Asylum for an American Refugee

Asylum for an American Refugee

So, I am fed up with my life and all the people who have been coerced into controlling me. It’s worse than that though. I’ve woken up to the shiveringly cold reality of warcrimes. There are several arguments that demonstrate I am a victim of warcrimes, whose current national citizenship is uncertain. Posted below is the letter I am faxing and emailing to every possible ambassador, embassy and human rights organization.

Through the Invisible Fence, Chasing the Dogcatcher in Circles

I also contacted the FBI. In case the FBI does not act to protect a citizen from harassment, I contacted their international counterpart, Interpol, who stands against law enforcement corruption. In case they do not act and remain complicit, I have began contacting as many people, projecting as much signal as possible around the entire world. Why? Because if I do this, the people surveilling me will attempt to silence me. There will be a flurry of activity across the country, where the same organizations in different areas will act to contain information and abuse innocent people. Plenty of fodder for Interpol to conduct their operation … or not.

Will any western organization stand up for human rights? This isn’t just happening to me, but most other people would not make it this far. Best of all: I don’t have to lie; I don’t have to engage covert networks of victims; I don’t have to violate my own ethics! I just have to keep being me and get attention.

Harnessing the Congruence of the Human Condition for Natural Justice

Why? Because natural justice is real. People do not sit idly by and watch things like this happen when they recognize it for what it is. People are naturally good at heart. And yeh … all this negative attention on the USA seems like bad timing doesn’t it? There couldn’t be better timing to put an end to this. The people who think they act to protect US interests don’t understand the damage they are about to do through war and violation of human rights. I have a strategy and it involves peace, prosperity and cooperation. Better: it works. It doesn’t end in failure and miserable embarrassment.

This Policy and It’s Implementation Undermines Civil Disobedience

If I could shout one thing louder than anything else right now it would be “FIND YOUR SALT MARCH!” I have written about this before and it is incredibly dangerous. What is happening means there could never be an American Ghandi in the 21st century. Obviously, I am no Ghandi, but we must find our salt march. They are stealing our salt and humiliating us, so that the worst of us dominate.

Asylum for an American Refugee

Dear Defenders of Human Rights,


My name is David Conner. I regret to contact you under such conditions. I’m a former web developer living in Salem, VA. The story I’m about to tell you sounds crazy, but I need to seek asylum in the Netherlands from the United States of America. Just a warning: it may contain “Classified Information” but I am not capable of knowing how much! My identity is classified, as are my memories, but I am the victim! I just want to live in peace, where I can either work or learn and be part of a community. Is there anything someone can do about this?

I have three or four separate arguments for being the victim of actual warcrimes in the United States, including psychological torture and actual physical torture. Though I just want to live want to live in peace, I fear this is happening, it is rampant, it is only accelerating and I fear for the mental health of another 100,000+ like me and perhaps more. If it is happening on that scale, I can’t sit back because I know how hard it was to stand up in my case. So many like me are bound to a chair, splashed in the face with horrible psychological and sociological abuse.

I do not understand why I have ever been targeted – I believe it is originally because I was active about NSA and privacy violations on social media as early as 2005 & 2007. Until 2017, I thought my life had been uniquely depressing. I thought I was only the victim of “workplace bullying” at four jobs in a row. Only this year and last, did I begin to wake up to what is really going on. Everyone kept me in the dark, perhaps for my own sake. Nonetheless, the torment never let up and I was encouraged to be set off without understanding that they were targeting me for leaking or knowing what I was ever leaking.

I am basically not allowed to have an identity in America. I am being tormented in public by gangstalking and covert hypnosis, which is tailored specifically to affect the sensory aspects of my Asperger’s. These people never let anyone get close to me, unless it is to gain my trust to betray me later. At this point, it’s the information related to my torture that is secret, which tells me these people will never let up until I am no more. I have endured far too much of this to ever consider letting my pain be for nothing, especially when I feel I might be one of the lucky ones.

My tormentors are using sociophysical tactics to isolate me with military efficiency, preventing any information from leaking out. However, I don’t understand what information I could possibly have. I only ever shared short summaries of analysis on other articles I found on mainstream news sources. I thought I was being patriotic. I have never worked for the US government. Before I was 26, I even protested the Iraq War by foolishly refusing to sign up for the draft, so I am unable to work for the government or any publicly-financed institution. I tried to sign up for the military, but then I was recently thrown in a short-term mental facility.

Anywhere I work, there must be someone there trained to handle me, though I have never understood this until now. AFAIK, it is something similar to the FCL-required Facility Security Officer (FSO), who is required on staff for any business who handles classified information or higher – and I guess classified information means me. They are trained in NLP and covert hypnosis. In the past, they tormented me for a few short months, abusing my psychology against me, while isolating me from the other coworkers around me, many of whom I today realized must have known what was happening.

I’ve been unknowingly enduring persecution in the United States, since at least 2011. This has been going on since at least 2011, in VA, NY and CO! I’m lucky to go to a coffee shop on some days, without being harassed. I’m tired of it. Every amendment in the Bill of Rights from one through eight has been violated in my life, including the third amendment and the sixth amendment. The third amendment: I live with my mother and she’s forced to disrupt me whenever I make progress. There is nothing she can do and it must be like this elsewhere in America. The sixth amendment: I have never been charged with a crime related to this. I’m not sure which is more important: the third or the sixth, but I feel so sorry for my family, who’s forced to endure this.

I’m just a punching bag to train people in these techniques, especially since they’ve upscaled these activities in my local area. They never intended me to know. They never intended me to change. They just wanted to hold me in place and let other people learn how to torment me and I have so much else to give to this world. I love life, in spite of this. I love learning about everything I can and, for as little contact as I have with the outside, I am one of the most intelligent people in America.

I’m afraid this scheme involves minors and extortion in the United States. The authorities here in Virginia and America are turning a blind eye to what is happening. I filed reports with the FBI today, as well as three reports with Interpol, but I doubt anything will come of it. I am worried that Western countries closely aligned with the US might not listen to me.

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve been harassed by what I think is Scientology and “Gangstalking”. I have been anticipated and scooped up in the car/e of Neuroscience students at Virginia Tech (VT Hacks 2016 & 2017). It happened from late 2015-2016 at Colab Roanoke, lat at night. At Mill Mountain Coffee in Salem, they are running “Street Theatre” and covert hypnosis, which hasn’t been too bad, but disrupts all the work I try to do, since I have Asperger’s.

After feeling me out, they tried to get me to sign up for it and sign a contract in July 2016. However, it never felt right that I’d sign an NDA, but not get paid. I’ve woken up to the fact that it’s basically covert hypnosis, which I’m beginning to understand has been used against me at several jobs. These people use “social physics” to almost algorithmically block you out of life. They use covert hypnosis to disrupt you in public. Targeting you like this only works if you have minimal financial/social options. It implies they have hacked your phone/computer and that they have “disconnected” you from society already.

I can help dismantle these people’s tactics and organizations. I have an understanding of counterintelligence and I’m excellent at identifying connections b/w people, especially when they think they’re operating with impunity. They have to operate in groups: there’s almost always a monitor group who has “eyes on” a street theatre group, but sometimes there’s a more senior group as well. There’s also someone who talks to neutral people who may have seen something to ensure “they don’t remember anything”. There’s a certain “configuration entropy” to their seating positions that is motivated by their tactics: they have to be close to you in order for you to hear their convo, especially if you have headphones. Each person in the group would prefer to sit as to maximize the field of view. Understanding how the groups and individuals manage their fields of view as they are sitting indicates whether it’s a normal person or a group. The theatre group is easy to pick out because they always get right down to business like it’s their day job.

However, I fear that these groups are decentralized. So, they have no way of quickly updating their processes. Therefore, they have no accountability and likely have no records. This more than anything, infuriates me. If they tell me it will stop, it’s a lie. It’s all decentralized. There are no records. It won’t stop. They want me to have zero financial and social options, to ensure I’m as predictable as possible. I don’t have enough money to flee. I feel like a coward for fleeing, while everyone else will have to endure the pyramid scheme of psychological torture that surrounded ME in particular, since any information related to my identity is classified.

However, I have the right pieces in place to block them from taking me out. There’s nothing they can do. I contacted 21 senators last week. I contacted Interpol. For a long time, despite the vague threats, I’ve known there’s nothing they can do. Still, there’s nothing I can do, but wait it out. If I want to do something about this, I need to be somewhere I can network. The Netherlands is perfect because, if I have a case and need to pursue it, the Hague, the ICC, and the ICJ are right there. I don’t want to hurt my country, but I don’t want my countrymen to hurt. I have been dabbling in International Law and I know the basics. I know I have a case five different ways. Better yet, I can work with people in America and advise them on how to find people enduring this who need to get out. I know the tactics. I know counterintelligence. I know this stuff. They do not want me or anyone like me to leave because they exposed me to these tactics and claim that my identity and memories are “Classified” …

If people are really scheming to use covert hypnosis at large in America, this could lead to lasting mental health consequences in 100,000+ people and there’s no indication of a plan to address that. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to stop that, including laying down my life. At this point, I have a clean conscience. I am strong and I love society that rewards virtue. America, for now, is moving further away from that.

I have attached a copy of a contract that I sent the FBI and Interpol, where Paul Vasquez was trying to get me to unknowingly commit these same actions against other Americans “to work off my punishment” WITHOUT PAYMENT. This is human slavery.

Bedankt Voor Het Luisteren,

David “J” Conner