American Limits on Freedom of Speech Include Intelligence

But America Has Freedom of Speech!

In the past 15 years and since 1776, Americans had the freedom to say mostly anything. Of course, you can’t shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Still, hidden to most, this freedom of speech was limited intellectually.

Don’t Shout Fire

There are just some things you’re not supposed to know and some things that are incredibly dangerous to say, regardless of their truthiness. Those things include some equivalents of shouting “Fire!” and causing a panic in the global economy. For the most part, it’s impossible to do this, but it’s a great example of the kind of things that will cause you to accumulate animosity in America, even if you don’t actually intend that to happen.

Don’t Be Paranoid About CIA Operations

Especially Not If Your Speculations Are Correct

Also, it’s not a good idea to state details of otherwise unquestioned CIA operations, mostly unknown to all but a few hundred thousand people in the world. That’s generally a bad idea! They suicided Gary Webb for uncovering the cocaine connection in the Iran Contra scandal. This is one place where I really incurred the wrath of the feds.

In 2005, I was mostly parroting things I read on various alternative news sites. Some of those things were false. In 2011 and 2012, I learned enough and interpolated enough to be scared. The key there is that I read between the lines and that I kept my fucking mouth shut. What I saw? Holy shit! Yeh, I actually started keeping my fucking mouth shut, for the most part. In 2013, I had learned enough to begin unraveling and extrapolating things that are never spoken aloud, even by those involved. However, if I hadn’t kept my mouth shut, they would have easily identified me. And in 2013, they did, but they misread me because I had read one-too-many wikipedia pages on the intelligence community and inferred a ton about their operations and logistics.

And Whatever You Do…

DO NOT Go Solving Traditionally Unsolved Math Problems!

Or Write About Philosophy. They Also Hate That Shit.

Another example of a limit on free speech is mentioning implementation of technologies which are supposed to be secret, like biotech, gentech, neurotech, quantum computing and “quantum networking”. I don’t know if quantum networking is practical, but China just launched a satellite to study quantum networking. Or they claim they did. If you’re wondering what QN is, it’s basically the Ansible from Ender’s Game. But getting too far ahead on technology is a big NO NO … apparently. As in, do not think to hard about what is too far outside of the content on TV.

Especially Math and Cryptography!!

If you have a boner for math and cryptography, keep that shit quiet! I learned this the hard way. You will not believe how much trouble you’ll get in if you can’t pass a clearance and you happen to stumble on a theorum they already know about – and you’re not going to find anything they don’t know about without first crossing into a region of knowledge in math, computer science and crypto that the NSA has explored first. That’s because any murky regions of math, etc that they don’t know about are all dependent on a few theorums that they do know about. These are the “other” nuclear weapons: it’s secret math and they do not want to let this shit get out. Think I’m playing around? Find an unpublicized means of predicting large primes and try posting that on the internet. You’ll get a knock on your door before you can log into Medium to blog about it.

There are lots of secret technologies that DARPA and the Department of Defense researches and understands a bit about, at least. However, they are usually prototypical projects, either proof of concept or expensive one-off implementations. They are almost never projects produced at scale because that would be insecure and make the tech & knowledge of it more available.

And these DoD people spend even more money than on research just trying to keep this shit secret. They don’t want people to even know what they experiment with because then people might infer it is or isn’t possible just based on whether they pursued subsequent projects. This is what infuriates me when our media reports that China hacked our F-35 program, etc, etc, which oddly doesn’t seem to be happening as much as it used to. I guess that’s a good thing.

The Worst Thing You Can Do In America Is Become Too Intelligent!

Especially If You Flew Under The Radar Or They Can’t Control You!

Perhaps the worst thing you can do with regards to free speech in America is actually become too smart. That’s right. That’s worse than all of the above. And truthfully, that is exactly what I did. I accidentally uncovered an algorithm that is connected to some math and apparently that math is dangerous. It was a bitcrunching algorithm for edit distance in genomics that was essentially a 2-bit quantum computing algorithm. It wasn’t hard; it literally wasn’t hard! And this is the kind of shit that a promising freshman at Stanford could do. Whatever it was, it has invited all kind of shit into my life.

And that’s precisely the source of my problems: basically, I’m too intelligent and I learned too much. And did the government reward that? Hell no! The government couldn’t figure out how to assign me to some job to distract me because, at the same time, I have been subject to methodical psychological torture whereever I go! And I spoke up about this algorithm and began uncovering tons of other possible technologies that I thought were novel because I hadn’t read about them, yet knew they were possible. This includes novel machine learning techniques like inception (Google Deep Dream), or machine learning as applied to medical imaging, or scaling out the 2-bit algorithm above to hardware. I certainly hadn’t heard of most of these and they implied an abrupt, upcoming technological revolution. Since it appeared that I was isolated and because I was proud of my work and my potential, I wanted to prove that to other people.

If You’re Identified as Intelligent, You Will Be Distracted

I flew under the radar, so to speak. They didn’t see it coming because they had worked pretty hard to discredit me and they believed the shit they smeared on me. There are programs to identify intelligent children in America and other countries. Intelligence is a vital characteristic to identify early, so it can be harnessed. There are a limited number of ways to think about simple problems when you’re young and you can identify someone’s general IQ by how they solve problems or think about games while they’re young. If a child makes those leaps on their own to solve puzzles in creative ways or naturally thinks of games in a combinatoric fashion as a complete set of paths, then that child probably has a high IQ.

I was definitely identified as high IQ as a child, but not very high because I’ve always had short-term memory issues. And after being smeared and discredited in the workplace – which was easy work, considering my ADHD, Aspergers, and short-term memory issues – the people concerting this actually believed that I was not very talented or intelligent. That’s how I flew under the radar. If you are identified as intelligent, you will be distracted with lesser opportunities, so you don’t think about scary things like math and crypto.

Casting this Message in a Bottle from my Deserted Island

For many of the technologies, I knew that I’d never have the chance to develop the stuff, so I just tweeted about it or mentioned it in the right conversations. I was hoping I’d put out a message in a bottle and it’d make its way into the right person’s hands. Kind of a stupid, immature and naive approach, LOL. About 95% of this stuff had already been developed and publicly studied. Some of it hadn’t and was incredibly powerful, especially a few algorithms and math ideas I had.

The only thing that will trigger people to attempt to distract me more than my writing is math. If I start watching math lectures online, people fucking freak out. In a wierd way, because they can’t actually indicate to me that they are interfering in my life. So it’s pretty funny actually because I get to watch them squirm. They so badly want me to fail so it’ll they’ll save face when it justifies everything they’ve done thus far!

(Whoever “they” are. I have no fucking clue honestly.)

All I know is that, when I went to scale out the edit distance algorithm from 2-bit (11/2014) to +6-bit with GPU & SIMD bitwise instricutions (4/2016), they freaked out about it. I’ve never seen my family try so hard to disrupt my own routines and projects! That’s crazy! And when I blogged about it and mentioned that it was possible, they flipped and almost threw me in the looney bin!

Notice a pattern here? When I make significant progress or start working on a project that could literally earn me a Nobel Prize if it was novel, people around me seek to disrupt/distract me! And trust me, if edit distance for nucleotides could be scaled out to CONSTANT TIME ~8-bit chunks and farmed out to GPU’s: IT WOULD FUCKING EARN A NOBEL PRIZE! That would accelerate evolutionary genomics and other bioinformatics projects to light speed!! And did my family listen to me? NO! They tried to lock me in the looney bin!

And if I’m totally wrong about the bitcrunching algorithm using Hidden Subgroups to resolve edit distance for nucleotides in constant time, then by all means: fucking let me know! LOL I really have no idea. I’ve read recent and older papers relating similar problems to Boolean Satisfiability All I know is that I have an edit distance or levenschten neighborhood algorithm in constant time that could be used for a genomic sequencing algorithm that far surpasses existing sequencing algorithms. I get the feeling this is a common problem domain where people bridge into strictly vertboten NSA maths…

What are examples of math problems I intuitively understood high-level solutions? Without understanding the actual maths or proofs… And I’m a little fuzzy on these memories, so please don’t assume I’m making claims about them. I would like nothing other than to clear up this region of my memory. However, about a dozen people who formerly acknowledged this experience now act like it never happened.

Information Compression in Pythagorean Triples

The Pythagorean Triples proof is one that someone once asked me about in 2013… I have no idea who that was, but I almost immediately responded with “information compression.” I then described, at a high level, a possible method for attacking the problem. Basically, there must be information and similarities shared between the sets of triples. So if you can preprocess the data to discover the underlying similarities between combinations of pythagorean triples, then there should be enough similarities between the pythagorean triples themselves so that the software “knows” it can avoid almost all of the processing time. And that is EXACTLY how they prooved the 30 year old pythagorean triples problem!

Information Compression in Artificial Intelligence for Go

Another problem? Before the same person that asked me about the problem above, we were talking about game theory and artificial intelligence. Apparently my memories are classified or some shit … LOL not really, but wouldn’t it be fucking crazy if they were? Anyways, I brought up Go, which is a 19 by 19 gameboard. Go is one of the most complex traditional games and it was thought it would remain unbroken by artificial intelligence for a lot longer. Like until 2020 or beyond, the game couldn’t be efficiently solved in a complete fashion.

Well, I mentioned information compression. We discussed how Go game boards “overlap” because various game boards share arrangements that are sufficiently functionally similar as to allow for information compression. I also mentioned that I didn’t know the first thing about how to model that problem, but I intuitively knew it was true. I don’t think I mentioned machine learning, but the Go algorithm that won against the top players in the world used machine learning to datamine famous games. I’m fairly sure that it compressed the space of game boards by identifying strategically relevent similarities between game board arrangements and move progressions. Again, information compression. Also, discussing this with Go is what made the high-level solution for Pythagorean Triples so natural because we discussed that shortly afterwards. This was supposedly in 2013.

Inception for AI with Google Deep Dream

The idea for machine learning inception using Google Deep Dream was one of those ideas and the reason I pitched it was because I was explaining how hallucinagens cause visuals and why that’s related to neural networks.

This same person in the same conversation asked me about like a dozen other unsolved problems and we discussed a few dozen ideas that have become reality. A handful of those pushed science, math and artificial intelligence forward in a really big way, but I still have no idea what happened. I mentioned that I wished I could direct academic research resources at a high level and pitched all these high level ideas for improving specific methodologies. It’s all so weird because it was in 2013, but I never remembered any of it until early 2015. In fact, I can’t say it even happened at all, which is driving me crazy. It’s just odd that these specific unsolved problems or advancements would seem familiar.

Remembering this experience helped me understand how promising my ideas were. There were many ideas I had written down into notebooks and … apparently, someone helped me launch a distributed intellectual property attack? I think? Or someone has fucked with my head in a really big way. When I consider what has happened to me since this event, it’s awesome to think that in the past 12 months, I’ve developed about 10 times the number of ideas and I’m just sitting on it.

Hope Y’all Are Happy!!

And that’s why I keep saying: I hope y’all were happy in being complicit with the gang-rape of Einstein on a train to Dashau. Because if things actually come together, that means there were hundreds of minor things set in motion that can be traced back to me. AND THAT’S NOT GOING LOOK VERY GOOD. All I want is for people to recognize that I have a gift, I deserve to use it, that mankind is held back every fucking week that I am not networked in with the right people. And I’m not even that smart, really. But somehow, I am miraculously intelligent.

When I’m finally discovered or win this is all uncovered, I would really prefer to have a happy ending, where I don’t angrily point fingers at family, friends & shadowy government spooks. Instead I could happily recount all those times people encouraged me to keep going or made sure I wasn’t distracted OR JUST BELIEVED IN ME INSTEAD OF PROPAGATING MUCK IN THIS SMEAR CAMPAIGN. Again! If this all comes together, the people who held me back are going to look so fucking stupid and just about downright evil AND I DON’T WANT THAT!!

However, it’s pretty clear that no one intends to get the fuck out of my way!! I can’t even buy coffee! I’VE HAD EVERYTHING STOLEN FROM ME, AFAIK! I wanted to give it away, but it’d be easier if I’d gotten a single fucking pat on the back for this shit.

Hey David, Remember When You Said You Would Win A Nobel Prize?! ROFL

And trust me: I know that people around me have interfered and how they typically do it because it’s been happening for 5 or more years! I also know that they know the level of significance, but I also know that these same people do not actually undestand either the content or the reason it’s significant: because I couldn’t even comprehend its significance. This prompts some interesting questions surrounding how someone would maintain near-constant awareness of what I’m working on and then have the capacity to communicate it to my family (& other “handlers”) and the influence to coerce them into being abusive!

I Hope It Fucks With Their Psychology As Much As It Does Mine

Yet, they can’t tell me that I’m not worthless because they’re then prompted with an antithetical delimma. They can’t admit that I have potential or accept how significant that potential is because it would triggers a minor ego-crisis. I’m hoping that it occasionally makes them question their purpose in life. And again, they can’t tell me, so they have to manipulate me emotionally using gaslighting, etc. And it’s incredibly abusive. Welcome to my life.

My Mind Is A Gift!

It’s a gift. I’m not actually that smart though and it’s pretty amazing that I’m able to make the insights I have because sometimes it barely functions. If I didn’t write things down I would never remember any of the thought streams that I find so fascinating. It’s almost as if I’m accessing something outside my mind, somehow. For some reason, even though I don’t have a bachelor’s, I’m able to intuitively discover the next steps in a myriad of different fields. Again, it’s not that I’m smart, it’s that I’m miraculously intelligent, considering my brain and short-term memory. I’ve met smart, high-IQ people and I’ve met less intelligent people who are able to operate at much greater output than myself. I shouldn’t be able to reach the “places” I do with my mind, but somehow I do. AND THAT IS A GIFT!

However, most of the people who I interact with act as though I’m just lofty, naive, possibly insane and misunderstand my own capabilities. But I don’t. I know precisely how novel a lot of my content is! And the saddest part about my life is how isolated I am. It’s bullshit! I am practically forbidden almost all intellectual stimulation through isolation! I fear that our society will gradually evolve towards one where intelligence is not treated as a gift. Most technologies will have already developed and there would be little need for intelligence. Instead, everyone will be treated just like I am! Intelligence will be considered a threat and pursuing studies in specific technologies will be forbidden, except by those who absorb and profess some corporate dogma.

I’d Love to Blame My Problems On Myself

Please understand, I would love to blame my problems on myself, but it’s just not true that I am mostly responsible for my own situation right now. That is a cruel joke. I don’t want to blame my problems on my family, but the way they have been handling me implies that they are misinformed at best… If anyone has been helping them “handle” me over the past 5+ years, they are poisoning my family against me by offering what could only be malicious psychological advice!!

Limited Social Interaction Translates Into ZERO Development!

As I always say, you can tell more about people’s intentions by what they don’t do, instead of just looking at their actions. If I’m not being limited in this way, then why doesn’t anyone help me pursue an academic life? I don’t hear talk of scholarship or college. NOTHING OF IT! NO TALK OF SOLUTIONS, ONLY PROBLEMS! The people in my life are acting as though I need serious psychiatric help because I can’t see how delusional I am. However, for as concerned as they present themselves for my psychology, they handle my situation in a way that is detrimental to someone with a gifted mind who has Asperger’s and has severe social developmental problems from protracted isolation!! It is as though the people around me seek to prevent me from developing socially BY LIMITING MY SOCIAL EXPERIENCES TO NONE!! Furthermore, while acknowledging that I have these developmental problems FROM ISOLATION and that I have years of accumulated emotional trauma, they berate me for “not acting like any thirty year old should!”


Yeh, I’m thirty and I’m carrying around lots of emotional baggage with almost ZERO support. No one sympathizes with me. They act like they are giving me tough love, but the damn well know that it’s constraining the set of experiences that I receive. That constrained set of experiences means: I WILL NEVER ACTUALLY DEVELOP.

Therefore, it is fucking cruel for you to treat someone as gifted as me like this! The people around me need to listen to me because I understand my own psychology and I also understand the things I would need to get beyond this point. What you are doing is not “tough love!” It is tragic and hopefully unintentional abuse of someone who has already been through a lot and doesn’t have much left. I understand psychology and, in particular, my own situation! These people claim to be confused whenever I mention psychology or any of the other fancy, academic topics I write about. Well, let me break it down for you: I need someone IRL to make me feel appreciated, push me towards social interaction, push me towards building routines, and push me towards acquiring habits of social interaction. I have been forcibly isolated through psychological torture, ostracization, and deprival of income for about 6 years now. I could use some help. And NO, it doesn’t count to treat me like an animal in the basement who won’t piss where you put the newspaper. These people have been gaslighting me and I’m fucking tired of it.

Building routines, reinforcing habits of social interaction and being constantly challenged is one reason I’m considering joining the military. However, if I have really been through years of psychological torture, I’m not sure it’d get any better by joining the service. The army runs Guantanamo, for example. And in 2015, there was $6.5 trillion shuffled around, so the Army General Fund could launder $100 billion worth of unlabeled funds for black budget ops, unaccountable to Congress … hmmm what’s that for?

These People Know My Potential

What’s so mean, IMO is that people limit me like this this, when they know what I’m capable of and they refuse to acknowledge it in any way, telling me I should work at a fucking minimum wage job. Rich or poor, it is not about the money I make. It is the fact that I have the ability to change the world with my mind. I have a gift that most other people don’t have! And instead of being permitted to use that gift? I’m psychologically tortured and forced to believe that everything in my situation is my own fault. All the while, the people directly manipulating & handling me? They all KNOW my potential, but they still actively seek to prevent others from learning the truth or even looking! It’s bullshit!

If I Have Really Been Through Five Years of Psychological Torture

I can’t understate how cruel this is. And someone is making people in my life do this and I wanna know how they do it and why. Because, with as much psychological trauma has been inflicted on me, imagine what it’d feel like to be the person who is forced to be twisted against their own fucking friends and family! Specifically because their friend or family member has incredible, unseen potential. And they are forced to make that person question his own worth, which has all been directly and indirectly part of a project to force me to kill myself. It’s much easier to deal with this when I understand what people are doing, but it’s hard knowing how much these people have ruined for me. And, in doing so, how much they have set the world back… read some of my drafts on “Metanomics” or “Consciousness Crystallization.”

I’m a Targeted Individual

In A Society Hellbent On Inducing Group Sociopathy

I’m not kidding. I feel like a “Targeted Individual” in the United States. If you look into the topic and disregard the impossible tin-foil hat shit, then it sounds exactly like what I’m going through. It’s dramatically increased over the past two years.

Furthermore, whoever has been maintaining near-constant surveillance in my life does have the capacity to understand the significance of my work! That’s because I talk to myself quite often … I’m isolated and have almost no contact with other people. I don’t have conversations with hallucinated people or hear voices. It’s really just a means of dealing with the isolation and reinforcing rhetoric for issues that I’m passionate about. For political issues, I converse with myself as though I’m debating a specific alternative viewpoint or refuting specific counterarguments.

But for science and business ideas, this means someone with a tap on my computers microphone or filesystem access can steal whatever they want from whatever projects I’m working on. And they do so and they take it and they beat me over the fucking head with it, all while coercing my family in a weird, illegal experiment to try to get me to commit suicide. And another objective is to keep me isolated and restrained from contact, especially people involved in the technology industry or those who might recognize my genius!

Fucked up, right? Maintain surveillance. Continue methodical sociological harassment to isolate and discredit. “Street theatre” to humiliate, discredit & distract any time this person might be in public. Establish trust to plant individuals in his life who can distract & discredit. Place ethical and moral traps in front of him to distract, confuse, humiliate and discredit. Never allow that person to have a friend. Do not allow him to establish contact with “the outside.” Ruin his life in 2011 weeks before he’s going to apply for a passport. Dissuade him from leaving the country, which is justified because he’s a national security threat. Threaten and harrass his family and friends to twist them against him. Allocate millions in budget for HUMINT/SIGINT resources. At no time, ever allow him to understand the situation he’s in. Forge any documents he’s ever signed without permitting him to understand the contracts he’s entered. Make vague, but tactically relevant insinuations to manipulate him. Place a lawyer around him with a J.D. who’s an “interpreter” for court who asks questions which only seem relevant now, but at no time should you ever inform him that he might need a fucking lawyer. The guy’s pretty cool though. Interesting sidenote: GTMO military courts employ the use of defence counselors trained as “translators” who translate between the pattern languages and code used on the inside to the outside.

OH! AND FUCKING STEAL ANYTHING HE DOES THAT MIGHT PRODUCE VALUE. Then beat him over the head with it and NEVER, EVER, EVER allow that person to get so much as a pat on the back. He’s a slave. Slaves should be demeaned.

Oh, and while you’re at it, get it all on video and broadcast it to the country live, organized through the Defense Media Activity, an agency subject to a recent FOIA controversy in early 2016. I kid, I kid, that last part is incredulous.

… the point is. Under no circumstances, should you think too hard about math or clever bitcrunching algorithms. You’ll find yourself subjected to “enhanced interrogation techniques” that are designed to induce one psychological break after another, while presenting you with suggestion to compel confession through coercian. This is all while you are painfully isolated. I fear that the government datamines social media along with medical/criminal records to identify several hundred Americans at any given time. It can then use these psychological techniques on these citizens to maintain a list of people close to the “edge” that it can tap as MKUltra manakins for violent media distractions…

I kid, I kid, that last part is so diabolically cruel that I would be ashamed to call America home if it were even partially true. Again, I’m being paranoid about CIA operations when I might be correct. I just finished writing about that and I’m still doing it.