Finally! A Blog!

Update: This is now using Jekyll & Ruby instead of LinemanJS

This is a blog where I can boast about my technological feats.

Static FTW

It’s a completely static site, built using the Lineman front-end framework. I used the Lineman Blog Template as a starting point and added Bootstrap to make it shiny and responsive. Try playing around with different screen sizes and see how the page reacts.

A Markdown Blog Template with Bootstrap

I also created a blog template with bootstrap ready to go with a few other features as well. That way, I can easily create a separate blog for skating, etc. All of my sites will be hosted on subdomains on because IO domains are $70 and I’m cheap like that. Also, xel is a pretty generic word-stem.

Anyone with a text editor can use this blog template, writing posts in Markdown. Well, you might need to know a little bit about Git, DNS and hosting. But, it’s really simple and it’s static.