Public-ize all the things!

On facebook, my friends list is private, but [almost] everything i post is public. My reasoning is this: ultimately everything we post online is preserved indefinitely and will exist until the end of time. So why not? Whether or not we “share” it with our friends, someone will have a copy of that data because of online surveillance at least. It’s moreso philosophical reasoning and obviously it’s impossible to preserve 100% of the information people post online.

Ain't Nobody Got Time For Studies

Obviously, citing studies is the proper way to go about things, but I am interested in far too many topics and unexplored ideas. And I definitely don’t want to do this in a Facebook debate, where no matter how hard you research, when you’re right, your facebook friends are just going to shit all over the thread with memes anyways. That just pushes your words so far up the thread that no one will ever read them again. Doesn’t happen to me because I don’t debate on FB a lot, but I’ve seen it happen to others. I usually only discuss these topics with a select few people who are OK with differring opinions. If you’re going to spend time creating something, Facebook comments probably aren’t the best time investment.

Bill Gates Calls for Crazy Ideas

So I saw a post by Bill Gates on LinkedIn, calling for crazy ideas. It linked to an organization calling for solutions to three new problems and a dozen others. They offered grants, which I have no interest in, nor did I have suggestions to the health problems they suggested.

Installing Powerline on OSX

First we’ll need to install python, pip, and easy_install.

Key Remap - The Digit-Symbol Hack

Devs, you going to love this keyboard hack!

Wherefore Art Thou, SSB!

... there was a script that circulated the interwebs: create-ssb.sh. And it was a good script, for it vanquished the evils of Tabitis, that deadly disease which wasteth your time with petty tab-management. Remnants of said script still circulate the interwebs today. But lo! -- I truly pity the fool who readth these blog posts. For surely, they shall waste hours of their time.