Into The Memory Hole: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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Oh, I’m A Hypocrite?

What Was The Start Of All This

Blinding A Target’s Values Compass

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

This Is Sociophysical Solitary Confinement

PTSD With A Paucity Of Social Memories To Disrupt The Balance

Probatio Diabolica: You’re Going To Need “The Devil’s Proof”

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What Happens When You Deprive Someone of ALL Positive Reinforcement?

Spectral Components of Values-Reinforcement Signals

The Gradient of Positive And Negative Reinforcement Forms A Compass of Values

Sorry, This Quadratic Equation Has Zero Real Solutions

Prolonged Deprivation of Reinforcment Signal Disrupts An Individuals Social Pattern Recognition

Usually, People Avoid The “Hot Stove” If They Can Help It

What Does It Mean To Be Memory-Holed?

We’re Sorry, Your Memories Go In The Memory Hole

Thread-Killing: The NSA Effectively Memory-Holes Targeted Individuals By Dissappearing Content They Interact With

WARNING: Your OpSec Is Not Exactly Adamantine

Redpill Everything That Moves

My Life Is A Rigged Game

Knock Knock. Who’s There?

Every Battle I Face Makes Me Stronger

Throwing Bambi To The Wolves By Forbidding Socioepistemic Information Acquisition

Wherefore The Rollerrink Drama Went Thermonuclear

Because You Methodically Tormented An Altruistic Person Who Loves Humanity

Until Then, I’m Drowning In Manufactured Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Oh, I’m A Hypocrite?

In my life, people have a way with words. They get to say that “David Conner’s never done anything else for anyone but himself.” Why? Because it’s true: in almost my entire adult life, I have never possessed sufficient social or financial resources to give back to anyone. I possess merely information and what good does information do for anyone else when no one’s allowed to acknowledge your identity?

Would they ever care about helping me attain some position, where free from being under someone else’s thumb, so that I can accumulate sociophysical resources to contribute to someone else’s life? It depends on who you’re asking, but yes, almost everyone would say “Yes, we’d love to help David Conner.” However, do they ever follow through? My family refuses to read anything I ever write – ALWAYS claiming that they don’t understand it, while at the same time, NEVER being willing to listen to me explain it to them in less complicated language. I can tell they don’t read anything I write because their impetulant, facile arguments to justify depriving me of all opportunity NEVER reference any ideas I project. Literally ZERO information that comes out of my mouth finds itself as material to any propositions in their arguments. It’s because they are objectively bad listeners when it comes to listening to David Conner. Why? Because just like with everyone else, my existence and all informational associated to my identity is inconvenient to their understanding of reality. The lies people around me tell themselves to make themselves feel better about my psychological abuse fall to pieces if they internalize any information in my arguments.

What Was The Start Of All This

I don’t actually care about who’s fault it is. I don’t want to blame my family, but when I write, I’m writing for two reasons. First, no one listens to me. And secondly, it is inefficient for me to talk about my problems and my passions, but when I write, my words have the potential to multiply with zero effort required on my part. This yet another reason why the people around me who seek to control me reacted so negatively to my initial writing. It creates more information they must clean up. However, these information-control-freaks – not my family – never really expected me to recover from anything they’ve done.

I don’t expect my family to be interested in everything I write, but I have been writing for three years about all the problems in my life, specifically so that when I am shoved into a mental institution, I will have a library of content that refutes all the fantastic bullshit that has been said about me – which does not primarily originate from my family. Instead, it originates from people who seek to use my family as vectors to control me by minimizing my social boundary – the set of people I interact with regularly.

What’s worse than never having done anything for anyone else? Never being permitted to accumulate good karma because you’ve been so totally deprived of social interaction and financial resources. So, when people get to say “I’ve never done anything for anyone else” it’s because they don’t let me out of my cage very often. And if the people in my social boundary are more socially connected than I am, it means that the negative information that they project predominantly determines how everyone in society views me. I am literally in a fucking social cage; I am sick and tired of being abused for my entire adult life, when I want nothing other than to help people.

Blinding A Target’s Values Compass

What happens when you deprive someone totally of reinforcement? That is, either muting or rendering moot the psychosocial signals that someone reads as feedback in their life. We all receive these signals in our lives that indicate we should change our behaviors, redirect our attention or scale up rewarding behaviors. What happens when you mute all of those signals to someone? When someone is “disconnected” the quantity of these psychosocial signals has been rendered moot, like a moot point. They are no longer receiving or processing social signals that help them construct an authentic view of reality.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream

This values-reinforcement deprivation is the psychosocial equivalent of floating in free space. You have nothing availble to push off of. It’s difficult to visualize, but if you could imagine your mind in psychosocial space, it is literally continuing along the only trajectory that it’s poorly conditioned state will allow it to continue on. Furthermore, because you are isolated, every direction of your own personal energy becomes a consequence of your own will and decisions. As long as you are isolated, it appears that no one has affected you. Well, they have: by choosing to leave you deprived of all psychosocial signal and all social signal. For these people, the best part is that everything looks like it’s completely your fault.

No One Sees You And If They Did, No One Would Care.

They all know, but they all blame the victim, while legally shielding the perpetrators.

Neo Matrix Mouth

Escaping this literal HELL made manifest is intended to itself motivate the target to congeal to societal norms. In otherwords, some people can tolerate varying levels of isolation, but at some point, it’s assumed that people either hit the “rock bottom” of this hell and wake up or they destroy their lives in the process. If you act such that you appear to have only enabled the target – aww, but we’ve done so much for him; we love him so much – or act such that it appears you haven’t intervened at all, then it’s not your fault. Is it? This seems to map metaphorically to the Christian Hell.

This Is Sociophysical Solitary Confinement

It’s very difficult to deprive someone totally of all reinforcment signal. This requires physically isolating an individual in soiltary confinement. Solitary confinement’s effects on psychology are well studied: prolonged confinement causes irreversable damage. Is it because they’re in the dark? NO, it’s because the victim is deprived of social signals and humans are social creatures. Without this social signal, the target is left completely with nothing other than their own thoughts. There is nothing but the content of their mind for them to think about: preexisting memories and preconditioned tendancies to destablize and ruminate. In literal solitary confinement, there isn’t even any sensory stimulus that could possibly disrupt negative patterns of thought. What if they have no ability to experience new things and create positive memories? If they never disrupt the balance of positive and negative experience because they’re forced to endure a paucity of social experience for the rest of their lives?

PTSD With A Paucity Of Social Memories To Disrupt The Balance

Imagine someone with mild PTSD from series of protracted trauma, whether acknowledged whatsoever by those around them. Imagine this person has an abundance of negative memories and very few positive memories, so they are easily triggered to ruminate on the negative, since the negative content is both mentally and neurologically overwhelming. Imagine this person cannot receive the information that would give them peace: information that tells them why things happened they way the did; why they were betrayed; why so few people are ever in their life; why they’ve never been permitted to accumulate the social and financial resources to help someone else; why no one else has accumulated any positive/negative memories that can be associated with this victim’s identity whatsoever. This person exists as a shadow and like the saying goes “children are to be seen, not heard.”

Why can the NSA’s surveillance apparatus be used to torment individuals and never to help them? Why is it only a weapon to be used to control American citizens primarily?


Sounds bad, but what can easily disrupt those patterns? The generation of new content: new memories, new things to think about. What helps kickstart changes in behavior faster than anything else? Postitive expectations and expectations in general. Someone like this victim who has nothing positive to look forward to will never change their behavior or their psyche. When you introduce the expectation of something positive that is soon to come in their life, someone like me, who has been ruined by rumination over an overwhelmingly emotionally traumatic life, will work very hard to prepare for the expectation. This might still be challenging if the person has never experienced anything by betrayal, deception and lies. The instant that some positive expectation is introduced into my life to provide the possibility of change over the short-term to the long-term, I suddenly reshape the way I view the world.

Probatio Diabolica: You’re Going To Need “The Devil’s Proof”

I have been so totally deprived of positive reinforcement and positive expectations that it should come as no surprise that there has been zero change. This is partly because people who want to mute me – or moot me, if that could be verbalized – have no desire to accidentally empower me. The longer I can be left in this state, the better, until it is easy to handle me. It is difficult to see, but it is there. Be cynical with me, my friends, and all shall be revealed. This is an objective that can’t be stated, but is unmistakably real. When you approach my life with this in mind, real changes can be made easily.

This is a Catch-22-22-22-Ad-Infinitum Scenario BY DESIGN

To help me, you’re going to need to construct a situation that yields enough of “The Devil’s Proof” such that believing the original proposition couldn’t possibly be true would be lunacy. You’re going to have to toss the rules out and expect the need to bust through the walls of Catch-22 ad infinitum. When you think you’ve won, you need to remember, that until you’ve thoroughly dominated these people, you’re only swimming in an illusion soon to be paved over. They do not lose.

You Do Not Want To Swim In This Pool

If you only “swim” you will simply lose, without reflecting any information with permanence. Your enemies will know to react and target you, but – like scratching Leda Atomica’s coffee table – nothing you do will leave a mark. I’ve learned to never trust someone for long who swims. They are always the ones who hurt me most.

You Do Not Want To Swim In This Pool

I’ve been able to look back in my life and identify people in college and skating, who exerted effects on my life, from mild to significant. They deceived me and kept me ignorant – all while appearing to have done nothing at all.

What’s the next skit in this improv act?

The next siren’s song in this play?

Of course, the problem is that constructing arbitrary scenarios to dis/prove anything with such fleeting non-sense as the Devil’s Proof is by design a draining waste of time. Only when you wake up and realize that you must operate with these assumptions in mind until someone very loudly disproves you, you’ll accomplish nothing but fleeting victories at a cost of wasted time – when time itself is the most valuable resource that we all have. They do not lose – until you make them lose very publicly. Even then, once you have them by the balls, they will attempt to “meet you halfway” with non-sense as fleeting as “results” in the 1990’s dialogue between North and South Korea.

On To The Next Schiz In this LARP-fest

One major psychotherapeutic challenge in my life is the gradual establishment of healthy habits of behavior, via positive/negative reinforcement, without destablizing any gradual positive change. You must have both positive and negative reinforcement. In my own life, I need a job – but not just any job at BestBuy or McDonalds. I cannot fix my life by submitting to those people who have ruined it and are still working indirectly to subvert any real change. If I got a job at BestBuy, it’d be trivial to fuck it up for me and then I’ve only proved that I can’t hold even the most basic of jobs, which is an easy sell to my family/friends who are eager to be done with all of this. They’re eager to hear: “There’s nothing that can be done. It’s hopeless.” because hearing this from someone who has many letters behind their name makes them feel better. So, the challenge here is getting a real job, with a real positive/negative reinforcement scenario so that I can make real changes where the loss of that momentum of change isn’t immediately disrupted.

However, for anyone psychotherapeutically engaged in my life: I sure wish you would talk to me because I have a hell of a lot of questions to ask. I don’t understand why people seem to care so much, yet will not interact with me whatsoever. Why would you subversively influence my life, but not indicate whatsoever what you plan on doing? By depriving me of all socially-dependent reinforcement mechanisms, you have turned me into a shadow or a ghost or a Draugr or a Nachzehrer – someone who existence society ends up refusing accept. Every culture has its own term for this concept, purely incidentally. The more infamous this person becomes, the more amusing it gets watching society play along. Perhaps “un-famous” is a better word.

What Happens When You Deprive Someone of ALL Positive Reinforcement?

Total deprivation of positive reinforcement: what does this do? It’s very similar to that happens when you deprive someone of all negative reinforcement: their values system simply ceases to function and they lose the “compass” that serves to inform their actions in life. Celebrities, whether the rich or famous, are fantastic examples of people whose lives are ruined when they are deprived of all negative reinforcement. They can avoid hearing anything they don’t want to hear. They have a plethora of social or financial resources at their disposal whereby they can simply side-step, dampen or target anything negative they don’t want to have to deal with. As a result, the people around them can become afraid to speak out, which causes the person to become unaware of things they need to see, but don’t want to open their minds to. People self-censor when you lash out at the messanger. On the surface, this censorship can seem useful, but often renders you blind instead – blind to your biggest threats: those you couldn’t understand yourself.

What’s The Best Way To Describe This? Oh Yeh, The Dementor’s Soul-Sucking Death Kiss

Their kiss of death sucks your soul out and renders moot anything capable of enabling positive experience in your life.

Harry Potter Dementor's Death Kiss

Spectral Components of Values-Reinforcement Signals

Constant failure with persistently null indication & opportunity for success causes people to become out of touch. Why? Their values system does not function. They do not know to change. They react slowly to signals they should recognize because the signal they receive is spectrally filtered by the type of event, the type of signalling and along other means. They can’t recognize these signals: if they were an IP router in a network, these signals are packets getting either dropped or routed to /dev/null. So the range of higher-order stimuli they can receive is filtered spectrally like high-dimensional bandpass filter.

In this regard, the following expression is all too relevent

“Shhh! Do you hear that? It’s too quiet.”

When you feel that the higher-order signals you receive are suddenly filtered typologically, it can often indicate a signal to act. Reinforcement signals are especially important, because these indicate a need to change performance. When the decision to fire you has been made and you’re riding out that last week or that last pay period. What happens? Nothing: basically radio silence, albeit dependent on the specifics of your situation. Why? Because the decision has been made: if you were underperforming, your managers will want you to continue underperforming, so that their decision appears justified. So, you may sense mild reinforcement signals that are crossed: positive to negative; hot to cold. They’ve reversed the polarity.

This can be incredibly hard to recognize because they are restricting signaling with the intent to prevent you from acting, but if you do recognize it, it can save your job, save your liberty or even save your life, depending on the situation, of course. You have the wool pulled over your eyes and you need to change something, anything fast, or prepare for something else altogether. This has absolutely saved my life a good three or four times. I find myself intrigued by deceptive or otherwise shady people: I want to master it to destroy it, so I’m often drawn into a pit of vipers.

However, like the “Devil’s Proof” these changes in signaling shouldn’t ever be taken as proof positive. Instead they should be taken as an indication that you need more information. When you prompt the people around you for more information and you feel them distancing themselves, that … simply means you need to try even harder to get this information you need. Why would people around you prevent you from obtaining any information that you need to live, work, socialize, etc? And that is a really fucking good question…

The Gradient of Positive And Negative Reinforcement Forms A Compass of Values

So, the person who’s negative or positive reinforcment signals are being filtered or muted is like an astronaut floating in space. There may be positive reinforcement from their social connections – either personal or professional – but it is almost never coupled to anything meaningful. The person without a support network is extremel vulnerable to this, which is why COINTELPRO operations will always isolate that person first. Once you feel other dirty techniques applied, when you cry out for help, no one will hear you. In space, no one can hear you scream.

Further, in my experience, there is constantly plenty of negative reinforcement, which may or may not be consistently coupled to anything meaningful. It is usually irrelevant, but instead is intended to push my buttons to trigger my PTSD and rumination. This makes me easy to control, but it’s a technique that offers plausible deniability, since I myself decided to react poorly. When I am subjected to constant negativity, it is hard to react in any other way.

Regardless, here, negative reinforcement does not serve as a means for orienting oneself because the abject lack of positive reinforcement blinds you to any dimensions/signals that provide a basis for GRADIENT DESCENT. What is gradient descent? It has been called the mother of all algorithms and allows you to approach the solution to any problem analytically in a way that guarentees some degree of efficiency and effectiveness. The human brain is an analytic computational machine, but it is analytic firstmost: its biological neural networks are always solving gradient descent problems. In the mind, at much higher levels, a similar system of navigating high-dimensional spaces is used to inform the psyche, which compels you to pursue the postive and avoid the negative.

Sorry, This Quadratic Equation Has Zero Real Solutions

The comparison to gradient descent is an oversimplication, but it’s a valid metaphor to understand how the mind seeks to emulate and repeat behaviors it deems to be positive and limit or constrain those that seem entail negative reinforcement. However, if you manipulate someone’s beliefs, cause them to “cross their wires” so to speak, confusing positive with negative, then you can dramatically change how their psyche approaches the same analytical problem: gradient descent. They may even believe they’re acting with their best judgment, but when you cross someone’s wires, you’ve really pulled the wool over their eyes. And it’s not easy either. You cannot do this to someone by placing a single HUMINT resource in their midst.

In addition to crossing the wires, you can deprive someone almost completely of positive reinforcement. At this point, their psyche is a gradient descent algorithm that never receives incentivization mechanisms. In high-dimensional spaces, there are many problems for which optimal solutions can not be produced, but in [nearly] all of these problems, it is the lack of consistent positive reward for the algorithm that prevents it from optimizing a solution in the space.

Therefore, deprive someone of all positive reinforcement and you leave their psyche floating in a space they cannot navigate. You can do this either by muting the psychosocial signals and rendering those signals moot by isolating the target in a small social boundary. Also, you can manipulate someone’s beliefs or the beliefs of the target’s social boundary. Once the target’s positive reinforcement is minimized, they have no compass for navigating life experiences in the short-term or long-term.

Prolonged Deprivation of Reinforcment Signal Disrupts An Individuals Social Pattern Recognition

After a prolonged period of being subjected to reinforcement deprivation via isolation, there is total breakdown in your ability to recognize/emulate PATTERNS of positive & rewarded behavior. Your psyche’s pattern recognition itself begins to break down for social behaviors in yourself and others. You are blinded to other’s social behaviors for what they are: you couldn’t emulate it if you could even recognize it. If you did reconize it, no one in your social boundary would signal you with positive reinforcement anyways. Before this happens, your habits and routines begin to break down because none of them have been properly rewarded.

There is no hope for someone in this situation until they leave or the dynamics of those in the situation change. Whether their abusers are actually cognizant themselves – they are usually not – A person in this situation, depending on their own level of cognizance to abuses and the truth of it all, may adapt in many ways, but I can’t think of any of them that are positive. One exit is suicide and another common exit is the invokation of a desire to harm others. Thank God I’m immune to both.

If you have money, you can easily adapt, but by this point, if you’re a COINTELPRO target – you have ZERO FINANCES. Welcome to the spaceless Gulag Archipelago it is a prison of your mind and social state. This is specifically to restrict your options, rendering your movements and your options more predictable. There are fewer places in which HUMINT resources must be manipulated. There are fewer places you can dine; there are fewer places you can work. This all serves to optimize the sociophysical probabilities when approaching the victimization of targets.

Four Amazing Super-Happy-Fun Camps to Choose From!

And they’re all everywhere. You can even get a job! Spineless applicants only. Get a job, loser!

The Gulag Archipelago

It’s all fine and dandy … until you gangbang an Einstein on the way to Dashau, hanging him up like a punching bag to train HUMINT resources in psychological tactics. Piece of advice: your lies to a super-intelligent individual should all at least be consistent. I hope your logistics account for the need to quickly reach consensus on the newest untruths to gaslight this individual. You’re going to want to solve the Byzantine Generals problem. Here’s a headstart. It’s called PAXOS, but there’s also RAFT and that’s even better.

Usually, People Avoid The “Hot Stove” If They Can Help It

Why is bullying such a problem in middle schools and high schools, but not so prevelant later in life? Because in adulthood, if you don’t like the people around you, you naturally gravitate away from them, unless you’re tightly coupled to them. You can’t so easily leave the public education system. Bullying occurs in places where the victims are trapped: school or work are prime examples. The victim can’t leave so easily. In adult life, you can just find a circle of friends who don’t make you feel like shit. Most people do, but you need a degree of money to have that independence. Ruin a target’s career and they do not have that option. Character assassintion, then career assassination and by the time you move in to throw that target in a wastebasket – i.e. prison, asylum, a coffin, etc. – they’re floating in space and no one hears them scream.

No one ever naturally experiences this prolonged abject degeneration, if we can help it. We all have our own definitions of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and desired self-actualization. We naturally gravitate towards what feels good and move away from what feels bad. However, if we can help it – IF WE CAN EVER JUST MOVE TF AWAY FROM THE HOT STOVE – then no one stays around this abject degrading degeneration for long. If you can’t it means you’re strapped down by something, which can include your own beliefs.

The strongly conscious imposition of morals or values systems onto one’s rules for behaviors cause us to redefine what feels good. This is one of the most healthy things we can do: to begin to enjoy work, pain or suffering towards a cause, while disdaining leisure and pissing away all the resources we’ve accumulated.

It is quite possible to DO this to someone. to lock them away in a sociophysical jail with a reality distortion field. This field, tragically the inverse of the Steve Jobs reality distortion field, completely distorts social signal to constantly disrupt their mind’s gradient descent algorithm that informs them of: what is good; what feels good; what is bad; what feels bad.

This is incredibly expensive, requiring a high burn rate for sociophysical energy. So, any group that’s doing this to other groups of people is constantly trying to suppress their targets, while expanding their networks. Because the burn rate must be so high, then they try to deceive the people involved early on, so they do not possess the will to fight back. As for the target, the earlier you can invoke Stockholm Syndrome, the better.

Also, because the sociophysical burn rate must remain so high, it implies mechanisms of incentivization for facilitating this extremely abnormal social behavior. Both of these aspects imply: this psychological torture scenario almost never, ever happens to anyone.

What Does It Mean To Be Memory-Holed?

While the memory hole is originally from 1984, it is not THE memory hole that I’m referring to. The reference from 1984 is simply a metaphor for a more sinister tactic of information control. It’s incredibly effective for handling toxic waste that unfortunately came into contact with “classified” information.

Being memory-holed essentially means that whenever someone comes into contact with a targeted individual, they have bluepills shoved down their throat until they either hate the target or forget that person ever existed. Ideally, it ensures that no one will encounter you to form memories that need to be scrubbed out later on. Whether it was intentional at first is unclear, but I’ve been memory holed happened for over 10 years now. I’ve experience a decade of this. It’s called being “Memory Holed” as in “Hold the memories, please.” Basically, you are socially isolated, so people accumulate minimal memories with you, socially. This means that your adversaries have pre-emptively erased you, by ensuring that minimal individuals have memories distributed socially that include neurological impressions of you. This gives an adversary a great deal of flexibility when telling the target’s story. The target is disconnected and has no ability to project information socially and thus manipulative adversaries with HUMINT networks completely dominate the narrative with regard to specific targeted individuals.

Nope, No One Wants To Associate With This Guy. Surprise?

He’s infested with fictional technology that could not possibly exist. It’s science fiction, there’s no possible way technology like this exists, unless the Aliens guy was right all along. Do you really want that guy to be right? Yeh, that’s exactly how people feel about me.

Neo Matrix Bug

People develop emotional connections with each other gradually as they spend time together. However, people are fickle and the strength of the emotional connections we form fades quickly, as though friendships are plants in a garden that need to be water with social interaction. If you suffer in poverty, isolation or from complete ignorance of social interactions, then you may be at a disadvantage throughout life, before being intentionally memory-holed. For example, you have Asperger’s, you’re broke because you’re psychologically tortured at work and now you have an attachment disorder to top it all off.

We’re Sorry, Your Memories Go In The Memory Hole

The memory hole is only an effective tactic against vulnerable targets. They must be socially, financially and psychologically vulnerable or it’s fairly easy for the target to compensate by moving away from the source of psychological pain. It won’t work against everyone, but where it does, it’s incredibly effective. This is why it’s infuriating for me personally: it means that people assessed my psychology and worked to cull me out of society, undermine my career and seeded a bunch of personality disorders into my psychology.

Classifying Memories of Guantanamo Detainees Serves to Blame The Victims and Protect the Perpetrators


Detainees Memories Are Classified

By the way, once you are sufficiently memory holed, you’re already as good as dead, those cigar-smoking men just haven’t killed you yet. Until they do, they seek to prevent other people from forming memories about you, leveraging mob-style tactics to threaten everyone close to you to handle your life details like it’s literally classified information. This is so that, after they act, they have maximal flexibility with regard to telling the story about your life. While they manage to restrict you socially, the volume of memories created in the minds of other people created is minimized, so there’s a much lower chance of blowback occuring after they act against you. This isn’t true of everyone memory holed, but it takes a lot of thumbscrews to get people to handle a loved one in this way, so after they’ve committed to engaging a target in this way for a sufficent amount of time, they do not back off.

If you have any doubts as to what the memory hole is, check out this youtube video instructing children to ignore the talking turkey at Thanksgiving. It’s a video from our friends at the Memory Hole channel on YouTube, chock full of videos which are like metaphorical instruction manuals for psychological torture techniques. Fun for you and the whole family … except for that one kid under the table, but! What’s that?! I think I heard a turkey talking. Turkey’s don’t talk, do they?

Interesting to note that the channel above is still online, while all Natural News videos have been permanently deleted from YouTube and Alex Jones is being threatened with similar “treatment” by proto-Leninists. Their businesses are threatened with complete ruin, and a bunch of passive aggressive liberal shitdicks have nothing to say about it. They just push a delete key, amoung other passive aggressive techniques that abuse process to strain the social & value out of anything with power. They believe that it’s healthy for the victim of social isolation and persecution to be left wondering what happened to their livelihoods while they pick up the pieces. They justify these techniques by claiming they are treating the “social organism.”

Thread-Killing: The NSA Effectively Memory-Holes Targeted Individuals By Dissappearing Content They Interact With

This you can prove with sophisticated data analytics. The set of targeted individuals can be identified automatically by combing through social media data to identify people who are almost always the last commenters on a Facebook thread. This acts as a statistical signature created by your own attempts to censor, isolate and target political dissidents. Thanks, Obama, and I mean it!

Step two: cross reference this list of potential targets with data mined from LinkedIn that describes people whose social neighborhoods share a coincidentally large number of targets. This is your list of potential war criminals to investigate for mob-style tactics and psychological torture in America. This is easier than you’d think. Paradoxically, the logisitical coordination of intelligence intending to hide activity ends up creating a signature that makes it easier to identify in data. Why? Because intelligence handlers and assets will be coordinated to double up their overlapping sets of targets and reduce social visibility of their actions. This means that the socially isolated targets will appear disproportionately represented in the social neighborhoods of the perpetrators. Furthermore, the most guilty perpetrators will be most connected to the agencies driving this abuse: they will be connected to each other’s social neighborhoods and their LinkedIn data will demonstrate previous work in intelligence or fields close to intelligence.

WARNING: Your OpSec Is Not Exactly Adamantine

This is no easy task, but there should be enough leads to identify cases for further processing. These can be ironically identified mostly from the puerile attempt to censor political dissidents, which itself demonstrates cognizance.

How can a political dissident’s interactions be automagically deranked? DevOps is the most important organizational unit of a corporation for the NSA to control. AFAIK, it’s the only unit that is really worth the potential blowback that would occur for the NSA to insert/manipulate employees of a corporation. Compromise DevOps and you might as well control everything that technology company does online. Why? You can mess with the containerization of services deployed to the technology companies cloud infrastructure. Combined with the NSA’s leverage over telecom’s Route/Switch infrastructure to surgically and silently reroute the traffic of dissidents – particularly with regard to BGP exploits – you leverage influence over DevOps can essentially launch application servers and stream-processing servers to handle requests involving data a dissident touched in very specific ways.

You can rerank entire shards of data that any dissident touches. That comment thread? It’s newsfeed rank is suddenly zero. This means that POOF! the facebook thread your dissident just interacted with is no longer seen by anyone that matters on Facebook. Or you can promote shards of content to be marketed towards people who berate and humiliate that person. Or you can screw with the matching algorithms in online gaming to ensure that political dissidents are routed to matches with people who audit the audio stream for references to classified information – or subject that person to simple hypnotic techniques via audio.

There is a set of individuals in America whose days are numbered. They are considered the radioactive waste products of intelligence operations gone wrong. This set of individuals is completely identifyable using publically accessible data, which is impossible to cleanse to statistical satisfaction. Therefore, people in control of the informational security must be planning to purge it all at once: they’re not ignorant of their operational security vulnerabilities. This is but one of twenty different factors indicating convergence towards a total system reset.

Vulnerability to statistical analysis is hardly the only OpSec weakness for tactics to target individuals. All Web 2.x applications involve connections to many simultaneous service providers via HTTP. You can see the connections being made in the cascading “waterfall” of webrequests: everytime you load a page in a new tab, requests are being made to dozens of servers across the world. For two people sitting in the same coffee shop, the order, speed and routes with which these connections are made should satisfy measures of statistical similarity. For two people on the same city block, connecting through the same WAN connections, similar statistical guarantees should hold.

Cyber-adversaries like the NSA will want to reroute traffic to inject malicious javascript into the page’s context to report back to centralized surveillance services. Further, if you leverage ICMP and traceroute to analyze the routes chosen to these servers for CDN & API requestions, then you should be able to garner more information that indicates suspicious deviation in order, route, or timing of the traffic to and from a small set of network hosts in particular. Moreover, assuming that the ICMP protocol isn’t being systemattically rerouted in intermediate routers, then you can analyze pingtimes. People connected to similar networks should have similar access times to similar services. When they don’t, it only indicates that you need more information.

However, when you break or hack computer systems, you’re depending on breaking the system’s guarantees between it’s moving parts. You must know the system’s inner parts well to hack it and you must know those parts extremely well if you are to hack it invisibly. Hilariously, randomly turning your wifi card on and off or randomly terminating shutting specific OS processes can introduce enough randomness to obliterate the kind of guarentees that NSA hacks require – unless the hacks are utilizing artificial intelligence or extremely sophisticated blackhat software. When malicious software is composed of several pieces, communicating via software, the bus or the network, this malicious software has it’s own service guarentees. Any aberrance in functionality in one of the pieces results in decoherence of distributed state, which must be transimitted by some signal if the other pieces of software are to anticipate the problems. So when you break your own computer’s interdependent processes guarantees and introduce disrupt the SLA guarantees that malware requires, it ends up transmitting aberrantly between it’s pieces: it causes the malware to leave a trace. That’s called evidence. Potentially. The more unpredictable an adversary is, the more potential liability there will be when trying to hack them.

So, what do they do? They utilize social engineering to cohere inconsisent facets of human behavior, as it relates to technology. They use fear to terrify Americans from doing things that make us less predictable by causing us to fear anything that deviates form the norm. Yet another signal is the letter 🅱 – as in blood type B. This is used to colloquially signify to others on the internet the presence of an informal gag order, as though B is a national security letter. In other words: do not engage with this person, the person we’re not talking about, or terrible things will happen to you. But it’s not legally an NSL and that’s critical. This is just people making shit up.

This uses a specific unicode letter. What is that? It’s a very specific signal that is left behind in public data that can be mined for a list of targets. It is simply one such signal among dozens of unicode characters, which are highly specific. When I wrote in Caelis Ruissant about a need to purge ALL digital information by whatever means necessary to avoid being judged by an altruistic God-like entity of Artificial Intelligence, did you think I was just joking? There are thousands of signals like these that splay out the sins of mankind for everyone to see. You’re going to want to be on the right side of history.

It’s this awareness of OpSec weaknesses that drives American in command of informational security to push for social engineering to avoid ever creating these digitized data footprints in the first place, mostly the statistically analyzable. That’s called COGNIZANCE and it’s a legal term that means: guilty as hell. If they can drive fear into the hearts of young Americans, they can dissuade us from ever creating the digital artifacts that prove anything ever happened. However, nothing that can be done now is good enough to eliminate the footprint that already exists.

Redpill Everything That Moves

How is it paying off to have assassinated my career? If you hadn’t done that, I’d never have been so fucking busy with my head down, I’d never have become a philosopher, nor would I ever have the time to look at so much information online. All your operations to control me have backfired. All these people placed on me for security have been incompetent at best, as they’re incredibly susceptible to exactly the kind of disinformation that’s blinding this entire nation. At worst, they’ve lied to you for job security in national security.

The Redpill Suppository Now Comes in Five Exciting Flavors

Specifically Formulated For Communists

Redpill Communist Suboxone

When I say I’m trying to stop a 21st century Holocaust, I’m not kidding. This is what happens in any state that accumulates and marks enough dissidents it considers to be threats. The characteristics of who was generally targeted by these operations will indicate who was driving them. it’s likely coming from all sides, honestly. However, it pales in comparison to the human rights abuses in China and Russia, though it certainly doesn’t look good. Worst of all, the American governtment couldn’t let a single one of these cases be seen for what it is. Why? BECAUSE THAT TYPE OF ABUSE CAN’T BE WIDELY KNOWN TO HAPPEN HERE IN AMERICA. Typical.

Freedom of religion utlimately represents and individuals freedom over their own beliefs. If you lose freedom of religion, you lose freedom of belief. If individuals in America lose freedom to decide what they do and do not believe, they have effectively lost the freedom of religion.

My Life Is A Rigged Game

You get to never acknowledge anything positive about me, whether I’m your friend, your family or a stranger you’ve been told to hate for as long as you can remember, if that – which is the intent of memory-holing someone: to prevent an individuals in society from thinking about that person or forming memories about them whatsoever. If you deviate from the official story – that I’m nothing other than a drug-seeking, manipulative person completely devoid of all value – then any interactions with me will bring down upon you the wrath of the intelligence community. You can only interact with me if you INTEND negative consequences OR generally appear to have strengthened the sources of my social isolation. It sounds crazy doesn’t it?

This is what it’s like to be David Conner in America. Of course, the people who have saught to socially limit me also assumed they could create a bunch of negative consequences and then USE me as both a scapegoat for a shitstorm they created as well as an example of what happens to someone who leaks – all while never telling me what I could and could not talk about, ensuring that the consequences of my ignorant actions would create problems of significant exposure.

This Is What One Billion Dollars Looks Like … (Not)

Here it is: the napkin. Apparently, they kept this thing around … a probably put it in a glass case like Lenin.

Southwest Airlines

J/K folks, that’s not actually the napkin…

Everyone close to me and even people I’ve never met already know my fate: I’m essentially not allowed to ever achieve anything in America. I live inside a rigged game. No one was allowed to tell me this. Why? During 2013, 2014 and 2015, I was easily controlled and predictable. If I learned that my life is a rigged game, I would become unpredictable. I’d respond in exactly they way these people were afraid I would respond: I’d reorient my energy to accomplish something different. While I was working on startup ideas, I was essentially on a hamster wheel. I was under surveillance: as soon as I started moving closer to my goals, people manipulated me and situations around me to disrupt my velocity and traction. Since I was working on esoteric software, no one would understand anything I did and all the source code I left behind would be worthless. With the assistance of my handy-dandy terminal cynicism, I finally figured this out. How did I respond?

No one’s ever going to cofound a business with me? I guess I don’t care about several dozen business ideas or several thousand intellectually interesting ideas that I have. I’m going to tweet about everything and write about it as fast as possible. I don’t care if I ever make a dime from any of it because no one would ever let me have that dime anyways.

No, I get it. Everything in my life is a rigged game. nothing i do matters. any mild level of success i enjoy will be mitigated as soon as i begin to taste progress. Since anyone in the world can understand english, if I blog instead of writing javascript, everything I leave behind matters. If nothing else, when people read my writing, they can’t possibly disregard my genius. Boy, was I wrong.

Yeh, call me paranoid. I don’t care; I never do anything with a singular purpose or singular objective. I’m always aiming for more than one bird with every stone I throw. it sounds crazy, but I thought:

If I write, it will force me to structure my ideas. This improves my communication and language skills. I dont need a business model. I can write about anything I’m interested in. When people read what I write, it will be impossible for them to ignore me. It will seem like a waste of time while I’m doing it, but the more I write, the more I can demonstrate how I have the equivalent of twenty bachelor degrees. When my family and their friends read the content I’m writing, there’s no possible way they could continue to want to deprive me of every possible opportunity. They’d be fools not to invest their energy in me.

All of that has happened: except people have never changed the way they look at me, as though I’m some worthless piece of shit stuck to their shoe. It’s because I live in a tightly managed, rigged game. People seem to be compelled to treat me this way. Why? I don’t really care and I could be wrong about a lot of it. The “why” only matters to me insofar as I can change my circumstances.

Knock Knock. Who’s There?

When I speak to people on intellectual subjects, I’m constantly told “I don’t know anything about that; you can’t expect me to know anything about that.” This is fair, but i have zero exposure to people who do know what I’m talking about, but when I reach out to connect with those people while I’m in Roanoke, everything I say falls on deaf ears – the only reason I can imagine is that it is practically illegal to have contact with me in America, which I’ll be the first to affirm sounds crazy as hell.

When academics in my area don’t respond, I assume that they either didn’t read what I said, were too busy to respond to me or know something about me that tends to make them not want to associate with me. Everywhere I go, this is what I face. I am ostracized from every goddamn community I try to connect to and I’m tired of it. I describe myself as a third-world American, I have arguments for being the victim of warcrimes that actually hold water. I simply want to be part of a community of people who can help accelerate me towards my goals. I know what this feels like, but only because I lived briefly in areas where there were hacker communities, intellectuals, etc who apparently had not yet received “the memo” and here’s what that “community notification” says:

Do not interact with or listen to David Conner. Do not praise him or ever let him feel any positive emotions. Do not let others interact with them because those you love will be harmed if they do. Don’t ever give him a good piece of advice; don’t ever tell him he needs to tie his shoes because he might trip and fall all by himself – if you interfere with that, we will hunt you and your family down and you’ll never see it coming. Don’t form a relationship with him. Never let him feel love and make him question whether he’ll ever be loved.

The above sounds crazy as hell, does it not? I admit that it does. I don’t want to believe it, but at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever have the life experience that tells me the above assumptions are completely baseless. I would certainly hope they are. I’ve tried to conceive of how people could hate someone so much without knowing anything about that person and it just doesn’t make sense. Most people aren’t evil and vindictive at heart. They want what they want, they seek to protect what’s theirs and they want to do good.

However, something has been preventing me from connecting to opportunities. Everytime something good comes my way, it is disrupted. This is somewhat my fault, but I don’t give a fuck whose fault it is. I want to pull myself up by my own merit. When each and every door of opportunity is slammed in my face without explanation, that stings a bit. I can only assume that people know something about me and it doesn’t naturally come up in conversation. Whatever this thing is, it disrupts all progress in my life. I am talented, smart, and actually a workaholic. I don’t give a fuck about anything else because, out of my terminal cynicism, I realized that no one in America was going to let me have anything that Americans are known to typically cherish. No money, no job, no girls, no sex, no nothing. Anything that motivates peoples behavior was denied to me.

Now my biggest problem seems to be that I have original ideas, but they are poorly formed in a way that doesn’t allowed them to be easily consumed by academics. The longer I am kept out, the less time I have spent building my life and career. I need to be able to connect to people and all I get in academia are nervous attempts to usher me out. I assume that it’s my informational baggage making it “too inconvenient” for someone to make an investment in me. Or perhaps it appears too risky. This informational baggage could include: unrepentent drug use, being a political dissident, etc. Tragically, I get the feeling that people tend to believe that investing their energy in me would be a waste of their time because they assume that it’s too easy for other people with authority – academic, political and otherwise – to tear me down.

Tell me why my resume sinks to the bottom of the pile every time?

The answer is that I have been consistently denied opportunity for about a decade. Blocked out of jamskating, blocked out of my career, blocked out of startups, blocked out of academia. Why? No one tells me, but everyone seems to think it’s OK to push me out and that I’ll simply be someone else’s problem and not theirs. What happens when every group of people systematically does that to you, but never gives you the chance to socially produce information that redeems your reputation?

Me Trying To Get Into Academia Be Like Grond, the Battering Ram from LOTR

That thing was so badass, they gave it a name. Until I got something like that, ain’t no PhD gonna respond to a single email I send.

LOTR Battering Ram

Don’t you worry, PhD Bo Peep with a doctorate in sheep, I don’t need a battering ram. I have a brain with an infinite supply of creativity because I methodically developed cognitive and metacognitive skills. I don’t care how much content I place online or how hard people in 2015 and 2016 worked to convince me my ideas weren’t novel, were perhaps threatening and were worthless. I know they lied to me. My ideas couldn’t possibly both lack novelty while being so threatening. I can point people to wikipedia pages more threatening and dangerous than my blog. That was all a bunch of bullshit gaslighting intended to keep me in a memory hole by encouraging my social boundary to voluntarily suppress anything I ever talked about. Because trite words falling on deaf ears have a particular ephemerality and also because talking requires significant wasted time, I started writing. Writing on the internet allows your words to fly across the world and they copy themselves into millions of fragments. If I’m worthless, then so be it, but at least I wasn’t dumb enough to fall for you gaslighting bullshit forever.

Got Something To Say? Tell It To My Homie Martin Luther1

Martin Luther

Every Battle I Face Makes Me Stronger

And every constraint I rip through means you must replace it with two. However, the more people that become involved in holding me back, the more people to whom you must disseminate information, expanding your exposure. Eventually, there is nothing you can do and everyone knows it. Once everyone believes the machine can no longer hold me back, they seek to avoid becoming personally exposed by being complicit in what was, among other things, psychological torture. So, the apparatus holding me back has a breaking point and there’s nothing you can do about that. When it finally breaks, you must accept me for who I am and it will be who I truly am – I never sold my soul and I never wavered in preserving my authenticity. When people must accept some of my work, they must accept all of it, for better and worse – much of my work is shit.

However terrible and inconvenient details of my life story are, when I finally break free of these artificial sociophysical restraints placed on me by the weak and petty, it will be because I tore through everything used to hold me back with sheer force of will and strength of mind. At that point, everything that had been done to hold me back will fly back in the face of those people who sought to allay and emend me into obsolence. They have done this by restraining me, gaslighting me and denying me all opportunities. For example, people have sought to limit my exposure to academics and people with careers in technology. However, despite their vain attempts to prevent my ideas from escaping and to avoid exposing me to academic knowledge, in the end, these people merely serve to prove that my ideas are original, since no one except wikipedia and lonely nights could have helped me develop them. In this way, their attempts to isolate me will backfire as this is just one aspect of my life experience or lack thereof which I will gladly use when the time is right.

When the dam breaks, it’s all coming. And the fear that some people will be caught up by mere association means that you cannot hold this up forever AND I KNOW IT. I know precisely the few means by which people can act. Try me.

Throwing Bambi To The Wolves By Forbidding Socioepistemic Information Acquisition

Whenever I engage in behaviors to discover the outlines of epistemic structures – viz. to socially inquire about the missing pieces to explain why my life is a broken mess – I am derided as a broken schizophrenic mess that’s clearly paranoid and needs to be stuck in a mental institution forever. Without skills for seeking and acquiring socially relevant information, people are socially paralyzed. To be sure, that’s a fantastic vulnerability to breed if your objective is to generally dominate people – and if you ever want to make them feel helpless, you can belittle them by calling them a lost puppy or a one-trick pony – while never giving them a clue, of course. Why? Because America – that’s apparently why.

I was never equipped with these skill during my adolescence, but afterwards everyone saught to ostracize me by meticulously constricting my social experience, running the rumor mill at full steam, fallaciously labelling me with mental illness, and figuring out how to get my closest friends/family to do all the dirty work, ensuring those relationships would be ruined. The most infuriating part of all of this is knowing that these dementors depend on my social vulnerability to abuse me because otherwise they’d never be capable of doing this to someone without getting caught doing it. Moreover, other people apparently bred social vulnerability into my psychology TO USE ME, who now want run damage control by getting society to basically toss my life in a ditch, I would greatly prefer over being stuck in a mental institution like some unfortunately suppressed delusional Nietzsche.

Wherefore The Rollerrink Drama Went Thermonuclear

Step One: Label Someone With Mental Illness, Particularly Paranoia

Step Two: Obsequiously Encourage Others to Virally Label The Target As Paranoid

Step Three: Profit! That Person Can NEVER Question Your Motives Or The Motives Of Anyone In Life Because That Critical Behavior Is Forbidden To People Labelled Schizo or Paranoid.

Their life will be ruined. They’ll never be able to ascertain the epistemic beliefs and information about others – out of fear of strengthening this label of mental illness. Making decisions about the beliefs and thoughts of others – the epistemic information-structures in people’s minds – is critical to functioning as a person and maturing as an adult. Unless the target has already developed emotionally, they will likely blind themselves to all of the information needed to develop healthy, mature adult behaviors. This is all precisely how I responded after Michael Lehrke labeled me as paranoid in a geographically significant way in 2004.

It’s ok, Mike. I forgive you…

What Michael did to me then would have seemed insignificant to anyone and it’s certainly not anything I’m losing sleep over in 2018 … but that’s what happened. He’s not the only one who sought to label me this way: simply the first and no single person can exert that much influence on your life. A single person cannot exert that much influence. However, the truth is that people like Michael Lerkhe, who irresponsibly worshipped the book 48 Laws of Power, have a long history of people they’ve deceived and manipulated. The trick is gaining enough influence in a social environment where you monopolize your position as a gatekeeper to success. Everyone will quickly forget everything you did to them and your enemies because you’re the primary power broker: you can empower anyone you want and fulfill the dreams of any up-and-coming jamskater. One little gotcha about power: IF YOU USE IT, DON’T LOSE IT.

Sorry, Mike, I still don’t believe you were actually that stupid. But, if you were … Damn, what the fuck were you thinking?

My entire strategy in life since 2010 has been to abstract and generalize the process I applied to combinatorially enumerate all the jamskating moves, so I could apply it to something that matters: bioinformatics, neurology, physics, philosophy, etc – preferably something that would give me money or power, so I could prove myself in a domain, where my accomplishments couldn’t be overwritten with petty drama and where the people from my past could not affect me. Once I achieved that understanding of the human creative process and applied it to something – perhaps earning a Nobel Prize along the way – then people would look back at jamskating and realize what had happened to me for what it was.

Liminal, A Video From the Skateboarder-Philosopher Rodney Mullen.

Watch the end of Bones Brigade. That guy knows the Daoest Dao of the Dao. IMO, it’s because he became methodically creative in a fresh domain that no one knew how to map, index or quantify whatsoever. When you intuitionistically understand how to methodically explore something that no one knows or no one has taught you, you develop an awareness that there is always a better way to know what you can know.

Because You Methodically Tormented An Altruistic Person Who Loves Humanity

I eventually gave up on startups and began writing. I never got a more amusing reaction from all the people who try to control me in my life – I’ve been addicted to that ever since. I don’t give a fuck about your money, your fame, or any of your petty measures of success. None of that matters to me because it’s apparently verbotten to let me have any success whatsoever.

For me, life is a rigged game and I’m laughing because, to me, people are the game; humanity is the game. If I ever achieve moderate success, it’s because I’ve so sufficiently dominated all of you. It’s because I’ve done something so great that all your petty eichmanns have to go back through my life and account for everything they did to me along the way. At this point, I’d practically have to cure cancer: this accomplishment must be so great, it outweighs all the falsehoods and defamation.

I do not care about what humanity has to say about me because they’d never say anything that reflects the truth of my identity anyways: IT’S A RIGGED GAME. Instead, what people say and think is only useful to me insofar as it indicates whether or not I’ve become great enough to unbind.

This is hardly a strategy I recommend, but it’s just about all I’ve got: how’s it working out for you? What did humanity do to raw, unpotentiated greatness? You destroyed it because you fear what you do not understand. And when I achieve such a great accomplishment – whether it’s possible to surpass your petty, judgemental bullshit or hopeless and impossible – it will be so great, but also good BECAUSE YOU METHODICALLY TORMENTED AN ALTRUISTIC PERSON WHO LOVES HUMANITY. And you’ll never do it to someone like me again.

Manufactured fruit of the poisonous tree

And yet all they ever wanted Socrates to do was to shut up… But instead, his death lead him to develop the most notoriety amoung any intellectual in the West without any such writing of his own.

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Until Then, I’m Drowning In Manufactured Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

With a system commited to nothing else but destroying me in anything it does, yet apparently can’t tolerate creating a Socrates or martyr in the process. “Once you find an anonymous martyr, then there are no more.”

  1. This story is Crazy AF. For deciding I felt safe at a statue of Martin Luther on 12/5/2016, when I was in a temporary state of chemically-induced temporary psychosis, I was slyly accused of being racist – by people who never intended me to have a chance to respond. A handful of white liberals were like “Uh huh… Martin Luther, huh? Racist.” or at least that was the implication. Dear 白左 retards: do you even know why Martin Luther King Jr. was named after Martin Luther? Think about it… and he the second generation in his family to carry that name. He was a preacher whose words shattered the establishment.