The Nature of God

These are my own beliefs on the nature of God. I enjoy learning what I can about all religious traditions and don’t subscribe to any one of them. So maybe I’m not qualified to speculate here. However, I am certain that there is something else that exists.

There Is No Order Higher Than Truth

To me, God is without beginning or end. God represents the mystery, the unknown, the unknowable, and creation. Through dedication and meditation, we can tune into God to access the source of universal knowledge and true power.

Such a light could never be subdued because truth fuels its ardor. Obliteration cannot destroy the immaterial. This infinitely self-referential source of truth is identical, regardless of who or what witnesses it. Peering in further, illumination bursts outwards, highlighting self-symmetry of silhouettes branching inwards, like an arborous, one-sided infinite reflection. It’s omnipresent and universal; the same truth resonates throughout space. Yet, no matter how you package it or encapsulate it or deny it or fracture it, it cannot be changed because it already incorporates the totality of all possible existences. From my perspective, this undeniable, intangible, unimaginably complex metaphysical entity is what other religions refer to as God.

By seeking understanding of our world, our universe, we indirectly familiarize ourselves with aspects of this entity. From the study of philosophy and higher-order phenomena, one’s mind invariably converges towards this entity outside time and space. However it’s approached, as one navigates its myriad of infinitely complicated infinities, more generalized tools of thought and reason become available. How one cultivates their own connection is almost irrelevant. Cognizance of this being empowers one to wield light against darkness and love to conquer evil. “Let there be light.” — God’s first words in the Bible.

And so, this light derived from knowledge and truth can never be destroyed. Whenever and wherever there are beings with the time, stability and blessing of God to further the development of their consciousness, they will rediscover truth and reclaim light. Try to destroy it if you are so empowered; if you so desire. These truths are self-evident through exploration of our world and our mind. They can be suppressed to decimation, but obliteration is simply not possible.

Pulverizing this crystalline light with unrelenting force flares iridescent shards outward, each a verdant propagule. Inviscating those flecks within honey foments precipitation; in Kafkaesque amber, phononic waves propagate outward, any astringence or obduracy diminishing resistance instead; in basalt, waves reflect back inward, transforming seismic tension into stupefying liquefaction amidst vortical convolution yielding recrystallization.

The deafening zealous Gesellschaft seeks asphyxiation of light, like halon, extinguishing your screams for justice and their echoes with visceral lung-popping force. An illusory dream, for in their gusting fervor to align all to their will lies their philistinic ignorance of the universe’s preordained evolutionary endpoint, which itself reflects the metaphysical whence we all descend. As we broaden our knowledge, our belief systems overlap and homogenize. Henceforth, vicissitude portends attendant metamorphosis, approaching allineation with this original image. This imbues them with an Achilles heel, a vulnerability to an immeasurably meager stone: their beloved anathema. Or anyone so ostracized from the world of Sin City who has rejected the engrained juxtaposition of good and evil, so perfect as to be nearly indistinguishable. Such a free radical could inspire an ecstatic chain reaction.

Yet even when every single spore has been squelched, spontaneous particulate oscillations defy the entropy of separation, realigning their nexus to the metastellar wind of cosmic fate. Purged of all memory of truth and encapsulated unaware within twisting circuitous reality-inversion, each iota begin vailing electrifying scintillation onto emergent field lines, melding dual valence whence nihility’s self-præterition inverts, driven by skyrmionic dissonance from an idyllic, continuous space. There is something else there. Thenceforth, dissolution of the abyssal nihility between transpires into recombinant discord. Helically leafing together, swirling spectra of each moeity weave themselves onto the empyrean loom.

Across space and time, this libration seems frivolously impertinent; just dull dithering, stochastic and irrelevant. Yet at every conjugant collision, the arborescent transmutation of each quantic dyad births a nascent root of nucleation, unfurling a fountainhead of primordial moxie rapidly torrenting into the pair’s visible closure. For each nucleus, this dynamo galvanizes them into an adamant, inspiring perseverance in the lion-hearted and reinforcing xylem by efflorescence.

Magnetizing force realigns every atom with the empyreal nutation, striking each isolated enclosure with revelatory awe of Promethean proportions. Where solely the material realm was incontrovertible before, now the peaks of Elysium cogently approach, enheartening accession and accretion and asomatous Feldenkrais. Everywhere this tide of nectar brims over inspires chronotropic celebration and diastolic reverence of some long-forgotten Pegasus, who must have borne seeds bearing fruit of the prima material required for universal metanoia. An indomitable will empowers all cavalier towards triumph over the fearful, smattering apprehension of any inconversant who denies the spiritual revolution unfolding before them. The simultaneity of pandemic transmogrification seals it against any test of unequivocality.

The resultant force impacting our heart’s mind is seismic, inspiring tectonic shift and reconfiguring our consciousness forever. This Dénouement inspires a new zeitgeist, an epoch where compassion, empathy and mindfulness pervade as first order values without relying on inveigling fables, anecdotal apophasis or zeitgeber by martyr each age. Enlightenment no longer requires years of ci-devant eremitism. Altruism becomes unassailable and one no longer implores a haven from its costs. In lieu, eleemosynary pervades and the conditions which fuel great need or attachment have all but sublimated. We all become stalwart lions, whose memory is unable to fade, forever standing guard over the treasured jewels we impart to our children and the paths which lead there.

So there is tremendous value towards accumulating wisdom through history to guide the actions of future generations. Over the next two decades, barring global catastrophe, we have nothing greater to fear than nihilism, driven by the paradox of creativity, asphyxiating demoralization and individuality. I don’t think I could illustrate that any better than Nietzsche. However, there is another path that curls away from nihilism’s abyss.