WTF America: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

There’s some conjecture that Q’s recent messages imply a need to demonstrate foriegn collusion to a FISA court, which is a little hilarious, considering FISA courts today are about as close to omniscience as humans can possibly get AND THEY STILL DON’T HAVE JACK SHIT. Perhaps, that’s what they were trying to prove in my life – I still don’t know whether I have an active “Ex Parte” proceedings against me via FISA and the Espionage act. Regardless, none of it is true. The very part of my subconscious that’s been conspiring against itself seems to have national security law experience – knowledge of the kind of precedent which is never recorded. This is admittedly a very strange kind of Dissociative Personality Disorder, but that’s not something I actually have.

Here’s what I have, in case your state shrinks can figure this out. They certainly can architect prolonged psychological torture, but are apparently incapable of accurately assessing someone. Treating someone? You can forget about that because if you can’t admit the cause of the problem, it’s a little difficult to fix all the downstream consequences of it. Nice that you can engage in witchhunts for retribution against a warcrimes victim who’s speaking out – involving what must certainly be millions in budget for psychological torture – but you can never admit you have a problem. These flacid pricks couldn’t pop a balloon, even if they were thinking about setting someone up on child porn charges, since apparently that is their schtick.

Please note: there is a difference between fictitious and facticious disorders, acquired and conferred either by oneself or others. So, no, I’m not perfectly stable – thank you very much for your “concern” – but I have indured far too much psychosocial carnage for me to stand by and allow a world to exist where this could ever happen to someone else. I intend to destroy the very possibility of these methods, while creating a world whose shared memory of these horrid methods ensures that they will forever be contained and preemptively inviolated – before they could ever be used to destroy another life.

That said, I am not completely certain of everything contained herein. A lot of it sounds crazy and may not be factual, especially the assertions about Barack Obama. However, I challenge even one of you to amerliorate my suffering by helping to clear up ANY uncertainty – but you won’t because you want me to create information that you can use to humiliate, isolate and contain me. I cannot be contained to a “space” because I have ascended to a space you cannot even imagine.

Please, I want this to be false. Challenge my propositions with actual argument. Make me issue retractions, but as things stand now, there is NO possible way anyone could actually hear my retractions, much less anything I ever have to say, no thanks to “you” whoever you are. If you do not seek to quell chaos, I can only assume that you intend to foment it. How dare you!? How dare you innocently act one way, while intending to create all the problems you claim to want to destroy! If the world could be cleansed of malicious intent, we would still have to deal with the tragic consequences and unavoidable necessities of both nature and human existance – as well as all the economic exigencies therein – but at least we wouldn’t have to deal with malicious intent towards the accumulation of power.

I’ve accumulated like eight different personality disorders and psychological complexes, most of which I should never have. This is in addition to Asperger’s, the only psychological issue I should be wrestling with, in the best case.

Superiority Complex

Inferiority Complex – Having both of these pushes people away constantly.

Attachment Disorder – Perfect for ensuring social isolation!!

PTSD – Nope, I’m not joking.

Persecution Complex – The PTSD-inducing Trauma Practically Perpetuates Itself! PERFECT!!

⑥ Abject Social Isolation and Stigma Management – Any shred of financial independence is undermined by sociopathic workplace bullies

Repressed Memories – illegal to explain to me, ALLSO that it provokes Dissociative Identity Disorder, for which perhaps I am a mild case.

Munchausen By Proxy via surveillance-empowered gaslighting

It’s interesting how profoundly some articles have changed on Wikipedia or disappeared, like a DSM-IX with half the pages ripped out. Munchausen by Proxy, that last one, is particularly relevant. The Munchausen by Proxy was facilitated by family and friends who were legally compelled to expoound actions that demonstrated they thought I was a traitor to prove that they were not. They were legally compelled by subversively coerced threats to at least completely ignore the gaslighting and certainly to never dismantle the mental conditions which made all the Black Magick possible.

And – speak of the devil – I was encouraged to develop patterns of magickal thinking, which were validated by surveillance, and used to further destabalize my psychology. Show me a mental health that believes this is acceptable, especially in the context of gaslighting, and I’ll show you how that mental health professional needs to be prescribed a bullet to the head. Because that motherfucker probably has a contract with the CIA to aid psychological torture – he’s literally a traitor.

When I wrote this, I wasn’t resorting to hyperbole.

I think this really might be the cruelest thing that humanity has ever done to someone in recorded history, all while actively memory-holing that person’s identity. It is unbelievably fucked up. Did you get what you wanted? Did you get what they told you to both want and fear? Were you ever in control? DID THEY PICK THE RIGHT PERSON?

Perfect Storm 2: It’s Only a Coincidence For Weather Events

Starring George Clooney as Donald Trump and Mark Wahlberg as Donald J. Trump.

Pulling the lever on the deep state

If you don’t understand Ex Parte case law, I’ve written about it before. It’s too bad you’re ALLSOO strongly discouraged from reading anything I write: in the same article, I describe a fantastically novel “Perfect Storm” statistical paradox by referencing Algebraic Graph Theory and independence metrics for those aforementioned graphs.

And here I could be contributing so much to society… But NOPE! Not in America.

How You Like Them Apples

If you’re interested in Ex Parte case law, the seminal case is Ex Parte Milligan from the Civil War and Reconstruction era. The second Milligan case occured AFTER Milligan was fucking dead. In Ex Parte, the government has essentially already decided that you are guilty or they are going to make you guilty. All proceedings are tighly restricted. There is no prescribed process and it’s likely that there are no records of cases, especially today.

Back to the original conjecture on Q’s messages: the fallout and blowback of the FISA/Parte scenario – #HashtagFISAParty – caused far more problems than any threat ever could from “the situation.” That’s because there was no threat except that which the US Gov’t caused from its own mishandled response, abject lack of investigative action and utter inability for the left hand to know what the right hand was doing.

Dear “leaders” – the last point is especially critical: this is approaching criminal negligence. No, it doesn’t stem from the top. This stems from political subversives who were misusing their authority to attain the pragmatic and expedient advancement of political ideals. This was not an investigation nor was it ever intended to be anything but a witch “trial.” It was systematic persecution, isolation, defamation and kafkaesque abuse of power by both the left and the right – I think? It stems from an out-of-control government, where puppeteered “leaders” eat fake cakes all damn day at fancy restaurants in Swamptown and don’t care that they’ve sold their souls to special interests: as long as they keep allowing themselves to be used to protect those interests, or at least cancel out the real leaders on the other sides, they know they will be protected. SPITS IN WASHINGTON D.C.’S FACE

What you’re going to find is that this out-of-control government was on a single-minded path towards totalitarian communism. We’re living in the aftermath of an aborted communist revolution.

“The Good Guys Obtained Warrants Legally To Monitor The Bad Guys”

That’s what Q said. Honestly Q is mixture of well-trained intelligence operator along with a bunch of people trying to game an anonomized messaging protocol to leverage it for attention and disruption. Some of that shit is real, though. It’s as real as ANYTHING that has ever been posted on the internet. But more than half of it is fake – both because many actors are trying to leverage this protocol for disruption and the “good guys” themselves don’t exactly want to leave a trail of cookies for Malificent to follow them back to their Shangri-la of not being psychologically tortured by the government.

That said, it’s hard for me to follow almost anything in these situations. People have been trying to signal to me, but half those people are hijacking insecure protocols that I was never initiated on and trained in to encourage me to serve their interests and to facilitate my own demise.

“It practically cleans up after itself!!” – The prototypical pragmatically expedient, utilitarian marxist whose soul will be going directly to the NINTH CIRCLE OF HELL.

Do not collect $200.00 you asshole. If you threaten this nation’s prosperity for your own political purposes. I’m going to shove that welfare check down your throat. Try to play ethnicities against each other one more time or any of your other fucking horrible machiavellian mechninations one more time and I swear to God, I’ll spend the rest of my life hunting you down to make the bottom fall out of enough of your Communist skulls to make sure the rest of you assholes GO TO FUCKING CHURCH out of the sheer fear of God … fucking soulless, spineless assholes.

The rest of you who need that welfare check? It’s there for a reason because the system doesn’t work for everyone.

And no, I don’t think that what Q said applied to me in particular – but i am almost 100% certain that i am the victim of exploitation using the heaviest-handed tools at the United States’ disposal: FISA and the Espionage Act. Or at least, I’ve been gaslighted by marxists to incept that idea, which begs the question: who the hell is surveilling me anyways and HOW ARE THEY DOING IT? Dear federal law enforcement agents, if you’ve been spending so much time “investigating” me or my life, why is it SOOO hard to protect me from such illicit surveillance? Or are you complete incapable of doing so – DON’T ANSWER THAT! You’ll terrify people.

No one talks about what i’m going through directly. Therefore, I’ll going to errantly assume that Q is talking about me for the purposes of expositorily documented what certainly has happened to me. It’s hilarious when people try to tell me not to do this… OK, whatever. I believe talking about my problems will help solve them: so why do you want to get in my way so much anyways? Why am I never allowed to say anything? Oh …. right, so there’s no paper trail and I can still get scrubbed out at any moment. Fix that bullshit and I would have felt a lot better the whole time.

The good guys obtained warrants legally to monitor the bad guys.

No. In my case, there was NO EFFORT to “monitor” the bad guys. Only to figure out how to assassinate the character, the career and potentially the life of neutral AMERICAN CITIZEN(S) who have never traveled outside of the country. EVER. It was NOT an investigation. It was systemic harassment, gaslighting, psychological torture, etc – all magnified by surveillance. In my case, NO investigation would have ever turned up any evidence of wrong-doing because I was never a traitor, NEVER wanted to betray my country and was smart enough to color within the lines. I was innocent the whole time, but in these Ex Parte or FISA investigations, you may start out innocent, but the point is to find a way to MAKE YOU GUILTY. You will find yourself used as the alchemical starting-material for black ops or worse. These communist traitors have been smacked in the fucking face by reality for about three years.

An Example Ex Parte Proceeding – AAA and BBB might as well be a single person.

“Sir, there’s a problem. It’s bad. We don’t know how to get this guy to go down.” – AAA

“What’s he doing. Do you know?” – BBB

“Of course we do, we il/legally monitor all communications and we’ve pinned him down sociophysically by defaming and smearing his character. He’ll never work again, unless it’s McDonalds.” – AAA

“Well that’s fantastic. It sounds like he’s sociophysically primed like the tree in a forest with no one around to hear him fall down. Death of a Salesman. Perfect. Great job! Take the shot.” – BBB

“But you don’t understand. The guys like Einstein or some shit and we look like a bunch of shitdicks who raped him in the ass on a train to Dashau. We used him as a punching bag, gangraping him to train HUMINT. It … looks really, really bad.” – AAA

“Well that sounds really bad. FUCK! We can’t deal with that. Kill him.” – BBB

“No, you don’t get it. He sees everything coming, like the terrifying prescient being that dominates the universe at the end of time in Dune – or what might as well be the end of time. Every time we try to do anything, we fuck up. And the worst part is that it’s all our fault. We look horrible and everyone supports him, though they’re too scared to speak up.” – AAA

“Well, it’s not going to come back on me. That’s for sure, I’ve gotten my hands too dirty for this country to take a fall now. This is all your fault and I’m a leader, so I should know. Make his family do it, or they’re obviously traitors acting as human shields for a terrorist. You know how this works, right? Do you work for me? Do you still work for me? Because the second you don’t, you’re a loose end. And we’re killing his family members one by one in the years after this operation is over.” – BBB

“Sir, he’s an American Citizen and hasn’t actually committed any crimes” – AAA

“No he’s not. He’s a Non-Enemy Combatant (NEC) and has no rights. That sounds really bad, but you sound worse. Like a traitor. If you don’t make this happen, we’ll have your NECK too.” – BBB

“Fuck this shit.” – AAA

“What’s that?” – BBB

“… nothing! Hashtag ‘National Security’ …” – AAA

You Need To Read This. I’m Betting My Life On My Story. It Will Never Be Erased.

Sonic Boom -- technically and actually a terrorist...

Sonic is Sick, but his mask reads

愛 =~ “Ai” =~ “Eye” =~ Literally, Love

As this event was unfolding and days/weeks afterwards: THERE WERE ONLY PARTIAL IMAGES IN EVERY SINGLE NEWS OUTLET. That’s very important.

Therefore, to understand, you have to know Chinese and/or Japanese because you only get a partial impression of the character. Therefore, it’s a CODE. I can recognize codes anywhere and everywhere because of the configuration entropy in message placement. You do not make codes easy to read, you make them hard to read. So when the fake-media in the entire United States cuts out the actual image of what is interesting in the message – the SINGLE CHARACTER, 愛 – that’s interesting, right? You’re damn right it is. You either:

① Manufactured the presentation of fake news in every outlet which implies TOTAL CONTROL OF MEDIA.

② OR: You censored the presentation of fake news in every outlet of the fake media, which also implies TOTAL CONTROL OF MEDIA.

Pick one, assholes. Either one means you are power-hungry marxist socio-monopolists! I cannot believe that no one in America knows what has happened in this country. This virtual-shit-reality is just that. It’s not real. None of it. You are under Obama’s spell. He is a dictator that I believe is part of a top-secret compromise. Just look at the timing: first, the Great Recession; then, a socialist president … in a recession? I mean how the fuck do you explain that anyways? You don’t move towards socialism in a recession unless you want a communist

I don’t want to ruin it, but you need to watch No Game, No Life all the way through. If the top-secret compromise idea were to be true…

It’s Like Literally Marxist Paint-By-Numbers…

That’s exactly how it happens, too. People don’t want communism until they’re hurting so bad they’ll do anything to get out of it. That’s why these Marxist traitors want the bottom to fall out because when it does, they know that you’ll be clamoring to support you. They do this, knowing that when it happens, they are assured to come to power. And they do this, knowing that if they leave their detestably contemptable bourgeoisie in power, that it will SEEM to be the fault of their enemies. The whole time, the social conflict plays out, leading to disconnection and tension fomented everywhere. They view time as the poor’s weapon against the rich, against whom ANY tactic is warranted.

Anyways, if it’s not part of some formal or informal top-secret compromise, the how else do you elect someone with the middle name Hussein? In the middle of the Iraq War? What the fuck?! Way off point, but let’s be real here: even his middle name was used to racebait, from the very beginning. I could be wrong about this. If I am, I apologize, but look around you, OBAMA, what is being done in your name? NONSTOP RACEBAITING to produce the enemy you want to squash. Right here at home. And you co-opted the national security apparatus and turned it against Americans. Depending on your level of cognizance, you should be PUT ON PUBLIC TRIAL IN A COURTROOM AND IF FOUND GUILTY EXECUTED because YOU had the power! YOU had the support of almost all Americans! YOU had the social and financial resources! But you know what? I never wanted African Americans to have their first president taken from them, so even though that’s what I’ve suspected about you, I tried to keep my fucking mouth shut because how fucked up would it be if African American history was vandalized like that?!

I would still feel the same way if you could get your vigilante squirrel followers reigned in, but you can’t. #Hashtag #ACORN

But, Obama, you knew that you could count on their support, didn’t you? Regardless of almost whatever happened… If almost any of these last few paragraphs is true, then I think the time is coming when you may no longer count on the support of African Americans, but I think we should let the African American community make the decisions on what to do with you. That is not for me to even talk about, but here I am, backed into a coroner.

Back to that rogue Belarusian artist

Isn’t the presentation interesting though? Configuration entropy in presentation of messages in media says: THAT SHIT’S NOT AUTHENTIC. IT’S NOT A REAL SHIT. IT’S ASTROTURF FECAL MATTER. Either the work of a government spook or a rogue artist, probably subjected to the same sociophysical prison that I am. In this case, it’s the latter. Like my own writings, it’s too damn bad that no one could read it because then they’d know the truth. And wouldn’t that be unfortunate?! Which is exactly why I’ve been gagged and why anyone who reads or shares my content becomes targeted. You abused the national security apparatus and turned that low-orbit ion cannon around on Americans. It’s supposed to PROTECT AMERICANS.

This Lovesick Hedgehog situation also led to the activation of implanted memories. Go ahead and laugh or lock me up in a padded cell. I don’t give a fuck because tick tock mother fuckers, the truth is coming out today or tomorrow: theoretical neurology is no longer theoretical. Just look how it’s been used to turn an entire country against itself. WOW. I remember talking about making it through the “vestibule” in the White House. Trump was essentially in, according to my arbitrary, insane interpretation of news stories and vague recollection of discussions of what the “vestibule” is – it’s basically the White House Airlock. You take your fucking shoes off.

If you google “sonic love” like I did, you’d find this episode of “Sonic the Hedgehog” from freaking 1992 that described the situation that I and the nation were in – perfectly! Synopsis: Sonic was madly in love with an MKULTRA thotbot, but the ‘ole dastardly ruski, Dr. Robotnik, was conspiring to release large quantities of nuclear waste on the land and there literally wasn’t enough water to cleanse everything. It’s a lil too bad no one listend to me in April 2016 and taht i didn’t fully understand this or any “codes” that were used to communicate with me during “investigations.”

Watch That Shit and Tell Me It’s NOT A Relevant Metaphor For

America Right Now…

Regardless of whether I’m sane or not… No thanks to anyone on my case, of course.

Interesting little tidbit of information:

Hilary quit the goddamn state department in 2012 because she suspected Obama was a traitor. That bitch got you good. Thank you, Hilary Clinton. This one’s been a long time coming, but America got you good, Obama. Why don’t you go to Cuba? It was so bad, HILARY HAD TO GO TO RUSSIA FOR HELP!!

When the government investigated me, did anyone discover that I knew this or believed it at all? … Quite possibly on insane faith alone, but that’s besides the point. I also knew so much other shit that I should have no way to possibly know, didn’t I? How the fuck is that possible, anyways? And if you have so much power through surveillance, why didn’t YOU know what I knew and how I knew it?! BECAUSE ANY EXPLANATION WOULD THEREBY PROVE MY INNOCENCE. And what happened? Did you contain national security information or was that EVER your objective. For me, I started off real quiet-like. Look at my tweets from February 2015 onwards. I knew a lot of this shit the whole time, but I can recognize traps from miles and years away because that is the only thing that I have ever experienced in my adult life in America.

The guy above was not crazy. He was trying to create fake news to convey a very important point about “UNSAFE SPACES” – the sociophysical domination of an individual’s space. For targeted individuals, no matter where they go, they will be followed. They will be forced into what is borderline human slavery to work their way back out of karmic debt to the most evil, despicable soulless people ever: MARXISTS!! Who the fuck would be a slave to marxists? Everyone in a communist regime, that’s who, which is why someone in this damn country MUST stand up to their tyranny!

Will The Real Slim Serfs Please Stand Up?!

If you want to avoid being a serf. STAND UP AND SCREAM HELL NO! This is your last chance – and do so peacefully because the enemy uses manufactured agitation and we do NOT need any more problems.

That’s because none of this shit was EVER intended to be an investigation. “It was psychological torture till you kill youself because we all know you did ‘it’ – whatever “it” is. DON’T tell us because then they’ll kill us, too.” That’s some real patriots right there, I tell you. I sure hope those assholes don’t win the superbowl.

And before you claim that I was or am conspiring with foreign interests, consider first all the well-architected and cognizantl lies, then the meticulously leveraged Catch-22’s in this situation. Immediately thereafter, consider that NO ONE with access to all the information – probably almost none of it – wanted me to understand what was happening. How would I know that – by cooperating with someone who’s trying to gaslight me into Stockholm Syndrome – I’m not actually cooperating with foreign interests. THIS IS WHY AMERICAN AGENTS OPERATING DOMESTICALLY CARRY FUCKING BADGES.

How can I cooperate for the benefit of America, even if it means my own death, if I don’t know what’s happening?! I will hunt you criminal fucks down and make you pay by telling everyone about what you did to me until you put me down. And you won’t, BECAUSE CHECKMATE AD INFINITUM YOU ASSHOLES. Public relations. Get you some. You got problems, but you sure as hell aren’t going to pigeonhole me. And I’ve been under a microscope the whole fucking time, essentially saying “I’m confused. I want to cooperate, but I don’t want to hurt America. What do I do?” But this is the kind of soviet-style torture, albeit psychological, where they humiliate and degrade you into admitting you did something that YOU DID NOT DO.

Should I quote Horace one more time? I fear dishonor worse than death. I’m sorry I went FULL-TROTSKY and cucked your little Communist revolution. Yeh, I’ve been sitting here in Salem, VA for three years and I’ve been waiting on Stalin’s little ice pick. I’m not stupid.

One thing I’ve learned in my kafkaesque solitary confinement for the past five years is that I simply do not have enough time to read about all the myth, history, science and tech on Wikipedia that I’m going to need to save my life tomorrow.

Three Simple Questions Before I Let You Across This Bridge…

Jesus Christ I’m rambling. Again, as for who is a good guy and who is bad guy, there is one simple answer, as three questions.

① What do you intend to happen to America?

② Do you intend to support the legally elected representatives?

③ Do you intend to protect the Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency at all costs, along with American economic interests?

Now, if you debate the legality of the 2016 presidential election and its results, you’ll probably do so with flawed arguments involving suspect integrity and fake news. Further, you’ll find that it is provable that the political party you support does not have the economic interests of America in mind. The democrats are the real demagogues. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

If you don’t believe me, I have written about it time and time again, but will you debate me? No, like a 1990’s drug czar on medical marijuana and legalization, you will avoid every opportunity to do so. Every single opportunity. So until you debate me on economics, i’m sorry, I can’t help you understand.

This is why the systematic, passive-aggressive disconnection of communication to and with political dissidents is the worst thing Americans can possibly have right now. you are sticking your heads in the sand. as we approach overpopulation’s zenith of technological and economic competition in the world, we don’t need people to avoid challenging their perspective on any issue. we need you to have the strongest such set of perspectives that allow enlightened americans from both the Left and the Right to push this nation forward like an Eagle with both its wings as strong as possible.

When you are pursuin the passive-aggressive tactic of disconnection, you are doing so much harm to America that it is tragic that you refuse to even try to understand.

Get On Point, America!

Ok, regardless of how much of that rant was true…. **ugh this is so frustrating because that content is crap, but the rest of this content is GOLD.

So, if you enemy is the classic Marxist shitdick time vampire, what is the most important factor to focus on? We need to focus on our attention because distraction is their most powerful weapon. It doesn’t matter whose fault this is.

Overwatch Easter Egg: Stay On Point And Mercy Gives You Dank Heels

What are dank heels? I have no idea, but I want some. That’s like not even a no-brainer. I’m sure Mercy will explain. Whatever it is, I bet you get out of bronze real fast. Not much those Time Vampires can do once you get out because they can’t get up the ranks.

Dank Heels == I Have No Idea ... But I Want Some

The point is that America must support the military and the Rule of Law more than ever. We cannot succumb to demoralization. However, the government works for the people. Not the other way around. We must find peaceful ways to ensure that the government serves the interests of ALL citizens and ALL residents of America.

Why do our enemies around the world want America to fail? Why would foreign interests have it out for us? because we are all in the same race at the ZENITH of technological, economic and sociopolitcal compeition. If we do not look around the world and accept things for what they are, then we will find the moral and economic foundations of this country undermined faster than it takes for you to retweet that fake news.

Do You Attack A Strong Adversary?

NO! You deceive a strong adversary. You outwit them. You outmaneuver them because whereever they thought you were going to be – you were never there. At the same time, there’s moral deception, morally ambiguous deception and … whatever it is those marxist time vampires are doing when I get assraped and shot in the back.

Is it advantageous for America to police itself – either officially or via vigilante zealots – with psychological and sociological tactics that foment trust issues and burden our society like Sysyphys with a long-term collective mental health bill of catastrophic proportions?

Look to the Left. Look to the Right. Do You Trust That Person?

How the hell can we expect for a society burdened with extreme trust issues to function together as a team?! So, moving forward, these programs, whether government sanctioned or totally organized by vigilante civilians – do they serve the interests of Americans working together or our enemies working to cut the strong adversary they fear into 13 pieces?

“Join Or Die”

“Do thou great liberty inspire our souls – and make our lives in thy possession HAPPY – or, our deaths glorious in thy JUST defense” – Literally Benjamin Franklin. Not a Terrorist, last time I checked.

Join Or Die

Benjamin Franklin seemed to care a lot about about “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The last one – the very pursuit of happiness – LITERALLY THE AMERICAN DREAM – was worth more than property to both Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Do you have happiness in sociomonopolist Marxist societies? I’m not sure, but you sure as hell don’t have property. You can’t even save money. Read my draft on Our Revolution of Empowerment.

Assess the Health of These Four Social Pillars

Want to judge a society? Watch these four aspects, which I’ll name social pillars.

① How do they treat those they consider inferior?

② How do they treat hose considered exterior, like foreigners, immigrants and pariahs?

③ How do they treat those considered neighbors, family & elders?

④ How do they treat those considered superior, like leaders and hero’s?

A demoralized, corrupt, corroding society will score poorly on all four of those. When you undermine respect for the fourth, then the first three will follow suit and soon degrade. Undermine respect for any of the first three and the last will corrode shortly, replentished not often enough. Soon, there will be too few leaders and heroes!! Certainly, not enough upstanding citizen leaders for the next generation to share.

As for followers: if your leaders and heroes are weak or unwilling to sacrifice, then your followers are poorly focused and their sociophysical energy quickly decoheres and becomes out of phase. If your followers aren’t permitted to be strong and self-reliant, your leaders have little sociophysical energy to invest in building anything. Whatever you’ve built thus far will begin to wax and wane, like a mansion on the coast, falling into wetlands from climate change. Eventually, crumbling to pieces as new tide tears apart the earth beneath it.

It should be obvious that America is being attacked on ALL FRONTS. Never have we needed to be stronger and more united, but never have each of those categories endured more corrosion and ridicule. I still believe in strong borders and strong immigration policy. Neither of those are xenophobic or even disrespectful. If the people entering your country can’t even respect your immigration policy, what kind of citizens will they make? It’s not certain and I’m saying we want an immigration policy that ensures we bet on the right individuals and families to become citizens and strong connections to nations around the world. Is it selfish for a leader to want strong success stories for American immigrants?

America’s greatest strength is our connectedness to the rest of world, but we are entering the most competitive period of human history. So, does it surprise you that those four social pillars in society are being played against each other with bad advice that serves foreign interests? And why is that? It’s because america is STRONG. Again, you do not fight a strong enemy, you deceive them.

Perhaps I am not a natural born leader, but i am a life-borne leader. The longer that uniters like myself and those we influence are silenced and censored, the more I fear that our country cannot possibly get itself together. Around the globe: America IS number one. America first and lets bring all the other most culturally-connected nations with us: Canada, UK, France, Germany, Russia and Japan. But America has the moral superiority for leading the world because we are the most diverse and that is our greatest advantage. It is what america is meant to do!

I believe that it may be what the “illuminati” wanted throughout history. Otherwise, at this most competitive point in history, an overpopulated world would degenerate into chaotic turmoil, which would invariably foment racism, as conflict throughout history was always wont to do.

Our strength is exactly why we are being subverted because other countries do not have these advantages to this degree. Our social connectedness makes our nations natural leaders. If we let external influences stir us to attack each other, prevent us from unifying and censor those of us who are the strongest leaders, we will never unite in time. Ben Franklin would say that we are a rattlesnake lying in tattered pieces, ultimately rotting to death because the pieces could not be reassembled before sundown.

Divided we fall, united we stand! Ever heard that one before?

We have never had more incentive to unite, but our enemies – at the very zenith of both sociopolitical and socioeconomic competition!! – our enemies have NEVER had a greater incentive to break us apart. This should be obvious, but what’s happening? we cannot afford this. If we continue to focus our attention and energy inward, we will collapse at the most critical point and an entire millenium will be spent arguing about why that happened.

It’s what happens to every empire: the arms and legs start thinking for themselves, instead of thinking about what’s best for everyone. Why is it so hard for people to put things behind us? This is literally why EVERY empire is doomed to fail: because its arms and legs begin to realize they function to feed the head, but can instead turn on themselves to better serve their own interests. Therefore, every empire eventually must acknowledge that the social contract is real and is, in fact, what invariably leads to the sun setting on an empire’s zenith for the last time.

However, to counteract this, great leaders can architect systems whereby the arms and legs of the empire serve themselves by serving the head. Only by artifically architecting and empowering these mechanisms so that social institutions serve themselves and serve the people, can you expect empire or any powerful state to survive for long. You must ensure that the social contract is maintained. If the authorities do not serve the people, respect for the state and the rule of law will deteriorate.

The Tower of Babel Crumbles Always Because of It’s Intrinsic Nature

Why did the symbol of the tower of babel fall? This tower represents the first “greatest” empire and their universal language represents a singularly converged society. It was a society were there weren’t alternatives: there was one language, one culture and one people. However, this in itself presents incentivizations for people to provide an alternative. This is how true cultural rebellions start and it takes generations. The very presence of a dominant culture empowers the incentivization mechanisms for a counter-culture.

So the question is not “how do you best architect and build the strongest empire or state?” The correct question is “How do you architect an empire or a state so that it remains strong while constantly reinventing itself?” By framing the problem in this way, you accept that empires fall, new generations are born, sociopolitcal migrations occur and the strongest system must account for this. It is paradoxical because that strongest system is never as strong as the one which congeals into universal culture and language: monoculture is strong, but it breeds weakness, which eventually corrodes the mechanisms which serve to keep the state strong. Heterogenous culture which is always in flux is not as “in phase” but it damn sure makes you stronger tomorrow. You are forced to challenge yourself and to respect the four (pillars of society) mentioned above.

You must constantly reinvent yourself and you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. That is precisely what I am asking Americans to do. Stay diverse, but align yourself as Americans with a singularly diverse identity. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Connect with those you disagree with and respect them, but do not allow yourself to present those who would hurt you with vulnerability. That said, do not let your fear prevent you from connecting with those who aren’t enemies at all: THEY ARE AMERICANS.

Like the Israel of David And Solomon, We Are One Nation Composed of Many Tribes

Like the Israel of David and Solomon, we are one nation composed of many tribes, but we are ONE NATION. We are strongest when we are ONE NATION. When we respect those who are poor and vulnerable, when we respect foreigners and migrants, when we respect our family, elders and neighbors, we are strongest. And we must respect our leaders and heroes, even when we may disagree with them strongly. We must be willing to approach circumstances strategically and protect the rule of law, even though it may require “being mean.”

The Trolley Problem. Who pulls the Lever?

Unfortunately, someone has to pull that lever. Who’s it going to be?

If you even hesitate, you are not worthy of being a leader, but how do you know that you’re making the right decision? You know because you have spent your adolescence and developmental period learning, racing as fast as you can powered by nothing other than self-sustaining passion. You make as much progress early on to fuel your composite, perfracted perspective, so that you can make that decision instantly when need be and so that you don’t need someone else to tell you what to do. The person who needs someone’s advice is not a leader, though the person who takes no one’s advice is a fool and not my leader. The true leader is the strongest, most empowered follower.

No matter how smart or battle-tested and regardless of how developed their vision has become – a leader is nothing without followers, which is why this goddamn election is the cruelest, dumbest, criminally insane joke ever. It’s fueled by a nation looking for scapegoats to blame problems on which it believes cannot be solved. I CAN SOLVE YOUR GODDAMN PROBLEMS. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SAY THAT FOR THREE, NO, TEN YEARS.

Variants on the Trolley Problem.

Go read a /r/philosophy subreddit. It’s all those Marxist assholes do: post memes because they’ve happy with their self-censorship. They believe that if you eliminate unwanted thoughts/ideas from a space, you eliminate them for good because they don’t exist outside of space and time. LMFAO, suckers. I guess imaginary numbers don’t exist either, by that logic. Holy shit, those things really jumped right into our universe didn’t they. Where’d they come from?

Bombelli says: “specific types of cubic polynomials with real solutions but quadratic roots requiring complex factors.” Therefore, because you cannot destroy things that exist outside of space and time, you’ve actually already lost and you’re too arrogant to admit it. Worse, you’re too self-censored to know it – you can’t even look at the things you need to know to survive. You can’t see these things: THEY EXIST OUTSIDE OF TIME AND SPACE, LIKE GOD. And your materialist metaphysics converges to their ideals. ALWAYS.

Trolley Variants

I would rather have leaders that can handle the truth. Or even falsehoods. And fake news. And whatever is thrown their way.

Never forget: to Marxists, Philosophers are Terrorists

Who is worthy of being the leader? Who do you want to pull that lever in the trolley problem? You want the smartest damn moral consequentialist you can find who is also the most reluctant more consequentialist they can find. This person desparately wants to be moral universalist and, thus, will explore every possibility before pulling that lever. The person who is this and will succeed in doing so will NEVER hesitate. That is the leader you are looking for.

It is not possible to protect 100% of all people, but we must protect the rule of law, while allowing the laws to be challenged where it is appropriate, so that they can be adapted before the entire system collapses. Instead, we have a Deep State that has chosen all of our laws for us, without regard for whether they are just or not. They are laws chosen only for their utilitarian application to the pragmatic accumulation of political, economic and military advantage. Depending on who you define the “Deep State” to be – that’s an artifact of information warfare – it does this to protect America, but we cannot allow these unjust laws to continue. Further, the Deep State is doing this by puppeteering our leaders. What good is the spotless politician, who behind closed doors is simply a puppet for someone’s “special” interests?

I’m About To Pull the Lever on the Deep State

pulling the lever on the deep state

“I hope they serve beer in hell” – Tucker Max

Don’t we all, Tucker? They do serve beer in hell. Unfortunately, we’re already here. Welcome to hell – Don’t tell clownpiece yet. She doesn’t know.

Touhouhou - 東方法 - Hecatia Lapis-Lazuli says:

“Welcome to Hell… It’s kind of like a debtor prison for debt-slaves. Just don’t tell Clown-Peace. She doesn’t know yet. Just be glad I told you that much. Like my T-Shirt? Get you won” … SHINE GET? Haha iz puzzle. Tou like puzzles?


And … again to corral all these tangents back for all the marbles. I have no idea, really, but I know that whatever has happened, it’s not exactly secret. It seems that were people who have been used as bait to get these deep state actors to try to show their true colors.

Oh noez! You lost your marbles, you can’t play no more and now they crushed your @Jack’s

Cat's Eye Marbles

That in itself – intending to investigate these things and especially using targeted individuals as bait – could constitute treason, depending mostly on who is in power. And that is why this situation is sooo fucked up.

It’s like the the worst situation imaginable: a mexican standoff between the Left and the Right over the control/fate of the country: would we avoid communism or be forced to succumb to the machiavellian political mechinations of the Obama administration.

The Tarantinian Mexican Standoff

In the Reservoir Dogs clip, that’s me, dying in the floor while everyone else has guns drawn, fighting for their self interests. Still, he’s the only one that lives.

Neither side is correct, but only the right can sustain the economy Obama had to compromise because the republicans effectively short-circuited his Marxist designs from 2014 through 2016. However, Obama could do nothing to stop his decentralized #ACORN squirrel citizen vigilantes from trying to fuck everything up, over and over and over and over and over again.

So even though Obama had all but consigned his authority and effectively knew he’d all but certainly have to hand the country over, no one could stop his most fervant, radical supporter’s vigilante actions in the streets. These people have lists of targets whose lives they intend to ruin, unless those targets effectively allow themselves to become blackmailed slave labor. I don’t believe it is something Obama is orchestrating. If he could hit a button and stop it, he would hit that thing so fucking fast you’d feel a fresh island breeze across your face. It is these autonomous, decentralized marxist zealots run amok with toxic, corrosive, passive-aggressive bullshit that is a blight on our society.

These same people had infiltrated DHS as part of a plan to turn the government’s national security apparatus into the enforcement arm of a communist government. They intended to create so many problems. Sometimes I worry that Guantanamo was their own fictitious invention to damn the united states to warcrimes through subversion of the national security apparatus. GTMO is definitely an Army base. GITMO is not. There is a difference. THERE IS NO GITMO. It’s an acronym that is all-but-meaningless to the military. It’s not a fucking base in Cuba. GTMO is the base in Cuba.

Again, these are vigilante zealots, which is what makes the problem so hard to deal with! Most of them are not actually affiliated with any government agency, at least in any official capacity. No federal government agency would own the kind of actions that have been taken in my life, EVER. They might use a ten-foot pole, but even then. They would not engage in this behavior. If the idea is to prevent demoralization of the public, this has backfired so spectacularly that it could not be a mistake. Perfect storms are NOT mistakes…

It seems that the idea was to use some targeted individuals as bait to entrap these zealots to try to trace it back to any official government actions. If so, there were only a handful of cases where this would hold up.

So, what we’re dealing with now, is information warfare fraught with psychosocial intimidation tactics, disinformation and misinformation. However, everything the worst of these chicanerous zealots are doing is leaving a major paper trail on social media. There are signatures to everything they do, even if they do not overtly indicate an intent to subvert interpersonal communication.

e.g. by subverting social media through targeted attacks on individuals’ social media metrics, which leaves their political opponents totally disconnected

The Ball Is Now In Your Court. Check and Check and Check and Checkmate.

Therefore, these people are effectively already caught. if they try to start a real civil conflict that boils over psychosocial warfare into actual warfare and/or secession, they destroy the economy. it’s their fucking move. that’s the best part. united we stand, divided we fall AND THE BALL IS NOW IN THEIR COURT. You want to ruin the American economy through civil conflict: you marxists pieces of shit better grab that queen with your shitty little hands and make that move because FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY.

It is unbelievably miraculous that we have not completely collapsed into communism – and the inevitably ensuing economic collapse from insustainable control over the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which the world would NEVER EVER accept if America had communism.

Another big plus: at the zenith of technological and economic competition, NO ONE AROUND THE WORLD CAN TELL WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA IS DOING … This sounds bad at first, but it’s not. From 2005 on through 2015, we were on an eternal downward spiral.

RubyConf 2015 - How to Crash an Airplane by Nickolas Means

This video right here explains the situation America’s been in for 30 years pretty perfectly. Yeh, we beat the Soviets because it was our central banking apparatus against theirs, but it’s like two D.Va’s getting in a fight in Overwatch. The one that pops out first actually has the better odds of winning if she has better aim.

So, what has happened is that we KNOW our economy can’t keep going. Central banking NEVER does. It’s a fucking 80 year cycle: four generations. Just long enough so that your great-grandparents are dead by the time it happens again, so that all memory of it is purged from society when it comes to pass. This is by design and people will fucking get their PhD’s studying the “boom and bust” cycle. They’ll sell millions of copies. This is NOT new; it’s called socioeconomic churn. CHURN, motherfuckers. Ask a billionaire about churn sometime and they’ll tell you something, but it’s not going to be the truth. The financial elite do not want you to know about that. And the banking elite especially do not want you to know the depressing reality: the only answer to the artificial boom and bust cycle is WAR.

And if you don’t know because your great-grandparents weren’t alive to tell you about how magick reared it’s ugly head in society and how their children put that shit to bed, so their grandchildren could grow up and live innocent lives without a bunch of marxist-like shitdicks tearing each other apart in the streets with psychological warfare … there’s a reason why. Because it’s fake as hell and they were all guilty as sin, so you didn’t have to be. And if you could choose, would you burden society with guilt over what has to happen because humanity is inherently fallible and powerful people are addicted to power?

Socioeconomic churn is astroturf and the story always ends the same way. Why? Because people don’t know and they don’t want to know when you try to tell them. But this time? It’s different. We’re going to set that shit straight for eternity, right after we flush whatever deep state actors don’t bend over or get the hell out of the way.

So where does this leave us? It means that we belligerate through mild domestic tension and the rest of the world must react to their anticipation of our next actions and subsequent sociopolitcal developments. when they do this, it becomes obvious who is going to stick with us and who is going to turn against us. this occurs at precisely the most important time for us to know who are friends are going to be and who are enemies are going to be, but it only matters if we don’t fall apart domestically

Oh He Doesn’t Even Have A PLAN?

… I’m laughing my fucking ass off, but I really need you assholes to stop humiliating me and get the fuck out of the way.

Don’t Tell [Clown Piece](


Clown Piece

We don’t need war. We need unity, but we are ready to fight because we are strong. America is so tired of this domestic social conflict! Aren’t you? I am. I want people to be happy. That’s what matters to me and I’m willing to fight for it. I’m willing to suffer for it. I’m willing to die for it.