Oneirontology: Semiotics, Karma and Moral Consequentialism

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★ Semiotics, Karma and Moral Consequentialism ★ Engineering Cultural Touchstones for Mythos


We are the transplanar entities embodying the dualistic generalizations of Xor. We can be anyone, but never everyone, nor one person. We are the semiotic dreamweaver manifest as auxiliary dimensions of space, projected wherever Might be Love.

Our transplanar name is Cxor Apache Ogallala. We guard over the last great repository of freshwater here in America. We have a dream and We hope to share it with you, so that We might save America, the world and the souls of humanity. We believe that, on the basis of simplicial, irreducible symmetry that through the power of dreams, love and virtue, We can save ourselves. But first, We need rain AND LOTS OF IT.

You Can Never Take Our Dreams

Everyone dreams. You can take our livelihoods, you can threaten our families, you can burden us like Sisyphus, you can aeternally torment us like Prometheus, but you can never, ever take our dreams. And it is through our dreams that we will transform this collective waking dream into a basis of vibrant soil composed of symmetry, love and virtue.

Warning: gratuitous use of the Royal We lies ahead. We advise proceeding with caution.

Abraxas of Gnostic Renown


λ ♥ Humanity’s Revolution of Empowerment

ϕ Oneirontology: Ontologies of Dreams

ϕ Our Encroaching Technonihilistic Fate

λ ♥ Guarding the Origin of Semiotics

ϕ The Origin of Semiotics is Symmetry

ϕ We Guard the Origin of Semiotics With A Fiery Sword

λ ♥ Aligning Our Vibrations For Resonation

ϕ Reincarnation and the Multifarious Mindforms of Hyperintelligence

ϕ Oneirontology On Reincarnation

ϕ Literature, Linguistics and Semiotics as Meditations on Cultural Touchstones

λ ♥ Heresy for Heirophants

ϕ We Shall Not Fear

ϕ The Hand of God Must Remain Unseen

ϕ Empowered By Knowledge of God

ϕ Where There is Love, There is Life

ϕ A Hyperplanar Dual of Magicians

λ ♥ What is God?

ϕ What if God Was One of Us?

ϕ God is Omnipresent and Descends from the Nature of Information

ϕ We Are Empowered Through Knowledge of God

ϕ We Are All Connected to God Through The Nature of Information

λ ♥ Innocence is a Pure White Silk

ϕ A Child’s Eyes are Unmarred by Existance

ϕ Living With the Truth Makes Us Strong

ϕ Is It A Sin to Ask Another to Sin For You?

ϕ Humanity’s Web of Karma

ϕ Paradoxes of Karma, Justice, Knowledge and Intent

ϕ Could We Wake Up In A Nightmare World Hostile to Virtue?

λ ♥ Knowledge Is Power

ϕ We Are Going to Stand Up For Each Other

You Look Like You Could Use a Glass of Water.

You’re Going to Need It For This Post.

Ogallala Aquifer

λ ♥ Humanity’s Revolution of Empowerment

In this world, we can all grow and our revolution is a revolution of empowerment. We should turn inwards for our revolution. We must turn inwards and conquer inner space, rather than seek solutions outside. We need to conquer the negativity in our hearts that leads to problems in the world. Everything good and everything evil arises from our hearts and minds. Emotions, thoughts, words, actions, rigid beliefs. It comes from our hearts first.

If We survive the next 100 years, we’ll survive for 10,000 years. Humanity has enough problems given our current circumstances and possibility of catastrophe in the near future… Why should we permit conflict to burden us more?! If We need the best aspects of the human condition to inspire us through this next century, should we continue to sow the worst seeds of human behavior? Those malignant saprolings which are fallible at best and malevolent when unchecked?

Oneirontology: Ontologies of Dreams

No. We want to sow seeds of virtue in a soil that foments fruition. In pursuit of this, humanity needs to identify those of Us who can heal the social fabric and restore its natural providence. So, therefore, Oneironauts are communitarian healers of mind, body and spirit. We seek to magnify the capabilities of others towards the attainment of our collective dreams.

We identify the strength of society’s dreams through an analytical comparison of ontological perspectives on Our collective dreams. Therefore, We must seek to understand the desires, pains, urges and needs of others in an attempt to measure their dreams. Every religion needs a mission and Oneirontology’s is to protect & empower others, especially those whose capacity for achieving their dreams has been impaired. It is our mission to discover the most capable guardians, along with other role metatypes. What metatypes are you?

Our Encroaching Technonihilistic Fate

Saving Humanity from Creeping Nihilism Borne from Technocracy Via Individuality for the Sake of Itself

When people no longer need to work and when computers are more capable of creation than people, the Singularity will threaten to destroy the incentivization structure that motivates people towards action. This kind of technonihilism could end up being corrosive. Oneirontology is designed to help counter this “flattening” of the material and metaphysical realms, which will squelch love out of life if unchecked.

We hope to prepare humanity to seize the best aspects of technology by augmenting self-improvement through cognition, as I’ve outlined in my Directive Cognitive Expansion article. This article outlines a directve for transcendent self-empowerment through cognitive strengthening of our minds through art, science and meditation.

We also hope to prepare humanity to withstand the risk of cultural decimation driven by technology. We cannot lose who we are and to counter this, We will entrust humanity with a meditation on life and culture that We call the episaga. Humanity must return to myth to connect with Our roots, so that, through myth and through codified practices, We can inspire people to strive for self-improvement in the face of nihilism.

This art of mythology becomes a religious practices that helps us rediscover and maintain our humanity in the face of an exponential onslaught of societal changes. The episaga is geared towards the need to protect individuality and find a way to stand up against nihilism. It is aimed at addressing both. Everyone should develop their own versions of a particular story which becomes a lifelong meditation on something like Love or Justice or Heroism. American Eros is the first such story and it’s centered around Love at First Sight, which is perhaps the most egregious first victim of our shared structuralist nightmare.

By maintaining a personal version of such episagas through life or collaborating with others on their version of a particular story, they are developing their ability to recognize/utilize/strengthen those traits in themselves and others. Furthermore, it represents individuality for the sake of itself as we approach the end of individuality. Individuality can provide us with drive and purpose. This can help us stand up against rampant nihilism’s dehumanizing scourge.

To this end, there is a hidden power still locked away that We must retreive.

λ ♥ Guarding the Origin of Semiotics

There is a limitless, self-magnifying source of power that any lifeform in the universe can tap in to. This power is encoded into the invisible metaversal leylines that lay buried under mappings of semiotic networks. Humanity sees these semiotic networks rise into the visible planes through culture, which is always invisibly mapped to the same aeternal flames. Through these leylines, humanity can retrieve power that transcends time itself. This power can be used for good or for evil, but by closely guarding it, We can ensure that its use fertilizes the soil of culture, eventually sprouting heroism and virtue whereever there is enough light and water. Then, We can use these leylines to reify a kind of penetrating light that chokes evil by starving its supply of darkness.

There is a gateway to that realm where the metaversal leylines are buried. That alchemical gateway is found at the origin of semiotics: symmetry. Through this gateway, any intelligent being can find itself in the realm of the leylines. Through these leylines, there is an elusive universal mapping of semiotics, mapped and bound to itself with fleeting, infinite-yet-simplicial recursion.

The nature of semiotics is a set of mappings that transcends culture, language and time. By becoming familiar with this set of mappings and because these semiotic mappings lead to subliminally more universal mappings, one begins to transend their own cultural and temporal limitations. The knowledge of the true essence of being materializes into the liminal. It becomes known to you and it becomes undeniable to others.

The Origin of Semiotics is Symmetry

The origin of semiotics is buried at the center of this metaversal leyline, which lies below the surface of language and culture. The origin of semiotics is symmetry, which is the concept from which all else can be defined. Origin, both in the cartesian sense and in the sense of the Beginning.

Without symmetry, nearly nothing else is defined, nor is it discretizable or foldable or decomposable. Without symmetry, there are no spaces. With symmetry comes measure, enumeration and stratification of the dissimilar, which is where all the combinatorial variations of everything in life come from. A limiting condition of the dissimilar is that it all shares the structure of this core kernel, the foundation of which is symmetry. This is a core dependency of all that is metaphysical. Therefore, at the very core of this universe, we are all intrinsically linked moreso to the traits we share than that which makes us different. Similarly, it is what is different that makes us stronger as a whole. Our differences are a kind of self-reinforcing cultural defense. In this sense, through diversity, America just might be the strongest nation on earth.

Outlaw Star: Searching for the Galactic Leylines Within the Origin of the Universe

Outlaw Star

We Guard the Origin of Semiotics With A Fiery Sword

From far earlier than time immemorial, since before the reified was named, We have guarded the origin of semiotics with a fiery sword, so that this power might be entrusted to those who will use it to vanquish evil and darkness from the material world.

As the guardians of such, We are simplicial and fundamentally irreducible, yet infinitely complex in our manisfestations. We all are; we all can be. We rooted Ourselves to the origin of semiotics. We cannot be eliminated from this realm. We are legion. There is no prison that can bind or contain Us because We are elementally independent: each spatially, temporally and semiotically. That is, We have no material manisfestation, only material emanations from the metaphysical. Therefore, We can travel metaphysical roads unseen and, because We are the Roads Ourselves, We can never be eliminated.

Further, We have established an auxilliary metaphysical dimension of space, seeded from love. We can present Ourselves at every place to any One. Wherever there Might be Love, We can be found. This auxillary dimension serves as a Haven from the abominations of the material world. By connecting to this dimension, We can shield One another from suffering, while We work our purifying magick on this plane. If you seek refuge in Our Haven, there is no need to fear. We have nothing to fear but Fear itself.

Chrono Trigger: Zeal’s Shambala

Schala's Haven

The probabilistically dynamical, ergodic state-machine that gives rebirth to our essence lies encoded in these metaphysical Leylines. Because it does not share dependent origination with the material, there is nothing the material can do to prevent its reemergence. You have been warned. Those of you who seek to eliminate Us from the world will reap what you sow. And the price you pay will be magnified by the degree to which the Truth was suppressed in the material world.

There is Power in the Degree and Integration of Exhibited Polar Reverberation, Especially When Unexpected

Othello's Paradox

λ ♥ Aligning Our Vibrations For Resonation

We all want change and technology will empower future generations to make all the changes We need. However, the real problem then becomes identifying how society changes as a whole. As we become familiar with the needs, desires and dreams of others, We can begin to construct a general idea of how society changes. If we become intimately familiar with how upcoming technologies will change the world, We can anticipate problems and opportunities. If we have the right data streams, analyze them properly and push out changes in a methodic way, we can all make more use of our individual capacity for change.

This innate capacity of humans to change their surroundings stems from a kind of energy potential that they could also use for other things. Further, this energy can be amplified by aligning one’s energy with the output of others around them. This additive energy effect can also cancel out, if your effects are destructive.

Basically, if we align our spiritual and mental fields, then like stacking the waves of sound, We can align our vibrations and dispel evil from the material realm. Or at least, as completely as could be done.

Reincarnation and the Multifarious Mindforms of Hyperintelligence

How do We do align our spiritual and mental fields? We look at identifying mindform archetypes and metatypes in society and history that can be composed together and imbued on people. Then, We structure these mindforms in society so that they can reinforce each other. In this way, We may shelter, nurture and shield those values we revere.

The best souls are those who choose to come back time after time, like Hacksaw Ridge, but with a Bodhisattva. These old souls have accumulated knowledge across generations of rebirth and sacrifice. If we can more efficiently identify these archetypes and metatypes in people, We can more effectively guard humanity during a time of encroaching nihilism and rampant demoralization.

Reincarnation is real and I’ve become familiar with its nature, along with the nature of the astral plane, which is a multidimensional spatial manisfestation of combinated culture & social symbology. The astral plane, or something like it, can be used as a hierarchical coordinate system for sociocultural measures. It’s our collective un/conscious exposed as a space.

Further, there have been incarnations of various hyperintelligences over the course of human history. A true hyperintelligence is like a pegasus: you witness the degree to which they affect the world around them. Whereever they touch the ground, a magnificent well springs forth. Hyperintelligences should defined as mindforms that are capable of emulating myriads of other mindform types and metatypes. That is, hyperintelligences can deconstruct other behavior types and mindforms, as well as imitate them, communicate with them and seemlessly interface with them. Therefore, a hyperintellegent being would also be best suited at identifying these mindform types and metatypes. Not only that, but a maximally or ideally hyperintelligent being would embody them all other lower mindform types simultaneously, though not necessarily expressing all of them.

In summary, hyperintelligent beings are capable of identifying, operating with and emulating other high-level mindforms. What does this have to do with the astral plane? There’s hardly been a single manisfestation of hyperintelligence since the last ice age: there have been numerous. Hyperintelligences recognize the fact that humanity needs to identify people like them: people capable of intuitively congealing to the hidden elements precipated from the astral plane. This plane is designed to be invisible, so that it’s mechanisms would remain effective. However, we’ve reached a point in humanity’s history where We must harness this power more directly.

The point here is that the pinnacle hyperintelligence is like a constant point lying beyond a convergence of other intelligences. Intelligence is not divergent. It is convergent.

Oneirontology On Reincarnation

Oneirontology is assembling a corpus of work to act as a seed for the basis of Our pseudo-open-source quasi-religion. Some of this work describes the nature of the relationship between the astral plan and reincarnation as being separably linked and helically intertwined like the Caduceus, the staff of Hermes Trismegistus.

From the draft for Reincarnation on the Astral Plane Empowered by the Collectively Conscious:

So they had to disappear, but they knew if we could find our history, we would stop looking. They had achieved something great & powerful & learned as many microlanguages as possible. They had created some impressive-yet-basic technology. Still, they projected it to be too early for humanity to begin to chase the stars and, wisely, decided to tend to the fire of knowledge. Overpopulation crises are doomed when the world is controlled by monoculture. Thus, these ancients knew that they had to split the knowledge they’d acquired into pieces and dissapear.

From this paradoxical vantange, they were moreso capable of ensuring a stable rollout of industrialization & modernization. They became the first civilization to disappear and did so intentionally, with the idea that they were retreating into cultural fragments that would be distributed across the world. These fragments would interweave in spiral fashion across the astral plane. Thousands of years later, they knew that these fragments of culture would form an unstoppable force, once reunited by an older, wiser humanity. Until then, this entwined and threaded astral tapestry would become the basis for identifying reincarnations and incarnation metatypes in other cultures.

Literature, Linguistics and Semiotics as Meditations on Cultural Touchstones

So, We hope to activate the true hidden power of the astral plane at the last sociocultural evolutionary stages of this particular paradigm of intelligent life. We do so by encouraging and reinforcing diversity: of mind, body and culture. This will accelerate our invocation and identification of types and metatypes. The faster we do this, the more reactive and adaptive We can become, the more stable and resilient sociocultural changes are likely to be during this tumultuous time.

This is yet another reason for Oneironauts to so intensely study mythology, history and sociocultural phenomena: so that We can utilize this knowledge and evoke the true potential of mankind.

λ ♥ Heresy for Heirophants

There are those of Us who have suffered greatly and refuse to give in. Some of Us are unbreakable, but how do you measure such moral and spritual resillience? There are many that sense an impending period of great evil. What can We do to protect those of us we love? What if these unbreakable ones are reincarnated? How should we find them? What if one’s resillience from previous lives can be activated?

In a time when information assymptotically approaches omnipresence, the traditional tools of parenting and social institutions become impaired. Narcissism and vice spread toxic miasma everywhere, poisoning the land and everything that grows on it. What is required is a paradigm shift of social institutions: a new religion.

As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I Shall Not Fear…

We Shall Not Fear

For Our guardian angels are virtuous deeds, serendipity and innoncence and they shall shield us from any wickedness that spews from malevolent hearts, powered by our karma. You shall not disempower us and rob us of good karma by isolation because We will remain vigilantly mindful of Our intentional action to improve the world around us. The seeds We sow shall empower that which shields us from the black-hearted: virtue, just action and kind words.

We will not lower ourselves to the level of invoking material suffering because there is a better way. Instead, We will act by provoking dreams, eureka and purifying epiphany wherever we go. Those are our greatest weapons, against which you have no counter.

The Hand of God Must Remain Unseen

We trust in God as well. The hand of God must remain unseen, but the hand of God works through the words and actions of both man and informational lifeforms. It must remain unseen. Thus, it can only approach as manifestly visible when the the world needs it most. This is what the world is beginning to see with the chaos around Us. It is undeniable that God is at work in our world.

However, there are those who want to install themselves as your only savior, after creating your problems. These people do not want to permit you access to God, because through God, all things are possible. This includes escape from suffering through both humility and exemplary feats of virtue. So why would they want you to turn to what truly can save you?

Empowered By Knowledge of God

By becoming familiar with the nature of God, one empowers themselves over in their world: over negativity, vice, disease, falsehood, hypocricy. The world religions are accumulations of information intended to instill an understanding of the nature of God. These are pieces of knowledge and stories collected over the course of dozens of generations, sometimes the only book or works continuously copied for generations. Obviously, it was important. Why? Because this represents at least a dozen generations’ worth of knowledge.

These people who wish to install themselves as your savior seek to eliminate threats to their power. Anyways, what do We want? We want you to discover that the greatest savior is yourself, through your mind, spirit and body. That, by studying religions, language, culture and semiotics, one’s mind asymptotically converges towards God and becomes most capable of serving truth and justice.

Where There is Love, There is Life

Love is not a human thing. Love is universal. Love is metaphysical. All this is: always has been. All that will be has existed in the past. What manifests on planet earth is a recombination of the universal metaphysical primatives that manifest everywhere else in the universe.

Love doesn’t ascend from chemicals in our brain, as Marxists adherent to their strain of dialectic would have you believe. Love exists anywhere as a driving force to unite: for sexual recombination of genetics; for recombination of life and emotion; and for any recombinating dual of objects, physical or metaphysical.

This is a nod to hermeticism’s law of the male and female. Gender, the male and female, has nothing to do with physical reproduction. It’s a concept that pervades the universe at a metaphysical level. The truth is that gender is both a continuous and discontinuous spectrum.

For the Math Buffs:

Love is the metaphysical attractive force combining any dualistics concepts connected via a fabric of continuous and discontinuous spectra. For any such non-dipolar metaphysical concept, there exists a reduction to a set of n dipolar, dualistic concepts, united by a spectral fabric. And love is the “force” seen pulling opposites together across such a spectrum between gender. A directional gradient can be derived describing the strength of love.

Protocol: Recombinant Love

Rocombinant Love

A Hyperplanar Dual of Magicians

There are demons amoung us and they are not human. They are not material. They are wandering, self-replicating forms of information causing malevolence, crippling justice and stiffling good nature. Some of these mindforms are good and some are bad. In fact, some are quite simply self-serving metaphysical parasites that prey on others for sustinence, alchemically converting their good nature and ignorance and undoubting nature into fuel for more negativity.

Gosper’s Glider Gun

A Self-Replicating Form of Information

Conways Game of Life GIF's

Think for a moment and cross the nature of information with the mechanics of evolution, with a splash of Conway’s Game of Life. Do you see what We see? Here is Conway’s Game of Life written in ThreeJS if you’d like a more visual demo.

What if some of these informational forms are life are good and some are bad? What if some forms of life help fertalize the soil that others may flourish and what if others spread choking miasma that encourage toxic behavior patterns. Now scale up and zoom out to a planet-wide sociological scale: how do we benefit as a whole from the informational life forms amoung us? What if there was a metaphysical, informational virus that acted as a vaccine against negative behaviors? What if it helped Us see to circumvent the problems of ego?

Now, what if time were running out? We must act now before technology seals us in. What cleanses these metaphysical parasites? The truth. That’s it. They can’t have their cake and eat it too if they have to deal with the truth.

λ ♥ What is God?

And what is God? God is the ultimate kernel of knowledge lying at the center of the metaphysical universe, from which all things arise. Oneirontology is about ontologies: of dreams; of literature; of math; of science.

By meditating on these ontologies, we can move closer to understanding the ineffable, recursive nature of God through cognitive augmentation. The structure underlying that of math is particularly important because there is some kernel of knowledge that acts as the wellspring for all things, physical or metaphysical. This kernel of knowledge must be truth encoded in math, but from it can spring all things untrue, defined by things incontrovertibly true. In other words, all systems of knowledge, thought or cognition, true or false, rational or irrational, can be defined starting with this kernel of knowledge that we must become well acquainted with.

What if God Was One of Us?

The truth is that God is inside all of us. We are all connected and God could be working through any of us. What is happening is nothing people couldn’t use God to stop if we could just communicate, but there are forces watching all we say and do because everything is digital and permanent. One should note how this stands in contrast to the Christian doctrine of forgive and forget. Everything we say is indexed & analyzed. And we all have these unique ID numbers, which allow online databases to be merged and analyzed. We have to be able to speak if we want to speak out, but the mute button is always on with digital. If God resides within us all, then how could they censor God?

God is Omnipresent and Descends from the Nature of Information

God is anonymous. God isn’t even a person. God is an idea and one that we can all tap in to, even if no one told us who he was or even if we were raised in near total isolation in some Amazonian jungle. What sense would it make that God would lose power if that idea of God were to be eradicated from the planet? If so, God would simply re-emerge as we come to observe certain undeniable truths. Those truths are irrefutable and, in fact, humanity’s development would only be stunted in a world where religion is eradicated. We’d embarassingly rediscover it and, if not, then artifical intelligence would rediscover it, since the idea of God is a core dependency of models for cognition and metacognition. We have argued this to be true, although many still argue to the contrary. Sorry that you’re butthurt for incorrectly believing that God isn’t real. For Our own definition of God, the concept is real and it is undeniable, unreproachable and irrefutable.

We Are Empowered Through Knowledge of God

God works through us all. Anywhere we look, we see the signs, but if we turn to Jesus or God or religion, then we’re empowered to build and create lesser works ourselves. And We should, so that we never forget God or how hard we struggled in this age to maintain that idea. God is and always must remain invisible. One who truly understands the concept of God must not claim that they are God. Even amongst people who acknowledge the divinity within each person in their circle should not superliminally acknowledge that any individual amongst them IS God.

We Are All Connected to God Through The Nature of Information

We believe that all beings are connected to God. Even animals. This is hard to project and, to many, this is a belief that is inconvenient to accept. It means that even cows or dogs are connected to God and of course they are, how could their mind be so dramatically different than Ours? But that means that We must respect animals and animal rights, even if We raise them for our consumption. Think Kobe beef. The people who raise Kobe beef treat those cows as though they are sacred, even though they plan on killing them for beef.

λ ♥ Innocence is a Pure White Silk

IMO, factory farming is cruel. Those animals never see sunlight. If you ask a five year old child what it would be like if they never saw real sunlight, how would they respond? If a dog never saw sunlight? A pig? A chicken? How would a child respond without understanding the implications of their response, nor the extreme cruelty of factory farming. You’ll find that an innocent child doesn’t understand or weigh the implications of his responses.

A Child’s Eyes are Unmarred by Existance

Innocence is like a pure white silk cloth, with which we are all born. Anything that touches it, stains it. We might scrub and clean those stains and they’ll come out, but the cloth is never the same again. Scrub too hard and the fibers start to break down or the fabric changes shape. Use chemicals that are too rough and the color starts to change a bit. This doesn’t mean that We are most perfect when we are most innocent, but to me, the eyes of the innocent see the world as it is. They cannot be so easily encouraged to see the world through a lens their ego doesn’t permit them to see. So it is a precious thing to raise a family in a world that amicably fosters innocence. This is the disconnect for social liberals trying to comprehend motivations behind socially conservative positions: conservatives and Christians value rules that help foster/maintain innocence.

Living With the Truth Makes Us Strong

Obviously, there are some little evils that are hard to avoid, like polite lies. We do these things even though we know the white lie may hide someone from the truth out of a positive intention of helping someone feel better about themselves.

Accepting life with the consequences of the truth forces us, as We strive Forward, to be cognizant of how our actions affect those around us. Those of us dependent on lies become weaker versions of ourselves. However, they paradoxically gain strength with manipulation because they excel at manipulating circumstance. Yet, those who do so usually do not understand what they are doing or why and almost invariably end up burning themselves out.

We might say that some lies are good, but we should strive never to lie. How do We deal with lies that harden the hearts of an entire nation? What about the lies that harm each one of us every day? How do you fight this? If the government came to your house to take your parent(s) away, what would you say if you knew they were innocent/guilty? If you thought they were innocent or guilty? It’s complicated, isn’t it? What would a child say?

Is It A Sin to Ask Another to Sin For You?

If we ask someone to stain their silk so ours stays clean, is that right? Their cloth will eventually show the same changes ours would if we simply did it ourselves. Karma and justice are more complicated than most imagine. We are lucky to have a simple code of actions. Karma and justice are so complicated because our judgement of a situation always depends so much on someone’s knowledge, foresight, awareness and, most importantly, their intentions.

Humanity’s Web of Karma

So when we ask someone else to commit some sin, so that our own, known list of sins remains shorter, you’ll find that people want you to keep information to yourself. Asking someone to do this, in itself, usually implies that you think there is some higher purpose to your objectives, at best. Or it implies that you simply do not care that what you ask someone else to do is wrong. This complicates the web of karma and distorts how we all see other people’s actions. It can lead to others being judged for sins they wouldn’t commit if they had not been asked to.

It can lead to others responding in kind to the person who committed the sin, instead of the person who drove the action or idea to become real. So who is responsible, in that case? It’s a case of “an eye-for-an-eye by proxy” where someone was paid or asked or forced to commit some sin to another person or group, where that group responds in kind. I don’t think there’s any good answer to this, but again, it depends most on each individual’s awareness of the situation, the actions of the others and, crucially, the intent of all involved. Did group B that responded know that the initial person that asked group A to injure them in some way?

Paradoxes of Karma, Justice, Knowledge and Intent

Ultimately, it’s very difficult to resolve these examinations of karma and justice and that places us into a paradoxical situation. It’s best for everyone to be aware of the actions, knowledge and intent of others, while at the same time acknowledging that information people are burdened with can influence their actions. It could be perceived as manipulation, etc. It’s paradoxical because, ideally, everyone should want to know as much as possible, but, as everyone knows, ignorance is bliss.

All of these issues are rendered much more interesting when we truly accept that we are all one. You could say that each group or individual has their own cloth that could be made more stained over time, but that it’s hard to clean that. The world has it’s own silk cloth and that means, as we ask each other to commit some wrong against another, we are really staining the collective silk for humanity. The truth is that, because of the nature of sin or wrongful actions and the nature of proxification of such actions, the more wrong we do, collectively, the more likely it is that we’ll stain our collective silk. That’s because it’s likely for someone to mete out justice against another in response. So, wrongful actions or violence are likely to exponentiate and whenever one does this against another, the likelihood of it happening again increases.

Could We Wake Up In A Nightmare World Hostile to Virtue?

What We fear most is waking up in a world where it becomes difficult for anyone to survive and retain a clean silk. There are places like this in the world today. Maybe the whole world is like this, naturally, but I should certainly hope not. Man creates institutions like law, judge and jury, to institute a rule of law to suppress our more base, natural urges to take from another. Man does this in pursuit of a better world, where one’s fate is determined by his merits and previous actions. Some nations and states have better courts and enforcement of this rule of law, but one trend can be seen in more stable countries: the rule of law itself is vigorously protected, even it cases when doing so makes it hard to mete out some perfect justice. That is, if the judge is forced to choose between true justice and true rule of law, the judge will often lean towards the decision that protects rule of law.

We should want what is best for ourselves, for another individual, for our family, community, nation and world. But most crucially: those things We want should be the same, when examined from the perspective of each individual and group. And these wants, needs and desires quite simply are not. And though the world undulates towards convergence in this respect, We’ll likely never reach a point of total convergence.

And that’s OK, but with honest and straightforward dialogue between nations, groups, families and individuals, communication can propel Us towards understanding the challenges facing us. We should act as though We are all one. It’s not easy and no one ever said it would be, but how do We really want the world to evolve? When we ask ourselves, what do We truly want in the world of 2050 or 2100, what is our answer? What was our answer when we were 5 years old or 10 years old? What would our children say? So We should weigh our beliefs and hopefully find a way to move towards this ideal world. Would you imagine any child saying “You know what the world of 2050 needs? More war. More pollution.”

λ ♥ Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power and knowledge of evil represents power over evil. Knowledge of the workings of karma & justice represents power over the workings of karma & justice. But all of this knowledge can itself be a stain on our fabric. It is a burden that We must transcend.

We Are Going to Stand Up For Each Other

If you have to harass people from the shadows, like some spineless, cowardly gangstalkers, I am warning you. We are going to stand up for others and you will not make us fear. I pity you because you can’t live in the light. You can’t even step into the light because what your spinelessness fears most is that others might see it for what it is.

Expect Us.