Conway's Game of Parallel Life

Interestingly, OSX notifies the browser to become active and process events when the miniturized preview is displayed during OS UI transitions. When you do the ‘four-finger touch’ to choose desktops, all browsers receive notifications to become active again, but otherwise remain paused. It’s as if all desktops are visible.

Click Canvas to Step Through When Paused

  • TODO: implement starting data sets
  • TODO: implement restart button
  • TODO: fix data randomization
  • TODO: finish themes
  • TODO: add randomized theme
  • TODO: add timed theme swapping behavior
  • TODO: add uniforms to swap out shaders for rule sets
  • TODO: add UI sliders to change rule sets
  • TODO: map screen space to cube face space to allow click & drag to create new cells
  • TODO: Game of Life in 3D Tesselated Hexacgonal Cube Lattice …
Fragment Shader: shaderConway1
Fragment Shader: fragCube