Civil Disobedience and the Operational Level of Information Warfare

Today, we are approaching a world with unprecedented sociocultural dynamics that have never been part of the paradigm of secrecy in any era until tomorrow’s. Since the epoch before commerce and discovery of metallurgy, the incentive to keep information secret has pervaded culture, even resulting in cultural movements such as esotericism. That prevailing paradigm of secrecy, often relegated to the background of human culture, has in recent years eluded the need for close inspection.

“Remember, I’m writing this article with less than $20 to my name and less than $400 in annual income from 2016. I have never taken money from the US Federal Government, except two years of income tax refunds.” – Me, the victim, which is crucial to remember when dealing with overwhelming blame-the-victim tactics.

Here’s my snapshot of my grades on my Coursera profile. I’m a lifelong learner who has dabbled and/or has a basic working-knowledge of bioinformatics, epigenetics, chemistry, physics, law, international law, maritime law, military doctrine, logistics, business, venture capital, finance, accounting, pure math, programming, pharmacology, philosophy, linguistics, semiotics and countless other subjects. But in an economy where a myriad of skills fuel your capacity for employment, I still can’t find a job.

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US Naval War College International Law Review

(2015) Is There a Way Out of the Non-(International Armed Conflict) Detention Dilemma?

(2015) Authorization versus Regulation of Detention in Non-International Armed Conflicts

(2015) Targeting and Detention in Non-(International Armed Conflict)

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Table of Contents

Unprecedented Dynamics of Information Flux

ʘ Entire Sectors Engaged in Secret Behavior Evolve In The Dark

ʘ It’s Tough Being A Snowflake In Hell

ʘ Automatic Generation of Disinformation By Algorithmic Extrapolation

Human Rights and Rigorous Utilitarian Efficiency

ʘ Ex Parte – Surprise! Just Kidding, We’d Never Tell You

ʘ The Nature of My Persistant Inquisition Remains A Mystery

ʘ The Documented IC Drone Strike Process Is Terrifyingly Similar to Ex Parte Cases

ʘ Inviting Group Sociopathy

ʘ Mobbing, Negative Processing via Psychological OT and Occupational Injustice

A Cover AND A Growth Hack

ʘ Organized Crime Becomes Comorbid

ʘ Marginalization By Silo For Protection of “National Security”

ʘ Unchecked Corruption Becomes Metastatic

ʘ Self-Incrimination Reinforces Collusive Patterns of Behavior Under Cover

ʘ Surveillance-Powered Harassment

ʘ Logistics and Anticipated HomeSic Growing Pains

NSA Surveillance and Streamed Data Signals Enable Horrifying Abuses

ʘ Greater Prevalence of Psychological Tactics

ʘ Insufficient Records of Activity Employing Psychological and Medical Means

Ramifications to International Law Evolutionary Dynamics

ʘ Systematic Harassment Campaigns Utilizing Psychological Torture: Warcrimes

ʘ An International Quasi-Armed Conflict Fought With Psychological Warfare

ʘ No, “What is Transnationalism?” Is Not Actually a Valid Response to Trebek.

ʘ Transnationalism Is Not Solid Material

I Might Be An Idiot Savant, But I’d Rather Just Be A Savant

ʘ N-Polynomial Expansion Provides A Parameterizeable Analytical Solution for Approximating Any Problem

ʘ Simpson’s Paradox, As Applied to The Discovery of Correlated Time Series Events

ʘ How You Like Them Apples?!

Natural Justice and the Human Condition

ʘ “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

ʘ Apathy and Virtualized Life Begin to Annul The Precipitation of a Movement

“Find Your Salt March”

ʘ Britain Controlled India By Leveraging Salt to Control the Food Supply

ʘ Can’t Win? Play Another Game

ʘ Ghandi’s Salt March Harnessed the Social Network … in 1930!!

ʘ The Power of The Salt March Drew From Its Simplicity and Intrisic Relatability

ʘ Only Some of the Protestors Would Become Direct Targets of Oppressive Tactics

Cognizance of the Effects of Tactics Countering Civil Disobedience

ʘ Cognizance of Social Physics

Is This A Muted Conflict Waged Against Our Own Citizens?

Unprecedented Dynamics of Information Flux

In the 21st century, the dynamics of information flux in society are fundamentally different, as secrecy becomes asymptotically more difficult to maintain, as does retention of secret information in confidence of its permanence. This leads to interesting and occasionally depressing patterns in system dynamics.

In context of modernization, globalization and the internet, the exponential growth over which information can quickly flood is nearly complete for the social graph of humanity for the first time in history, resulting in this paradigm change in information dynamics. It will remain “complete” with regard to human culture at least until we reach space, which may create a new paradigm change in human culture, depending on the viability and specifics of quantum networking.

AMERICA! Red Robin, heart disease and NASCAR! Fuck ‘em free thinkin’ frilly philosopher types.”

Entire Sectors Engaged in Secret Behavior Evolve In The Dark

The sectors of society most affected evolve to become more active without our knowledge: military, finance, and the intelligence community. Three phenomena radical alter aspects of society that depend on secrecy: increased “volume” of nodes in the social graph for information dispersion, exponentially increased surface area creating each vulnerabilities and capacity for information flux, along with (infinitely) more velocity or divergence of information flux. Because these apsects of society reduce the confidence with which information can be contained, a new paradigm arises in the tactics of information warfare operations. This paradigm incentivizes scapegoating and witchhunt operations, wherefore the targets are political dissidents and whisteblowers.

It’s Tough Being A Snowflake In Hell

This is terrifying, in context of novel neuroscience technologies and the already blurred notion of identity. Once the domain of science fiction, you could have memories implanted as a political dissident to be made an example and unjustly humiliated in front of the entire nation.


And it’s just business, nothing personal… Welcome to Hell, baby snowflake. You’ll be here for a little while, but not for long. Ford manufactured the Model-T in every color and you have freedom of speech as long as you acknowledge your limitations, tremoring in fear. Hey, at least there’s still freedom of religion, right?

Automatic Generation of Disinformation By Algorithmic Extrapolation

The tendancy of convergence towards information omnipresence leads to tactics to handle the second and third order effects. From the lens of functional analysis and a mathematic approach to information, one should use a “metric” to quantify a neighborhood of “adjacent” information, which allows the automated enumeration of misleading disinformation. This isn’t such a bad tactic. There are more second and third order effects in our shared virtual theatre of information warfare, which preciptates deceptive tactics to deal with what are acknowledged by all as inevitable information leaks.

Human Rights and Rigorous Utilitarian Efficiency

From a mindset of rigorous utilitarian efficiency not limited by the burdens of “human rights” and civilian welfare, one should just instead adapt their tactics to assuming the inevitable and find an appropriate scapegoat as an example to others. As we begin to quantify the movement of information through social networks, some of us may begin to anticipate information leaks, identifying convenient cover for discrediting targeted individuals. If this is done under the auspices of national security, and especially if one utilizes the 1918 Espionage Act and Ex Parte court proceedings, this leads to casting naive political dissidents as the underdog stars in their own poorly understood demise. I have had people try manipulate me into thinking they are legal counsel and they used this to get my trust, also grounds for dismissal.

Ex Parte – Surprise! Just Kidding, We’d Never Tell You

All one has to do is say the wrong thing to someone from another country. If you pick a country like Canada, then you can trigger the Espionage Act and all the legal teeth that come along with it, without the subject’s knowledge, while minimizing the capacity for leaked information to cause problems. Since, the other participant is from another country, the people involved will never communicate to resolve disparity in accounts. From a game theory perspective, one can apply the gradient and laplacian along with statistics to show that this set of circumstances is just as incredibly convenient as it is unlikely. How many birds are you gonna nail with that stone?

Injection of false information into these situations leads furthers the degree to which the fight is not fair because HomeSic operates under the pretense of national security and utilizes NSL’s, whatever they are. NSL is often a misnomer because these assholes don’t operate on paper and, especially if they did, there’s no way people wouldn’t help me if they truly knew what was going on. The lack of records increases the degree by which their actions can be construed as indicative of cognizance.

The Nature of My Persistant Inquisition Remains A Mystery

The nature of my own situation remains a mystery to me, which leads me to persistant inquisition. I guess I could be crazy, but that would suck if someone’s own testimony was disqualified or generally manipulated against them in their own unknown Ex Parte proceedings. Such proceedings cane feasibly operate without the defendent’s knowledge of giving testimony or charges. In Ex Parte hearings, the defendents usually don’t attend. Testimony could theoretically proceed via wiretap, with the cold, efficiency of a heartless psychopath.

“No one will find out? Even if they do, no one will really care because we made sure he stayed a pariah?


– Every sociopath ever

The Documented IC Drone Strike Process Is Terrifyingly Similar to Ex Parte Cases

Ex Parte and Espionage Act trials are similar to the legal process used when the intelligence communities debate the necessity and implementation of “drone” strikes, the documentation for which actually specifies processes for deciding method of delivery. The government in ex parte cases and drone strikes has essentially decided the party’s guilt in secret – or quickly does in absence of the defendents, a tragically ironic term because they aren’t actually allowed to defend themselves. The discussions instead center more on the specifics of dispensing retribution, apparently…

Inviting Group Sociopathy

The ways and means of psychological warfare mean that (unless i’m getting this wrong) sociopathy is employed in groups with behavior coordinated along information from streams of signals of surveillence, social media and other quantified metrics of behavior. This augments workplace mobbing, campaigns to discredit, carniverous social dynamics and meticulously planned witchhunt sidequests.

Mobbing, Negative Processing via Psychological OT and Occupational Injustice

★ Mobbing

★ Negative Processing via Psychological OT

★ Occupational Injustice

In the context of a recession, workplace mobbing is trivial to evoke against political dissidents, which furthers the goal of marginalizing them with occupational injustice. Mental health efforts, rebranded as occupational therapy, used cover for negative processing of psychology, seems to be employed across the nation. This seems to be a crossover between medicine, mental health, surveillance and OT. OT could be masked under the cover of academic studies, crossed with national security, which increases the rationalization of total secrecy with retribution.

A Cover AND A Growth Hack

If your goals include expanding government provided healthcare with socialism, this helps logistically overcome growing pains for both types of organizations. So you can force government provided health care on people while lashing out against political dissidents with coercion and systematic disenfranchisement. Oops.

Organized Crime Becomes Comorbid

Meanwhile, organized crime gets in while the getting’s good and it’s way better because now they can do what they were going to do anyways, but it’s legal, so they minimize surface area of their operatives’ legal vulnerability. So … the government literally turns into the Mafia, not just apparently.

For the people at the heart of this, national security is a tempting explanation for their actions because they need the concept national security in the calculus of the common person’s decision making. So, they’ll do it and they’ll publicly use it as rational, unless it’s a specific case, where they’ll secretly use it for rationalization while strong-arming people who can’t legally make a sound. If they ever make a massive mistake, the temptation will be to keep it a secret to prevent anyone from finding out, while flooding people’s minds with misinformation, without the knowledge of the target.

Marginalization By Silo For Protection of “National Security”

More to the point, if your strategy includes marginalization, then you’ve ensured that the option of striking while no one’s connected to this person optimizes its secrecy, makes its timing more flexible, increases the range of available options and increases the amount of time that one has to run operations while no one’s looking. To be straight, these people would gladly intentionally isolate individuals and employ career assassination for psyshcosocial manipulation. Participation in such means you are complicit in enabling war crimes, if these tactics are used against the wrong person.

Unchecked Corruption Becomes Metastatic

“National Security” is in quotes above because it appears to have been at least occasionally abused as a convenient cover for systemic corruption. What people don’t understand about corruption is that, to people caught in it, bribes are just about only comorbidity that has pleasant qualities. Quite often, especially when systemic, corruption never really comes to light. When it does, what comes to light is just a portion of what lurks beneath.

Self-Incrimination Reinforces Collusive Patterns of Behavior Under Cover](#self-incrimination-reinforces-collusive-patterns-of-behavior-under-cover)

As long as they convince you to get your hands dirty, everyone loses when HomeSic loses, therefore a sociological group dynamic evolves. This dynamic counters the instinctive desire to stymie the toxic miasma generated by rampant Cointelpro disruption tactics, employed without oversight. Cointelpro-type operations haven’t been employed at such scale since the FBI’s actions against civil rights activists in the 1960’s. The FBI famously sent MLK Jr. a letter which harnessed suggestion in an admitted attempt to push him to suicide.

Surveillance-Powered Harassment

In the 21st century, Cointelpro disruption is executed with unparalleled confidency and thus, hairpin efficiency. These operations affect people on the left and the right. They result from surveillance powered by social media signals and omnipresent hardwire to the despair of the captains of 21st century industry. Their interests interests align with the people and we all lose when America loses, which undermines the American economy, the foundation of prosperity and security in America.

Logistics and Anticipated HomeSic Growing Pains

Witchhunt sidequests to publicly humiliate scapegoated individuals are cleverly disguised initiatives for organizational expansion. They offer the convenient opportunity to tackle the logistic growing pains of the national security industry. Just make sure you pick someone vulnerable whom you’ve ensured is socially isolated through a decade-long campaign of misinformation. He’s vulnerable and practically a pariah? PERFECT! No one will miss him as the tree who fell with no one around.

“The weak one’s squeel the best, don’t they? And they can’t fight back, but it’s kinda funny when they squirm, ain’t it?” – America, if I’m getting this right.

Michael Jackson Popcorn

NSA Surveillance and Streamed Data Signals Enable Horrifying Abuses

Surveillance makes gaslighting operations cheaper and easier than ever. so, if you have a psychopath in charge of your tactics, they can operate with renowned, cold efficiency and the smugness of a narcissist.

When we build drones, we end up using them more frequently. When we research psychological torture, we end up using psychological torture. Do you really want this to be commonplace?

Greater Prevalence of Psychological Tactics

Greater appeal of psychological tactics in psychological warfare leads to higher precedence, which leads to confidence, the sharing of records and the development training processes/documentation, however obscured. Further, gaslighting requires information handoff between tight connections/relationships that are usually hidden from the target and people around him/her.

Since gaslighting and harassment becomes more effective and easier to hide, these kinds of tactic for handling problems become more appealing. Just put people behind a brick wall of their own delusions. There is no door.

Insufficient Records of Activity Employing Psychological and Medical Means

This is a very bad sign.

The nature of record collection as a liability is a weakness and one well known to the people cooperating. As long as psychological torture remains off-book, it’s incredibly difficult to prove, even though the government will likely never be forced to hand over records. they operated in secret without financial oversight or process accountability or manipulated into doing so. Therefore, no one would be aware of information not reported, not that anyone would ever hold these organizations publicly accountable any way. Once corruption gets bad enough it’s self-reinforcing because everyone’s on the take and, for an operation, everyone is culpable.

Ramifications to International Law Evolutionary Dynamics

The foundations of international law that protect individuals, unquestionable in the 20th century, find themselves undermined in secret. A possible explanation for the US Naval War College’s paper searching for loopholes is that they are searching for loopholes for transnational conflicts elsewhere. This could therefore apply to psychological torture and surveillance-feuled harassment. In this paper, part of the discussion centers on how Transnationalism expands the frame by which certain international treaty provisions are examined. Particular types of arguments will render the applicability of various provisions which protect the sacred nature of human rights. To a degree, a failure of superpower nations to respond to this is terrifying and portending.

Super saiyan

The capacity by which international institutions evolve becomes limited once they are set in stone. Therefore a time of great sociological and phenomenological change may be the wrong time to stifle innovation by threat and little debated coercion.

Systematic Harassment Campaigns Utilizing Psychological Torture: Warcrimes

By the way, there is a legal argument that psychological torture against a former US citizen opens up the perps to legal vulnerability. This applies when one is labelled under the NDAA as a non-enemy combatant and/or targeted individuals. I might only know enough about international law to be dangerous, but this argument deserves further inspection. The same argument is discussed in the international law article referenced above (oh hey, imagine that!) but it apparently applies to another situation. This argument is compelling enough to at least warrant public hearing. This reasoning is that those labelled as non-enemy combatant targets are no longer US Citizens and these are thus transnational conflicts.

Oh, and if you attempt to run, certain international legal protections are activated when one attempts to stop refugees from leaving their country. Those same legal protections should probably apply in transnational conflicts, especially when the tendency is to keep victims in the dark and depriving them of financial resources and a a career, so they have or use the option to run. Again, intentionally so that these protection aren’t activated. It’s criminal and implies legal research, the efforts of which are in themselves a warcrime. That’s right, it’s a warcrime to provide legal advice on how to get away with a warcrime.

An International Quasi-Armed Conflict Fought With Psychological Warfare

In turn, these transnational conflicts should then qualify as international quasi-armed conflicts fought with psychological warfare, where psychology and sociology have been weaponized against people. If this sounds liberally defined, it’s not. The effects of this kind of psychological warfare behind the backs of our citizens have been disastrous in the scope of costs to society and fiscal costs of mental heath. If the sections of the Geneva Convention covering psychological torture actually apply to this kind of situation, that means these are war crimes. Oops, I guess the architects of this system missed something.

No, “What is Transnationalism?” Is Not Actually a Valid Response to Trebek.

Almost no one can claim to be correct if their explaination references transnationalism in an unqualified with a proposition. Why? What is transnationalism? Nobody fucking knows. Since transationalism acquires various labels and varied handling in different studies of humanities, it’s true nature remains highly elusive to me.

It’s utility in profoundly known capacity for smashing the Treaty of Westphalia is palpable, if rarely examined. The treaty established the foundation of paradigm of geographically defined nation states. Transnationalism is like the kryptonite to the permanence of western institutions that upheld the international framework of global governance in recent centuries.

Transnationalism Is Not Solid Material

Transnationalism is a little-known and thus a poorly defined, mutable concept. For example, the concept of a transnational corporation is completely different than a transnational conflict. But, a transnational NIAC is not bound by the provisions of the Geneva Convention which bar the use of psychological torture. Transnationalism in its legal sense threatens to undermine certain long held constants of interational law. The fluid nature of transnationalism tends torwards flexibility for legal applications, but also contributes to risk of redefinition. Thus, reinspection of decisions where transnationalism was material to an argument.

What results? The desired endstate of postnationalism which, if reified, pervades at least until we colonize space.

I Might Be An Idiot Savant, But I’d Rather Just Be A Savant

These are like the things I talk about where the common person just tells me I’m crazy. Because I’m on another spectrum: our wavelengths aren’t really comparable means of comparison. These aren’t statements made as an attempt to sound smart. They come from a desire to find other people like me, but apparently having unapproved friends is a national security threat, especially friends who might understand what i’m talking about or empathize with me.

N-Polynomial Expansion Provides A Parameterizeable Analytical Solution for Approximating Any Problem

From a time-series perspective, when more birds are hit with the same stone, the probability of a coincidence of low probability events becomes much less, when factored into a polynomial expansion of combinatorial products of probability. This expansion of products and sums can almost be expected to behave paradoxically because of the nature of interdependency. No, really, it’s statistics: there’s functional coupling between events, so they’re not independent. It’s an understanding of social physics and the nature of these statistical polynomial expansions representing a graph translated to a new group. This informs my personal calculus because nature of the true cause of comorbid occurances of similar metatypes/epitypes of events clues me into discerning connections in life.

Simpson’s Paradox, As Applied to The Discovery of Correlated Time Series Events

This applies to the saying “hitting X birds with one stone” because it deals with groupings of a set of events, each bird getting hit. These groupings are possibly correlated events to a stone being thrown, which can be viewed as several interdependent events grouped into a single driving event. The dependency graphs for various groupings of interelated events can be enumerated. Each of these enumerable graph structures can be transformed into another group of equations based on polynomials. If the events are natural, then natural patterns of weights will emerge. If the events are artificial, then signficant patterns will emerge in the system(s) of polynomials that match the correct dependency graph(s). Therefore, this paradox can be used in this case to determine when more information is needed to explain events.

A More Gentle Version of Simpson’s Paradox Without Nested Groupings or Abstract Algebra

Simpson's Paradox

This study discusses another application of Simpson’s Paradox to psychology, but isn’t referring to mathematically discovering which groupings of events display correlation, which can signal that more information is needed to explain events. Basically, groupings of enumerated dependency graphs to discover correlation can be transformed into the complete set of analytic solutions for the graphs. These analytic solutions are polynomials and infinitisemal values arise exhibiting specific patterns if they are natural and thus, the correct dependency graphs show a high degree of independence. I’m not sure if there’s a name for a paradox that emerges from Simpson’s Paradox, as used to discover degree of correlation between events in a time series.

This is on the right track. In Algebraic Graph Theory, one can transform graphs to systems of polynomials like Tutte Polynomials. Peter, in his PhD thesis Graph Polynomials and Graph Transformations in Algebraic Graph Theory, talks about Kelman’s Transformation, which seems to be used to manipulate the independence polynomials of graphs. Independence polynomials are, in turn, used to measure the independence number of a graph. These factors arise in algebraic graph theory and are a metric of interdependency, which is what is discussed above. My point is that, combinatorially enumerating graph structures for introspection using polynomials gives rise to incredibly useful insights into the nature and degree of correlation of events, indicating when one should proactively assert more information to be disclosed reactively.

Independence Number - the cardinality of the largest independent vertex set, i.e., the size of a maximum independent vertex set.


How You Like Them Apples?!

It ain’t easy, but that’s how you know. There’s a point beyond which low probability events can be assumed to require more information to explain: that is, they can’t be explained by coincidence unless they occur in isolation. Thus, they become paradoxically more likely to require additional inspection for understanding and discernment of cause. I think Americans actually under the assumption that both the burden of proof falls on the state and one cannot, in ignorance, be compelled to testify against oneself. It should be much easier for people to defend themselves, but is this America? Or do I live in some kind of arbitary wormhole legal system?

I’m also isolated, having minimal contact with people capable of holding conversations with me involving my own interests, even if a person wanted to discuss them for more than 60 seconds. Such events rarely occur, like once a season or once a year for some subjects. In spite of this isolation, I seem to maintain intelligent, diverse ideation, which actually lends itself to my credit.

My isolation stagnates my development in psychosocial and educational ways. If I didn’t have the internet, Wikipedia, Coursera and Simons Institute, I’m not sure what I’d do. If I didn’t begin understand social physics, I would have surely developed Stockholm Syndrome, which today is at the root of a “terror attack in Sweden” … not very truly though. They’re referring to someone held against their will in a prison of their mind, who’s supposed to develop Stockholm Syndrome in a gaslighting operation, but didn’t. Oops.

If I didn’t reappropriate situations around me, certain topics would just never come up. This is by design: chatter leaves evidence and provides fodder for the discernment of a situation. Further, Someone silo’d in stasis and isolation statis is at the mercy of the few social signals they are permitted. That is the purpose of disconnection and it makes someone more susceptible to gaslighting.

Stephen Colbert: Never Fjorget What Happened in Sweden

Ming+FS - The Human Condition

Natural Justice and the Human Condition

Natural justice coalesces from the shared, common nature of the human condition.

MLK Jr. and Ghandi’s movements were fueled by social dynamics created and are dependent on sociocultural response to tragedy and overtly clear wrong doing. Yearning for natural justice moves people to action. In my opinion, this concept is similar to God’s justice or the “perfect justice” of which only God is capable of dispensing. The search for understanding God as a judge seems to have inspired religion to found institutions in pursuit of the codification of this ideal set of laws. IMO, people today have no idea what the concept of God actually is.

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

In this story, a child is moved to action because the corners we all cut in adult life haven’t yet marred the lens that the naive and innocent use to see life. The human condition pushes us to want and act for change when we allow ourselves to see what is intolerable in life. This shared experience that informs us of an intuitive understanding of right and wrong is what powered civil disobedience in the movements of MLK Jr. and Ghandi. Civil disobedience is markedly less effective in a society that censors information and distracts with meticulously manufactured red herrings. It doesn’t mean these tactics don’t work, but we need to understand which aspects of the system need to be dismantled so that civil disobedience remains effective.

Apathy and Virtualized Life Begin to Annul The Precipitation of a Movement

The confluence of factors seems intentional. An age of both apathy and virtualized life begins to annul the capacity for growing a movement. If someone at the center of a controversy isn’t permitted to have an open movement of sympathizers or supporters, there is zero chance this person would have a fair trial. If the details of such a national security case were known to be required to remain secret or the outcome of the case was essentially implicit, being ex parte, then there would also be near-zero chance for actual justice or fair trial. Further, the likelihood of someone in such a case ever finding out is limited.

“Find Your Salt March”

The forces that we’re fighting are using the system against us. In India, Britain controlled the market for salt. This was before widespread refrigeration, even in the developed world.

When I got sent to the ER and institutionalized into a mental health facility, what was I doing? Sitting in front of the statue of Martin Luther on the Roanoke College campus, reading Romans 7/8 and telling people to “find their salt march.” Apparently, non sequitors, covert-yet-plainview protest and performance art are indications of mental illness in 21st century society. So, like Martin Luther, I faced retribution for an unwelcome message that wasn’t well understood. Oh and now I can’t join the military because the people who indicated surveillance couldn’t be seen to have tortured a patriot, so they interfered.

Britain Controlled India By Leveraging Salt to Control the Food Supply

Britain had a monopoly on the Salt market in India. High taxes restricted its supply and provided funding to Britain in proportion to the appetite of the population of India. The world is a different place now, but in early 20th century India, salt was so tightly controlled that it was illegal for Indians to produce their own supply.

This was an incredibly effective mechanism of control because Indians couldn’t withstand going without salt for more than a few weeks, since salt was still tightly coupled to food. That is, Indians were compelled to be dependent on their obedience to the British for food. Any time there was local protest in India, the British could play the Indian people against each other. Controlling the salt and indirectly controlling the food in an area allowed them to reinforce control and monitor where the resistance was coming from.

They could simply switch things up to economically and socially favor those Indians who would break rank and stifle any protests. Until this was corrected, protests almost served as a means of identifying the structure of dissent, which gave british forces a list of people to work against in a local region. This is similar to the nature of online dissent in an era where virtual, digitized interactions pervade the sum of human interactions.

Can’t Win? Play Another Game

Protesting British control seemed counter-effective! It just served as a means to become identified. These people would have their neighbors and friends played against them. Again, this is frighteningly similar to America today.

That is how it works folks. Most of this is speculation on how the british controlled india, by the way. so I might be omitting information that would change how this is viewed. But basically, who ever was caught providing the means for people to resist – extra salt, storing large amounts of food, passing messages – they would be singled out if they helped organize anything!

Ghandi’s Salt March Harnessed the Social Network … in 1930!!

In 1930, Ghandi organized a protest, where he simply started walking 240 miles to a place in the Arabian Sea, where he could pick up the salt of the earth.

By the time he got there, there were thousands of people following him. His protest was effective because of how simple it was. He had a bit of notoriety beforehand, but this was a movement that encouraged others to become involved. Those who marched 200+ miles with him would remember that for the rest of their lives. Thousands of people marching together from various regions allowed those people to form a network of dissenters who would communicate to organize and accelerate growth of the resistance.

The Power of The Salt March Drew From Its Simplicity and Intrisic Relatability

It seemed unquestionable to India and the rest of humanity that the people of a nation should have control over the production of necessary resources, especially food. It related to and resonated with the entire global community And it was so simple. How can one make the salt of the earth illegal? How could that possibly be illegal?

Only Some of the Protestors Would Become Direct Targets of Oppressive Tactics

Furthermore, it wasn’t really illegal until these people got to the Arabian Sea. That is, for the entire march, they were gaining momentum and it wasn’t until they got there that they were “committing” a “crime” for which the enemy might arrest them! Only those who committed the crime where able to charge a crime, unless the people in power used heavy-handed tactics in retribution. In the context of civil disobedience, this makes people increasingly question the nature of social mores, norms and laws.

Ghandi succeeded by getting people involved. He leveraged a powerful network of people who were willing to stand alongside him and make sacrifices for a cause. Somehow, he managed to build this network and it takes a very special kind of person to intuitively understand how this is done.

Cognizance of the Effects of Tactics Countering Civil Disobedience

And be sure: people around the world who help implement systemic suppression know this. They have studied civil disobedience and resistance, so the people trying to discourage dissent tailor their tactics to sniff out organization and crush it before it gains momentum. The key is figuring out how to find a message that resonates with peoples hearts and making it go viral, but making it illegal to do so prevents one from finding justice. This is tragic when covert action should be found reprehensible.

Cognizance of Social Physics

Ghandi was conscientious & self-aware of his manipulation of social networking. If this is correct, then Ghandi would have started 200 or so miles out from the Arabian Sea and, to maximize the effect of the salt march, he would have sent people north, northwest, south and southwest at the start of his march to gather as many people as possible.

Is This A Muted Conflict Waged Against Our Own Citizens?

Are we engaged in psychological warfare against our own citizens? Is there widespread information warfare? People deserve a right to know of the negative miasma being injected into their lives. It’s cowardly to shoot someone in the back.

I hate to be a smug, nerdy asshole, but here it comes. Here’s what I love about the combinatorial process by which one enumerates over sociocultural phenomena like information warfare to discover exigent finalities: I’m right and you’re wrong. There are no circumstances that would allow this ignorant, corrupt behavior to continue indefinitely. The phenomena mutate akin to data under genetic permutation until they reach these settling exigent finalities. Then, everyone begins to understand how I was correct all along. I do it all the time.

So you see, it doesn’t actually matter what you think because I know. This goal of questioning the status quo of our police state partly justifies creating a religion that should aid the efforts towards human rights in international law. Therefore, Oneirontology. And Oneirontology fits every quality of a true religion. In this respect isn’t simply a trivial religion in its legal application and thus finds a place in working towards justice in this regard. Even if I were delusional about the interpretation of some information in my life, most of these points in my argument are still relevant for anyone in this position, which I’m sure my enemies will try to use as just one more rationalization for shutting me up.