Viral Introduction of Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer

There are myriads of autoimmune diseases out there and I’m postulating that, not only are many of these incidencts unnatural, many of these diseases may in fact be unnatural.

Also, many people have the wrong idea about biological warfare. We are not likely to see the spread of weaponized ebola or smallpox because that’s just ridiculous. If you’re fighting a war, you don’t want to use a weapon that will end up burning you as well. And you don’t want to use a weapon which will instill the will to fight in your enemies. Instead, biological warfare in the 21st century will come in the form of small targeted surgical strikes, which are likely only seen indirectly.

What I’ve written could be used to harm people

And so, I write this with hesitation. This theory of genetically engineered autoimmune diseases could also be completely wrong, but it’s worth inspecting more closely. If I had the proper channels through which to disseminate this information, I wouldn’t make it public.

But, few people listen to me and that’s tragic. Yes, I actually think it’s tragic. I’m supposed to be working on an MVP for a new startup, but I’m starting to think that my blogs and some of my ideas may be more important. So, I’ll get back to this startup idea very shortly.

HIV Honeypots

After all, I had independently considered the same high-level strategy that’s being used in the new promising treatment for HIV! I even mentioned it in an article back in October 2014.

Or maybe there’s a way to set up “HIV Honeypots,” harmless vacuoles with surface proteins that trick HIV into attaching and neutralizing itself.

I almost didn’t include it because it sounded so crazy. HIV Honeypots - I was amalgamating ideas from Computer Science with Biotechnology. Even though the specific mechanism I mentioned is somewhat different than this new HIV treatment, the high level strategy is the same: trick HIV into attaching itself to fake proteins and subsequently neutralizing itself.

Networking Honeypots

Networking Honeypots

From a high level, this HIV Honeypot strategy is very similar to the promising novel HIV treatment just announced this week!

Of course, these researchers have been working on novel HIV treatment strategy for well over a year and perhaps longer. All I’m trying to say is that I was on the right track before any of this was widely known. But, because I’m not in the position to do anything about it, I might as well have been speaking into an echo chamber. What else exists inside my head that could change the world?

“We took our clue from existing proteins that HIV needs to get into cells. So we took pieces of one of those proteins and we added it to a piece of an antibody and we added it to something that looks very much like a second protein that HIV needs. And the combination works much better than either the components or than any antibody.” - Dr. Farzan on WSJ Video.


What if I was in the position to direct research resources?

I believe I could help facilitate many discoveries and push the envelope in many, many fields. I have lots of original ideas, ranging from bioinformatics to medicine to astrophysics. And the most exciting aspect is that we are on sitting the cusp of technology that will free us from many of the problems that we have faced for millenia.

HP's The Machine

HP’s The Machine - Photonics Changes the Game!

It is unbelievable how just a few more of just the right advances in the next 10 to 20 years is going to open so many doors for us. Photonics in computing will enable software advances that totally revolutionize supercomputing, which totally revolutionizes computational science! From there, we can more intelligently direct research resources in an agile, strategic manner.

OK, moving on…

Tricking the immune system into attacking the body

This is possible and actually fairly simple. These methods have been available for decades, at least! All that is required is the insertion of RNA of a gene into a [fairly] non-communicable virus. If you insert the right gene – say for a human protein that is then expressed on the surface of a virus – then this protein may also be targeted by the human immune system! There’s a chance it could happen. I don’t know whether that chance is realistic.

Now, couple this with a protein which targets a specific part of the human body, by using a separate protein that latches onto features only expressed in that part of the body, like the liver, lymph nodes or neurons. This will increase the likelihood that the virus will remain docked in that region of the body. This will also increase the likelihood that an autoimmune disease will be triggered.

For example, you could trigger Myasthenia Gravis!

MG is a disease where the immune system targets Acetylcholine receptors. Specifically, the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor (nAChR) is usually attacked. However, what if you genetically engineered a virus to produce this protein on it’s surface. Then, when the body fights off the virus, there’s a chance the virus produces antibodies against this duplicate of the Human nAChR receptor. Especially if you were also to remove proteins in the virus which the immune system would normally target.

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor

Yes, this star-shaped receptor is real. Proteins are formed of subunits that combine in different ways to modulate slightly different functionality.

After your body eliminates the virus, the immune system then continues to target this protein. This is kind of an important protein by the way – nAChR is the same protein that nicotine activates. And here’s the worst part: there’s no way to get the immune system to stop attacking a protein it’s trained to fight. Once you’re poisoned in this manner, there’s no good way to handle it.


Ptosis like symptoms that get better and worse, accompaning fatigue, are early signs of Myasthenia Gravis.

It’s important to note that Myasthenia Gravis isn’t really that serious of a disases. But other autoimmune diseases really are. What if you triggered Lupus? Or tricked the immune system into attacking the Myelin Sheath surrounding specific nerve cells (MS).

Abusing Statistics to Cover your Tracks

Well if these slow poisons are real, then why are there no abnormalities in the statistics of disease prevalence? There should be aberrations in disease prevalence.

Neo Silenced by Agents

Well, if you have a large variety of poisons to pick from, then you can also pick the right ones to avoid raising red flags in statistics. If only 2/1,000,000 acquire this disease each year, then why did 200 per million acquire it in 2012? If an extremely high number of people acquired an autoimmune disease in one county or one state, that would raise a red flag.

If this is true, we should be able to pick up on it by datamining medical statistics. We should sift through the data in new dimensions. Is there a geographic correlation to the prevalence of these diseases? Are there abnormalities the victim’s ages, sex, lifestyles, or, most important, their occupation?

If this is true, it should show up in the data. It may already be showing up in the data, but because we don’t know of this genetic engineering strategy to trigger autoimmune diseases, we may be on a wild goose chase for their cause. 20 people acquired Lupus in one small West Virginia county this past year? Must be something in the water…

If this is true, how $#@!’ed up is that?

Saddling people with autoimmune diseases that they may have to deal with for the rest of their life? That’s sinister. Many of these diseases ultimately end up in death or involve tragic life-crippling symptoms. And there’s really no good way to cure them. There may be ways to treat them, but it’s going to be incredibly challenging – if not impossible – to alter the immune system’s mechanism that’s actually causing the symptoms.

OK, sounds like an interesting science fiction trope

I’m actually getting these ideas by thinking about the events in Neuromancer, which is one of the best Science Fiction works ever produced. OK, maybe that’s because I haven’t really read that much science fiction. However, in the novel, the main character, Case, is neurologically maimed by Russian gangsters using a genetically engineered virus and is unable to use computers, for life!

Neo Silenced by Agents

Neo silenced by Agents. The Matrix was based partly on Neuromancer.

So, you see, these ideas aren’t exactly new. There’s even a verb for it on Urban Dictionary: Case.

Case (v) - To maim someone’s brain in a surreptitious attempt to silence and/or discredit them.

OK, OK … I created that entry about a year ago. But, my point is, using geneticially engineered viruses to specifically target a single person with very specific symptoms is not a new idea! It might have been science fiction a few decades ago, but if it’s not a terrifying reality already, we’re not that far away.



But How Can We Prove It Or Disprove It?

Well, we can examine the statistics, but that’s not really conclusive. While useful, statistic modeling is innately subjective, usually. We’ll have to catch them red handed, so to speak.

We’d need to analyze genetic data from viral samples. There’s only so much mutation that can occur per generation without destroying a viral genome. While there are “copy-and-paste” mechanisms in genetics, whereby whole genes shift position, reverse or jump chromosomes, it is highly unlikely that this would appear cross-species or cross-virus.


So if there are human – or human like – proteins occuring in viral RNA, that’s a red flag. The problem is that these viruses would be intended to be used in targeted scenarios. The virus isn’t what causes the problem – it’s the virus’s lasting effects on the immune system.

So when the actual autoimmune symptoms present themselves after a few months or a year, that’s when you’ll notice the problems – and it’s too late! The virus and its incriminating genetic data are long gone by then.

Employing a Targeted Virus to Downregulate Genes

It may also be possible to construct a virus that affects how genes are expressed – targeted for a specific type of human cells, as described above. After the virus reaches the targeted area and begins reproducing, it also produces proteins or affects the production of natural protiens.

These proteins would either directly or indirectly affect transcription factors on DNA or DNA methylation. This could be used to perhaps trigger certain forms of cancer!! There is well documented evidence of natural viral causation of certain forms of cancer. Is it really a stretch to say this could be engineered by humans as well?

HPV can cause cervical cancer! How $#@!’d up is that? An STD that affects reproduction?

HPV causes Cervical Cancer

In fact, viruses that affect epigenetics already exist! Though, perhaps, it’s an accident of nature. However, not everything can be a coincidence. A virus that just so happens to contain all the tools it needs to determine regulation of human genes, specifically? Not likely. Not likely at all!

Remember that pond scum virus? In November 2014? It turns out that – yes – you actually can catch stupid. While Forbes published another article a week later supposedly debunking this, this is exactly the kind of scenario I’m talking about in this article – a mostly non-communicable virus that has permanent effects on people. I’m saying it’s possible to genetically engineer this stuff.

Also, I remember back in 2005/2006 that I heard about this XMRV virus, which may trigger Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS). While this was apparently debunked in 2012, I am still by no means convinced that scenarios like this are impossible or not already happening! And actually, now that I that I read the article that supposedly debunks the XMRV/CFS connection, it doesn’t … or it may not.

From a quick read, Ian Lipkin, says that “We did not find any genetic sequences [of XMRV or related viruses] in the people with CFS or the controls.” Like I said, a viral infection that modulates genes or adversely affects the immune system only needs to be present in the body for a short time and can have permanent effects! I’m not really a academic authority on this, so you should do your own research. Don’t just accept what you read here.

Economic Biological Warfare

Intelligence, memory and mental functioning are incredibly important when considering the economic output of people, especially in a service economy. If you can alter this ability in specific individuals, doing so can have downstream effects on an economy.

So if you were to genetically engineer a virus that inhibits a nation’s capacity to think, you could impair that nation’s economic performance. And while I have no proof that this has occured, it is possible and it would have drastic consequences.

Economic Warfare

Economically Targeting Healthcare

Additionally, another target of economic warfare is healthcare. If you can saddle America with chronic health problems by introducing autoimmune diseases or cancers, you can saddle that economy with billions in unnecessary healthcare costs. But .. I’m working on another article about just this.

Margarine on Monday, Cardiac Arrest by Friday.

Also, you can accomplish the same thing by promoting invalid medical advice. Doing this encourages Americans to partake in detrimental health practices – and they’ll feel good about it, too! And by contributing to these false beliefs, you could significantly contribute to serious economic consequences.

Mwa Ha Ha HA!

If you don’t act now, eggs may strangle your babies, too! Never trust an egg.

“Eggs are unhealthy and ALL cholesterol is the devil. Eggs are plotting to strangle your babies while you sleep. Eat more margarine! Only communists eat butter! Margarine for America!” - Healthcare Gospel in the 1990’s, now known to be a steaming pile of bullshit.

Do you believe it now?

Margarine has 2.5 GRAMS OF TRANS FAT per TABLESPOON!!

Oh, and actually, eggs are one of the most healthy foods you can eat. Think about it. An egg contains everything life needs to start. How can it be bad for you? While that’s not perfect reasoning, it’s a place to start.

In Conclusion

There’s some really $#@!’ed up stuff you can do with Genetic Engineering and many of these techniques may have been with us for longer than we realize. I hope some of what I’ve written is not true, but only the data will tell. One good reason why we should be centralizing and sifting through health data, even though doing so can present privacy violations.