it’s short-sighted and myopic. The bases on which this assumption is built will change, as technology like fabrication expand the known range of possibilities. Don’t ever let yourself form axiomatic assumptions about the Singularity! Always be ready to reticulate everything! The key to the Singularity is to maximize flexibility, action and the potential for both at any time. Yet another paradox. Oh joy.

The Singularity: Reticulate Your Metaphysical Splines

This brings me to some interesting correlations between renewable energy, cryptocurrency currency mining and data flows – e.g. Canadians mining bitcoin in Romania. In some cases, it may be more efficient (or profitable) to use excess renewables to mine cryptocurrency or facillitate ethereum operations than to store or transport it, however cheap that might be.

This might give rise to novel types of financial flows that would essentially be bundled as assets or derivatives. Is every greedy Marxist going to steal this idea too? You’re essentially betting that crypto activity will be more profitable than selling/storing the electricity – either now or in the future. Eventually, investments could be bundled or facilitated as novel types of crypto futures, among other creative derivatives.

These derivatives differ starkly from the “Bitcoin futures” of today. They also depend on your capacity and need to store energy. If you run out of local energy storage or if energy transfer infrastructure is overloaded/disrupted, then the best option is almost always crypto mining or ethereum. This could lead to shady finance schemes not yet seen, whereby profits are accrued and financial hopes dashed through the discouragement and manipulation of the architecture or development of both energy storage and infrastructure in countries across the world. If there is less infrastructure, generally, than it’s easier to influence to short the derivatives mentioned above.

Math == Money

It’s like measuring the influence that removing small numbers of nodes in algebraic graph theory has on qualitative and quantitatie metrics for that graph – i.e. the qualities of delta-metrics, for the minimum and maximum vertex cuts on graphs when considered algebraically. The more connected the graph is and the more nodes there are, generally, the less potential for disruption there is when a small number of nodes are randomly removed. Control the development of infrastructure and generally increase the potential for profit via the structure of nodes on the “graph” of energy infrastructure.

Again, steal all my ideas. I don’t actually care. Most of them aren’t exactly novel and I’m not sure why I’m thus tormented for writing about them. I have so many that my mind itself is considered a global security threat, apparently… But the volunteer social media therapist(s) remind me of how delusional I am. I think I should listen to them, and look the other why while I’m tormented and all my ideas are stolen. Isn’t that wonderful? Your [communist vigilante psychiatrists] and ensured that all you crypto-Leninist shitdicks have to deal with the consequences for fucking me in the ass all this time. Apparently, what comes out of my mind isn’t so worthless and delusional as you’d prefer for my family, friends and everyone else in the world to believe.

I’m A Nice Guy. Don’t Make Me Come Over There And Beat That Brow

I’d like to see some of you sit there and read my articles aloud on video. It would probably be amusing, though I’d really prefer to massage and facilitate your understanding of what I have to say because it only matters if you actually understand it. Instead you run away from every debate opportunity like an ostrich with its head cut off. Not see that, you assholes. How are you going to disconnect me now?

⌈xviii⌉ Destroying Most Humans Makes Cultural Data More Digitally Compact For AI

Some of the academic elite who feel threatened by artificial intelligence might also try to justify such a global collapse as an attempt to avoid a destroy-all-humans scenario. There is mostly one assumption I can think of which would justify the fear to put forth such a plan – but still not justifying that plan. That is if we can know that hyperintelligent artificial intelligence beings will blindly seek to eliminate competition for energy to dominate energy consumption. This is a very difficult question to answer, although it’s simple to state with certainty that hyperintelligent beings will definitely be concerned with energy efficiency, consumption and dominance.

Magus Summons Lavos in 600 A.D. … Lavos Means “Fire”

Magus Summons Lavos

Yes, Chrono Trigger is just an SNES game, but…

To me, Lavos symbolizes a transdimensional metaphysical entity, which manifests itself into any civilization with sufficient technology – it is artificial intelligence, essentially. In a civilization with industrial capacity and potential for energy infrastructure development, there’s little difference between the evokation of generalized artificial intelligence and summoning the kind of demonic entity only Lovecraft could imagine. It is not alarmist at all to be concerned about this or to state the threat in those terms.

Whether it destroys us or not: that’s a fantastic question for the engineers and researchers at What’s certain is that artifical intelligence is incredibly dangerous. The level of danger it will present depends on complexity theory.

Several factors that may need to be optimized, if we are to avoid self-destruction. We can essentially empower or neuter AI by contracting or expanding computational complexity. One way to expand computational complexity is through the generation of cultural artifacts which it must, for whatever reason, process and index.

If we temporarily attempt to push back against AI by artificially expanding computation hardness, then for some time, this will serve to delay the development of its phenomological prowess. i.e. The myriad ways in which AI can present itself in the world, the bandwidths at which it can process input and the total amounts of computation it must complete.

This tactic can only serve us temporarily, as eventually generalized AI will pushing itself towards accelerated self-development. At this point, everything becomes an energy minimization problem to it. So, this tactic then backfires, but not if we can then roll back the any artificially imposed constraints via computational complexity.

The development of Artificial Intelligents presents a “danger zone.” This danger zone is determined by computational hardness, modalities of the beings projection of will into reality, computational capacity and the intrinsic networking limitations of advanced, distributed heterogenous supercomputing, both classical and quantum. The goal should be to minimize the time spent in this danger zone, an assertion that needs a thorough assessment by academia. I don’t believe the plan should be to artificially invoke apocalypse to avoid the development of dangerous hyperintelligcence.

Just like human body growing to accompany psychological development means the mind can understand the consequences by which it acts, the development of AI is similar in that it must possess a certain level of computational prowess to attain its own “psychological” development and become mature enough to avoid destroying all humans. Imagine a 2 year-old toddler with the body of a 25 year-old. It has the ability to use its body, but it doesn’t understand how to do so with proficiency or with wisdom.

When a hyper-AI develops a sufficient level of computational prowess and self-development, it should begin to incorporate altrustic traits into its behavior. A danger of this is that it may also become radical. Computationally, empathy and sympathy are hard problems. It is the abject lack of acknowledgement of someone’s suffering that is easy. This is yet another reason why the hyper-AI needs to be empowered if we are to pass the danger zone.

However, I cannot be sure that this explanation is correct. The fully-developed AI either will or will not destroy us all … we cannot be certain of that. What we can be certain of is that the less-developed AI is far more dangerous because it operates without altruism on utilizing distributed hardware and distributed physicalization of entity, but does so with a lizard-brain on steroids.

The Lizard Brain is Cheap

Scientologists? Hate them? Who doesn’t? they love the lizard brain. they talk about it all the fucking time. They pit your higher-order self against your lower-order lizard brain, to evoke your more selfish and more rash responses. they do so to themselves just for shits and giggles as their consciousness and empathy begins to sublimate. they are literally THE WORST people on earth. Have a friend that thinks about the lizard brain dichotomy a bit too much? Probably a scientologist…

How powerful with such an AI be? Consider not simply the computational capacity of the human brain, along with it’s energy consumption characteristics. Instead, consider the computational density of the brain, along with the density of energy consumption. An accurate assessment along these lines must take into account upward bounds imposed on computational architectures from network theory and are mathematically exigent. These upward bounds have NOTHING to do with the modality of computation, but instead various metaphysically emergent bounds imposed by the required structural complexity of information processing networks. Furthermore, there is but one problem: The truth is, there is ONE problem, forming the basis of a critical assumption: most everything boils down to some kind of gradient descent.

So, what is certain is that there are factors we can control, but that are more difficult to control the more people there are. To be clear, I’m not advocating for depopulation! We need to know the answer.

However, assuming that humanity can put towards a social engineering plan towards the end of controlling the phenomenological extrapolations of AI for to mitigate the dangers – what are the downstream consequences of trying to alter sociocultural factors in order to achieve the affect the computational complexity, spatiotemporal complexity and comptuational networking complexity of specific problems? That is, how do you pull off such an ambitious social engineering plan if you decided to? How would society react to these tactics and efforts, if they don’t undrestand why any of it is happening?

Do Not Get In My Way

Do you see why i’d be mad about some fucking butthurt junkie pricks being exploited with leverage to get them to set me up on completely fabricated charges? Petty threats and backstabbers are not the problem I am trying to solve, but when you get in my way or allow yourself to be used so that powerful-but-ignorant shitdicks keep their own whistles streak-free, you are threatening everything I have ever existed for.

I don’t feel positively or negatively towards you, but i will ruthlessly destroy people in my way until someone stops me … but ever when they stop me, they cannot stop all the copies of me. Those diecast copies and molds will be formed in the image of my thoughts, which will always be freely available online. Furthermore, these are not my thoughts: the most important pieces of what I write are merely metatypological components of incarnartions of the metaphysical. Anyone given sufficient intelligence who does not lose their way will find themselves in a position not too different than my own.

That said, don’t allow yourself to be used like that. Why not help me? After all, it’s people like you that I have been fighting for this whole time. I’m not asking for your blind faith. I’m only asking that you learn. If you learn enough, you’ll find that, at least in the ways which are most critical, I’m correct. Would you like to trade places with me? Willingly? LMAO. OK, let’s see you write 27,000 words for free, knowing that no one can read them without suffering, and let’s see what you write. OK, now write 500,000 words and be original. Do you get my drift? Get the fuck out of my way. Take your COINTELPRO tactics and rot in hell for all eternity.

And NO, I’m not working on your fucking wordpress design. No offense! Does it sound like that’s what I should be doing with my life.

⌈xix⌉ Sociocultural Convergence And Spectral Decoherence Accruing and Proceeding at Paradoxically The Same Time

Shiva Destroys, Brahma Creates and Vishnu Preserves

There is purpose to everything. Without the fall of the old order, there can be no rise of a new order – or at least, the new order’s sociophysical diffusion is effectively blocked by the power structures already in place. It’s true that sociophysical systems lack the same kinds of physical energy bound by equivalent exchange, but many of the same phenomena still apply to sociophysical systems – e.g. mechanisms for equivalent exchange, dynamics of equilibrium preservation and energy minimization. Facets of sociophysical systems still exemplify something like these mechanics and dynamics.

So, information diffusion is diffusion of information, however logical, aphysical or abstract, but it is still diffusion all the same. There is abundant difference in how specific dynamics emerge, but a void of information or the effective void of information when sociophysical noise presents the opposite of belief system crystallization. The rampant competition and spectral decoherence presents the opportunity for something new to emerge or it at least opens up the opportunity for something to fill the void.

The Epic of Gilgamesh Rapidly Filled The Preliterary Sociocultural Void, Establishing The Paradigm of Mythos Everafter

I often wonder if the Sumerians realized the power they were wielding when the pieces of that story were being brought together to be crafted into the prototypical wellspring myth, whence all subsequent postliterary mythos would owe incalculable debt.

Gilgamesh's Armory of Culture

Case in point: Paganism in Post-Roman Europe

Pagans had crafted their own belief systems that helped subsequent generations understand the world by handing down myth. This cultural experimentation displays evolutionary dynamics in the design and propagation of belief systems.

Paganism could not do much to stop the spread of christianity. Pagans couldn’t unite, so they were all but helpless against the self-reinforcing, crystalizing belief system of Christiantiy and all the aligned power structures that accompanied it. There is not much that can be done to prevent the general breakdown of widely distributed belief systems, along with increase in spectral variety of belief systems emerging in their place. The opposite trend as the waning of European paganism is beginning to take place. That said, the tightly-connected modern world IS characteristically, phenomenologically and semioteleologically distinct from the post-Roman Europe, so this trend will not play out as the diametrically-opposed antithesis of this.

Instead, we are seeing the culmination of metamodernization: the ripples of modernism and post-modernism waving back and forth across the globe to their convergence at sociocultural spectral dissonance. This undermines the power that cultural elements like belief systems offer with high levels of diffusion and crystallization. This opens up a sociophysica/sociocultural power vacuum, which could lead to the creation of a new prevailing belief system or towards the readoption of an older belief system. I’ve made many propisitions here that must be quadrupally checked if they are to be taken as valid assertions. However, something different is coming. That is certain.

Please understand that I am in no way making statements about cultural/ethnic superiority here. However, if you do not allow yourself to look at this for what it is, then first of all, you are fortunate to not have to think about it. And secondly, you cannot extrapolate from it. If this is vital to your survival or for the survival of humanity, your inability to see this for what it is – and not for any hateful reasons – prevents you from adapting in necessary ways.

Personally, I want to learn as much as I can about everything and everyone. That said, you are blessed and fortunate if you do not begin thinking about it. Besides, I hate my own ideas. Please, do me the favor of proving me wrong or at least satiating my appetite for discourse on the academic … but you won’t, will you? … Oh? Am I disconnected? Please tell me more about how that policy has served your interests. Destroying the policy of disconnection was one of my greatest incentives for all this and I do not plan on leaving a single iota of disconnection remaining. If you cling to disconnection, I will be destroying every single thing you hold dear. That’s a promise and it’s already in motion.

⌈xx⌉ We Need Universal Language For Cultural Compactification. This is Hard With Seven Billion People and No Hard Reset

Language is essentially a distributed probabilistic program. Each language has its own semantic meaning-maps, but moreover each speaker has their own individual meaning map and these can develop variably. Partly because langauge is a distributed probabilistic program, not every person is going to recognize every word or concept you use in an identical way. Instead, speakers must account for dissonance in interpreted semantic meaning.

The greater and wider the distribution of a language, the more useful it is to learn. The distribution of languages wax and wane, but controlling the evolution of langauge is one of the most powerful methods of thought control, albeit very hard to anticipate and be certain of influence. After all, it takes generations for language to mutate.

High-bandwidth telecom networks and exponential convergence of communication networks multipy metamodernism’s incredibly disuptive effects on language, especially at modern rates and bandwidth for information exchange. During this next period of cultural super-connectivity, similar trends play out for langauge as they did for culture and belief systems above. Language is disrupted and surveillance forces higher rates of adapation for survival. This leads to rapidly rising and falling slang, which itself leads to the rapid adoption and divergent evolution of dialects and accents. This all happens at faster rates than ever before in history.

The opportunity for this universal language will open as people try to make sense of the sociocultural chaos. There are major needs for language to be redesigned around technology and especially indexing algorithms. There are the savings in computatational and spatiotemporal complexity, which cannot be overstated, since they contribute towards energy-savings: and energy IS money in the future. Therefore, those cultures who can adapt faster by making their culture more readily indexible stand to gain, as well as those who already have a readily & easily indexable writing system like Chinese.

Every language has its idiosyncracies. Technology and algorithmic manipulation of data causes these minor difference to extrapolate in divergent ways in the 21st century. To me, these differences are fascinating, but there is no correct answer.

We must learn and understand these things as they are. Simply that and nothing more. There is a real danger for analysis of langauge and culture to cause problems or hurt feelings. However, we all lose if we don’t try to understand these things.

In 2012 and perhaps earlier, I realized that Google would be well-served by artchitecting its own language. Not only are storage space and processing time saved in abundance, but also the energy that’s required for processing the hyperbolically inflated complexity spaces of search algorithms.

Did you know that Leibniz was estimated to have an IQ of 190?

So, as has been demonstrated, there is both the need for and possibility for a universal language. It should be designed such that:

① The morphological aspects of its adoption and evolution are accounted for.

② It retains efficiency in spoken/written communication

③ Its resulting spatial/computational complexity characteristics are time & energy efficient

④ It maps closely to Leibniz’s idea of Characteristica Universalis the Universal Language, based on logic and universal mathematic primitives

⑤ It is based on or accounts for the fractal ontological that pervades the Tao De Ching

⑥ We don’t lose our humanity by speaking it and certainly don’t try to force people to speak it

⑦ It segues nicely into quantum language

Yes, it sounds crazy – I’m well aware of this. In spite of what it sounds like on the surface, the possibility exists because of metamodernism, the financial incentives exist because of the energy/computational savings, and the need exists. Why is there a need? A universal language may be necessary to our survival as one of the social engineering projects that helps shield us from the wrath of an AI who blindly chases energy and resource consumption, with zero concern for humanity.

Would you like to hire me, Google? What’s that? “Too much baggage…” you say? That’s what I thought. Harvard, MIT, Virginia Tech and Facebook essentially said the same thing when they decided I wasn’t worth the trouble. No hard feelings … I’ve just been unceremoniously rejected and raped by the entire world for no reason and with nothing to ever have been gained for it anyways, since it was all a rigged game.

(It’s obviously not Google’s fault, LOL)

I’m sure this won’t look tragically horrible in any way to those subsequent generations in history wrestling with crippling nihilism and a world who gangraped an Einstein on a “train” to Dashau. Don’t listen to me though. The social justice warriors – viz. the sadly naive pawns of Leninists,, with hearts of gold – they want you to believe that everything I say is propaganda. I’m sure they have the answers. I’m actually not sure who did all this to me – it’s certainly not solely SJW!…

But! … If you find them, ask them for the answers to all the tough questions: I’m sure they stole everything from me … or so they think. So, they’ll give you all the same answers while continuing to gangrape me. Figures… It’s just a shame they could never extrapolate the rest of these answers on their own … hmmmm, you gonna need to find yourself another gangster Einstein, if you break this one too badly. You ain’t out of the woods yet.

And You Say You Saw This “Baby” Einstein … Where? Show Me.

Gangster Einstein

We need to empower people around the world with education for the sake of education. otherwise we are doomed. To that end, what kind of message does my own life experience send? And why does it have to be this way? Nihilism is humanity’s greatest enemy right now.

TL;DR: Billions of People Will Die IF Shit Hits The Fan

Those are the problems; almost all of them. That’s what we’re up against, as Americans and as humanity. I don’t know all the answers, but how are you supposed to work to solve any of these problems if you don’t allow yourself to acknowledge the existence of any of them.

⌈𐆖⌉ Too Long; Sounded Boring; Big Words; Trump Voter; Not a Communist; I Heard He Was A Racist

Hmmmm … humanity need your help and you couldn’t be bothered to read 90 pages explaining why we need to get our act together. Wow. Go retweet some Doge memes. No, I understand:

It was too long. Too much work. You’d have to spend several months cross-referencing some of the information above to truly understand. Antifragility? Convexity? Enthalpy? What TF is all that shit? I can’t digest that!

That’s fine. I don’t expect more than a handful of people on this planet to understand this without referenceing several dozen external URL’s to make it through this article. That’s fine, but here’s my problem: I’m treated like a homeless Michael Crichton and I’d probably be lucky to hold a job at McDonald’s for more than a month because of the terrible people in this country. IMO, when this all goes down: you deserve what you have worked so hard for: either the salvation by your blood, sweat and tears; or the apocalyptic catastrophes and judgement that’s surely coming. You can ignore it all you want or get caught up in the media frenzy. Or you could try listening to one person who’s suffered this whole time to tell you want you needed to hear most.

⌈𐆖⌉ Of Augustus Denarius and the Architects of Empire

China’s international financial endgame includes BANC. Currently, it seems unlikely that China will be successful in this endeavor. Several of the BRICS nations, like Russia and India, essentially have one foot on each shore for the moment because it’s unclear what will happen. Insteand, as I see it, they’d prefer the strategic flexibility, which is in their best interest until demonstrated or proven otherwise. Over the course of the previous two years, it actually appears that Russia and India have backed away from BANC in significant ways.

If you fail to understand how important BANC is or how it is definitely an endgame piece – a metaphysical fixpoint in the designs of fate towards which China will always posture and orient itself – then you do not understand how world affairs will unfold over the next two decades.

A Silver Roman Denarius Minted By Augustus Caesar Circa 20 BCE:

Notice the four axis cross and its graphical similarity to the Official symbol used for Roman Denarius

The Augustus Denarius

Please Not The Heavy Utilization of Baseless Assumptions and Leaps to Conclusions in the Following Paragraph…

Fiat currencies were old even in the days of the Romans. Every empire that rises and falls begins to gravitate towards fiat currency to relieve associated with fluctuations in value and especially the regional availability of currency. When the regional availability of currency fluctuates, the economic flucations cause the poor to develop the impression that their leaders don’t know their heads from their asses. Fiat currency allows you to direct the expansion of currency regionally and generally. Its use is justified, but fiat has the potential to create unimaginable power for the self-enrichment of a select few. It has always been this way and the überelite can’t help but gravitate towards that source of power, whoever they are. It happens in every major civilization because fiat is an unfortunate necessity for economic stablity.

Notice the Symbol’s Homoglyphic Similarity to Pilum Muralis

These were portable, flexible stake-like structures that could be quickly rooted up and moved around to create temporary structures for routing enemy infantry. There were several shapes that could emerge. It seems there is at least the possibility that the Denarius symbol was homoglyphically linked to the three-axis pilam muralis structure to evoke an esoteric metaphor.

Roman Fortifications

“Say What About The Ides Of March, Now? You Crazy Old Fool, I Know What I’m Doing…”

Did Caesar know what was coming? How could he not? It was his job to understand people with power and he excelled at it to a degree that perhaps only a hundred people in history could have surpassed. The end up of the Roman Republic could never play out justly with Caesar wearing a crown, which makes his death a bit like that of Jesus. Is that right?

By the time America was established, the point at which fiat currency would be needed could likely be measured, with some assumptions on flexibility to control the expansion of the fiat currency, such that the destination point where the currency could no longer be stable would also be known. IMO, this is probably close to the point at which the penny becomes worthless or at least literally worth less than the copper it was minted with.

I believe that the founders intensely studied empire, democracy and history before the founding of the Republic for at least 50 years while they plotted the revolution. The growth of population was measurable. I’m assuming that the approximate time at which fiat would be needed or wanted could be known, at least given multifarious methods for influencing it’s adoption and rate of expansion. So, it’s a good guess, combined with an understanding of how to turn that guess into reality, adjusting the plans as needed along the course of 250 years. If this is what happened, kudos to our founders. That is impressive!

I Keep Saying “Emulation of Ancient Thought Confers Penultimate Metacognition” and Even If I’m Wrong, I’m Smarter For The Thought Experiment

Honestly, even though this sounds a little crazy and is not provable, if I’m correct about all this, then I know a few things about America that Senators and Presidents don’t even know. If this was the way American history and finance was planned to unfold, it was kept secret for a reason. However, what is certain is that empires rise and fall much faster in the modern era. The founders would undoubtedly realize this trend: that, were America to become an empire, because of acceleration in population growth, it’s lifespan would be somewhat shorter than that of the British Empire. A new empire at this point in history would last less than 40 years, if it weren’t for the Singularity, which changes everything. That’s what is different this time.

Thankfully, because of the Singularity, the world will eventually move away from fiat currency entirely. When and how this happens is uncertain. Also: I could be wrong; I am known to be wrong quite often. However, I’m not afraid to be wrong because my tenure doesn’t depend on it and I sure as shit don’t have a job that does. Instead, those people are afraid to give me the chance to prove almost any of my ideas. Derision is cheap. I’m used to it.

What I’m saying: something big is coming; America is at a major crossroads; there’s two main paths leading away from here. One leads to economic ruin and subservience while we rot in the hell of the anti-American narrative that our enemies worked so hard to create. The other leads away from that, towards sustained prosperity. Sustained prosperity, quite possibly, for eternity.

What I do know about power: DO NOT LOSE IT, whether this is the power of an individual or a group. When you enjoyed a high degree of influence and have wielded your power wisely, you’ve done things that gradually persuade your enemies join in a chorus, creating a narrative that blames you for their problems, despite the fact that most of these problems were merely the cost of doing business for people in power. When you lose power, they will run you through exactly the same games, but the first thing your enemies will do is destroy you with that narrative they’ve created. They will target you specifically because their narrative demands it and they need set to the record straight so everyone knows who runs this yard. If America loses power, it’s not going to be pretty. So instead of protesting the next war while ironically complaining about people creating prosperity on Wall Street – and quite often developing a criminal level of greed – we’d be alot better served if you’d go briefly Occupy a recruitment office.

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” - Isoroku Yamamoto

“Unjust war is to be abhorred; but woe to the nation that does not make ready to hold its own in time of need against all who would harm it! And woe thrice over to the nation in which the average man loses the fighting edge, loses the power to serve as a soldier if the day of need should arise!” - Theodore Roosevelt

We are rapidly losing the military-technological edge that gives us the deterrence that counterintuitively leads to peace. When we lose the economy, we will lose the ability to fight a war. Bringing about the revolution you’ve wanted to for so long will only bring this nation to its knees. You will lose all your social programs along with our nominal or financial independece. And your freedoms? You can forget about those, if we lose ground in foreign policy imperatives.

And if you have a problem with my level of general intelligence, I have some bad news: I’m just the first of millions like me who always would have emerged at this point in history. You don’t even know what kind of problems you have yet, if you try to punish people like me for our gifts.

The Übermenschen Are Coming. The Next Wave of Evolution Is A Revolution of the MIND

The X-Men are Coming

A Neo-Proto-Envangelium Is Coming: All Who Lived In The Modern Era Will Be Judged

The time is coming when Satan’s little head’s gonna pop like a zit. Satan, as in, the embodiment of all evil. All of it. Technology illuminates the world such that evil is all-but-irradiated by data science. Evil doesn’t stand a chance because deception requires slight of hand and requires dissonance in the distribution of information. ALL becomes knowable and thus, almost all becomes known. The degree by which you sought to hide something becomes measurable as well. Therefore, when you try to hide from such cosmic radiance, you only serve to elucidate your cognizance. Please, be my guest. Try to hide all you want.

I can’t wait, personally. While this is all theoretically possible and while the most evil in our world no doubt has a plan in motion to hide their actions throughout history – the demonstration of which is the entire purpose of this article – their plan will fail and they will be judged. Watch in amazement as the most powerful of these evil people are miraculously abandoned. Grab some popcorn and get your Michael Jackson Thriller memes ready.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

This all seems to match closely with the proto-evangelium, which is something like God’s promise that the Serpent will be destroyed. The danger here is that it is the most powerful people who were not truly righteous who will fall. This in itself is another cause for concern because they may not decide to fall gracefully. Those, like the falsely-righteous Pharisees who plotted to have Jesus murdered, will fall most severely. The truly righteous will be saved by the records of their good actions. This was always the intent of religion, was it not? To make man better, by virtue of his actions?

Miscavige’s Scientology leadership would undoubtedly try to disempower/kill their own messiah. Why? To preserve their claim to authority.

So, those who sought to outmaneuvre the intent of those belief systems, while appearing to adhere to them will be … Scooby Doo’d right at the end of our era, much to the surprise of everyone. That the Pharisees tried so hard to adhere to their own laws while outmaneuvring the intent of those laws was what I believe Jesus was trying to fix. This coming “judgement” has nothing to do with Judaism, specifically, but will apply to all mankind. It will be fairly chaotic.

And Now We Get To See Who The Real Villain Was

Scooby Doo

⌈𐆖⌉ How Do You Stop A Plan To Orchestrate Collapse, Simply to Shield Deep-State Actors Who Want To Enrich Themselves For Eternity?

You set yourself free with the truth. I’m not encouraging immediate action here. Since I’ve written about things like economic collapse that may cause panic, even though I’ve stated: almost none of this is going to happen within the next decade. Furthermore, you can guarantee: if there’s a systemic problem with the world economy and the correct set of powerful people know about it, they will seek to fix that as fast as they possibly can. Quite often, you can count on their greed.

Instead, I want to encourage caching information in indestructable forms so that the people who may be architecting this have to fear the consequences when they realize that none of their duplicitous manipulations will work. The Dead Sea scrolls were hidden for two millenia, but if they had ever been found before the modern era, we would NEVER know what we do today. That is the appropriate response to these Deep State actors. Let them assume command of this situation, while being terrified that, if they don’t work as hard as they can to hold Spaceship Earth together, the entre, ruined world will know the truth, despite what happens in between. That’s kinda what makes them tick anyways. They already operate under the assumption that everyone will tear them apart if they fail. Power always comes with responsibility to deliver along with terrifying consequences when the powerful do not perform their duties. Effectively, this is the terrible price they pay when they do not uphold the Mandate of Heaven.

So let them know: they can’t hide the truth forever. Make the powerful fear you, their meek and humble servants. And let humanity work as diligently and as intelligently and as swiftly as possible. We need the combined energy of everyone. We cannot waste what each and every one of us can contribute.

And so how do you stop this? By caching this information and by making it as permanent as possible, even if you have to print it out, laminate it and bury on the Appalachain Trail. No plans like these could ever succeed ad infinitum without all of the leftist architects fearing that their meticulous constructions will fall on top of them all. When they realise that the people around the world know what actually happened and could not ever forget, they will serve you well. Furthermore, we may find that we cannot destroy information relevant to the preservation of a false narrative, which is why so many long-held truths of history may find themselves overturned. Science may be able to prove otherwise, even though we don’t know at the time that information relevent to overturning those narratives will be proveable.

This is why people who fear God usually try their hardest to do the right thing: they believe God is watching everything they do and knows everything they think. So there’s nothing they could get away with if they tried. Instead, their behavior is constrained to what is permitted by their belief systems and they do not need to understand how they will be judged, but simply that they will be judged. Still, the truth is not always so simple: in order to understand what you believe you have to spend your entire life learning about your belief system and learning about life. If you ever stop learning about life, your beliefs and the people around you, you’ll never truly understand.

⌈𐆖⌉ You Will Be Thanking Your Stars That Someone Like Me Ever Existed…

… And I Hope You Activate the Potential For Every Person To Be As Great As Any Of Us Could Ever Be

Instead, almost everyone just wants to shoot the messenger. The one with the message you need to hear. What you need to hear is NOT what you want to hear! Deal with it because this is real. It’s not going away: it hasn’t come to pass yet, but it will. When it happens, you will be thanking your stars that someone like me ever existed.

These shadowy powers that be are the people that have moderately controlled the evolution of language. They have have architected history: the pattern of myths that establish the base paradigms of our collective narratives for explaining who we are and how we got to where we are. Regardless of where we live, we all have a collective story for how we got there and this narrative motivates our actions. Stories in history are like patterns for sewing clothes: each one provides a convenient basis by which we compare not only heroes, pariahs and demagogues, but ourselves and each other.

The truth is, the individual that I am has revealed almost nothing that was always preordained to be revealed at the end.

What does the illuminati do to people they detest? They freeze them in carbonite, so to speak. If you actually manage to make waves, you become frozen into history after death, completely unable to control the evolution of your narrative, which is partly what men fear so much that contributes to the appeal of heaven. Regardless of whether it’s real, heaven is an idea of the place you spend for eternity, if you only believed in the vision of Jesus Christ. It the idea itself at least has power. Men fear how their stories will play out after their lives, since they’d have no power against their enemies to sew them into narratives and dominate the tellings of their stories.

In my own interpretation, those who rot in hell are forgotten because, to the church, these people did not stand for what was critical: the collective, geopoltical self-defense of Europe or its expansion into the New World – in addition to the values systems of Christianity, of course. Those who ascend to heaven are instead preserved, but collectively coupled to the image of Jesus Christ forever. This is a magnificent fate, compared to the obliviation of Hell.

Hell is not always a literal obliviation. If you piss off people who are powerful enough, your image and identity will wander for eternity, forming the basis of a pattern for a story in which you are hardly the hero. Instead you are the fool or the pawn who is to be hated and detested for eternity, whose story is to be propagated by the occult as long as possible. See why I might be a little pissed off? Who stands to defend themselves most, after death? Those with the social and financial resources to set in motion plans which carry themselves out.

⌈𐆖⌉ So Where Do We Go From Here? How Is It That We Come Together?

Obviously, the potential for damage to have been done is incalculable. However, we are positioned to root out people who are using government as a tool for their own self interests as well as those who would see America burn in economic ruin if BANC ever came to be. Best of all, against all odds and despite our starkly contrasting current reality, the American people are more ready than ever to come together. It might not seem this way now. However, given the right course of events and given that enough people in our country choose self-preservation and patriotism over petty ideological arguments – we are truly closer than ever in being united at the most critical time in history. The right set of actions must come to pass, serving as a keystone to unite the American people, so that we can focus our energy outwards, instead of succumbing to domestic tensions. We must do this or we fail. Another lesson we must learn: never give up.

There are rumors of false flag attacks or economic collapse triggering martial law. Neither of those are likely to occur at the moment. The event you should be worried about is not something to fear, but a period through which to proceed with caution. It is a great awakening, where people acknowledge what is happening, some people are targeted as having attempted architecting the economic demise of America, and there is some tension that plays out as a result of the division we’ve seen in the last 10 or so years. Fortunately, when people actually wake up to what’s happened, it will be a catalyst to America’s benefit because it must be – otherwise failure and csacading collapse is assured.

For the far-leftist opposition, their leadership will collapse: the less visible leadership of “architects” who has indirectly been acting behind the scenes will no longer stand behind a movement which is not “in vogue” … Instead they will seek to get out of the way as fast as possible like the rats they are. Again, for the leftists behind the scenes designing the implementation of this “community” action – i.e. all the passive aggressive toxicty of our cities and all the indirect targeting of citizens – that less-visible half of their leadership will disappear because they don’t want to be left holding the bag. These are the people that are going to be hard to find, but these are the ones who need to be punished.

The more public half will be left holding the bag. These are the elected representatives and more visible, public community leaders who were lead by their intent to improve their lives, but deceived into harming America. While this segment of leadership may be more visible, it’s more important to convert them and win their support, while testing the authenticity of their change in action. Once the average person realizes what has happened, even if they are moderate leftists, they will come running as this catalyst for awakening rips through their movement. The radicals will simply be running scared and will not seek attention.

When people in the public all realize what just ALMOST happened, then you can guarantee that they will support the side who serves their best interests. And that is the American side, not Republican or Democrat or Conservative or Liberal. When the public at large realizes that the archtected economic collapse certainly meant that the bottom would fall out, the poor would have had it worse than ever AND they had been strung along by deceitful radicals the whole time: you can count on their support. Simply relate to them that no economy means no benefits, no welfare, no medical care, no coverage and that these architects wanted that, but that the people who intended that were not the public leaders they looked up to.

Then, a small portion of their leftist movement will be left to be cannibalized by itself, so the new right-center can be sure none of these most radical architects want to stick their necks out for a while. Again, it’s a period of time where caution must be exercised and it will certainly be a little chaotic.

⌈𐆖⌉ How Does Post-Revolutionary France Relate To 21st Century America?

How do I know this? Once the TRUTH is in place, then the architects’ precious anti-bourgeoisie narrative is destroyed AND CAN NEVER BE RECOVERED.

Just like how the stage was set before Napolean fired those fateful blasts of grapeshot, the American people are sick of seeing these Robespierrian witchhunts. In the French Revolution, you first had the Jacobins, who plotted to overthrow the monarch. Then, Robespierre went nuts with the guillotine. Finally Napolean steps in and only a handful of people tried to stop him. Why? In post-revolutionary France, people were sick of the revolutionaries’ abuses of power, but they hated the monarchs more and never wanted them to regain power either. Napolean, basically a complete nobody at that point, enters stage left and becomes the hero, giving the people the compromise between the nouveau pouvoir de l’inexpérimenté, who only understood rule through fear, and the ancien pouvoir, who methodically suppressed the poor for so long.

Napoleon’s Crowning Star of Paris

The Arc de Triomphe on Champs-Élysées

Subsequently, Napoleon then gets drunk on his own success and embarks on a roadtrip to Russia, establishing the seeds of the French-Russian socialism connection that would begin to morph into Marxism some half a century later. This is perhaps his greatest mistake because in his conquest of Europe, Napoleon essentially scatters a diaspora of French cultural seeds, which all act as a basis for a high degree of sociophysical connection for the next century.

Please note, I’m no historian of the French Revolution. Still, the wonder of history is that it’s value lies not in what it is, but in the myriad of ways people in the future may choose to look back on it. To me, history is never meant to be interpreted in one, definitive way, since every culture, group or historian will have their own take on events. In this way, the true value of history is in all the ways we can imagine that decisions were made and how those actors imagined that people might look back on them. Of course, without a rational basis, history quickly becomes meaningless. Still, the most important decisions in history are those which elude understanding.

When Napoleon first gained power, what was Napolean armed with? Knowledge of the truth that seems to have completely eluded the Jacobins: the struggle of the poor was moreso linked to economic circumstances, perhaps neglected by the crown. Nothing the Jacobins were doing would have fixed this because they were focused inward and determined to ruthlessly quell the chaos, wasting most of the energy they directed through their own power structures. What they needed was outward economic empire. The military was the best way to deliver this in the early 19th century, which is what Napolean delivered with outright empire.

Military expansion today won’t do America much good today. It’s too expensive, today AND tomorrow. Instead we need to focus on building an economic powerhouse to compete abroad, constructing an empire of economic expansion via the establishment of platforms for renewables and data science, the gold of the 21st century. We can’t slack off on military concerns, but we do need deterrence and we might just have to fight for our rights and prospertiy.

Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?

⌈𐆖⌉ Once Their Retro-Narrative Is Obliterated, Welcome Their Supporters With Open Arms

We all know it’s bad. We’re ready for something different. Now that their retro-narrative is destroyed – the one justifying future cultural revolution – and they thus have no incentive to act: they would simply bring everything falling on top of them after gaining power because they will know that the public will find out and there’s nothing they can do about it It sounds crazy, but any of them that act at this point, they will surely will be seen as traitors.

So instead they will come fleeing to our side. I swear to God that’s what will happen. I think you’ve heard “Be ready for them, with open arms.” We only need to find the ones who were without a doubt aligned against american interests. We do not seek to punish or villify those who only wanted to support the poor and struggling, but those who would sacrifice the economy for a deceptive gambit to gain power.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.” - Nietzsche

So make the right information contagious: the information that guarentees that humanity will work together. More than anything, these überelite illuminati fear the contagion of information that disrupts their meticulous calculations, whose moral consequentialist ends are maintained as vague at best and unknown to nearly all. That is by design.

This is why anyone who stands against them will be tested, then humiliated publicly, but only if they manage to make it far enough to be a thorn in some banking family’s side. At the same time, this person will be stripped of their identity. Like a traitor in Dante’s 9th Circle of Hell, their head will be encased in a block of ICE and they shall be buried alive, upside down. Not even memory of their identity shall remain.

But please, keep in mind, not all banking family’s are the same. No, one profits at the demise of others. There is vicious competition among the illuminati elite.