I once started a self-portrait in highschool, with oil paints. I never finished.

The Measure of a Good Man

The measure of a good man is what he decides to do when a friend needs help, whether his friend asks directly or not. When it’s not his problem and especially when he’ll incur significant retribution for helping his friend or especially a stranger! Even moreso when it’s a stranger!

Integrity, Defined

Integrity: I Have It, Almost to a Fault

When someone cares more about about truth, justice, compassion, equity, integrity and virtue than their own life? That’s a good person! This is what you should look for in man! Reward their ability to make personal sacrifice for justice, love and truth!

And, off-topic, that’s what makes military and police good people in general. This is why, even though I’ve found myself arrested and singled out for drug charges, I can’t look at an officer or a soldier without respect. It’s because I know that ninety-nine times out of a hundred, or really more than that, the person wearing that uniform is willing to risk their life. The reason they do is because they care so much about the kinds of things people should care about, that they are willing to risk their life for it.

How to become great at anything

Find your weakness, practice and make it a strength. Find what’s difficult and make it effortless. Make it everything you do, your soul focus, and you will be great. Don’t stop to settle for what feels great, don’t let others convince you that you’re already great and rob you of your desire to practice. Examine yourself from others’ points of view. What do they find great and what weaknesses do they see? Don’t forget to give back to those around you and empower your friends because they’ll be invaluable later on. But most of all make sure that you have fun excelling, because otherwise being great doesn’t mean much at all.


Rayban Hax Boi