Appistack is a technology stack template for startups and API-driven applications. Appistack enables developers to hit the ground running with an API and single page app deployed to Heroku/Divshot in less than an hour.


Voxxel is an app that scores accents and impressions of soundbytes from movies and TV. It includes an AngularJS frontend, including spectrogram animations built with HTML Canvas, D3 and WebAudio. An iOS prototype was built with Swift. An android prototype was also developed.

MRI Brain Scans

Yup. I open sourced my brain. Here it is. If you're on OSX, you'll need to download OsiriX if you really want to view these images. Just import the folder as a new DICOM database. There are several online applications available to view the data. If you are techno wizard, you can also use python's nipy and dipy to manipulate the data.


Spectra is a 3D Graphics Library for iOS, written in Swift. It's based on the new Metal framework, which opens the door for new possibilities! Spectra is focused on utilizing the functional facets of the Swift language to enable vibrant new graphical programming techniques. Dependency Injection maximizes simplicity. Render pipelines can be constructed dynamically. Nodes in the Scene Graph can be flexibly interweaved. Geometry and Compute Shaders are at the forefront.


Oscil8 was an audio discovery engine, but went through several pivots since its original inception in late 2011. It was a place where producers could publish new sounds and samples they're working on. Aspiring musicians could follow their favorite producers to understand how they produce their unique sound and could collaborate with other musicians. In future iterations, Oscil8 would have used AI to help artists develop new sounds for both software and hardware instruments. In late 2011, I originally imagined Oscil8 as a Github for musicians well before others understood the future demand for this. As that market was claimed, I pivoted, but never had the positioning I needed to work on the project for more than a few months.


This is a set of bioinformatics algorithms written in Clojure.


Skiima is a Ruby gem that allows you to define SQL DDL tasks for multiple environments. It can be used alongside Rails ActiveRecord migrations or with another Ruby ORM entirely. If your application depends on SQL views, functions or procedures for reporting or dashboards, Skiima is the best way to process your DDL.